Zero Gravity Sports Air Hockey Table Review

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There are many air hockey tables available for tournament-level games and professionals, but for beginners and children who know the game only through the arcade, stores might not be so welcoming. Being one of these consumers, you may face problems with dimensions, airflow, and unstable builds.

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A more recent product from Franklin Sports may be the answer to all your worries – the 4’5″ Zero Gravity Sports air hockey table.

About the Company

Founded in 1946 by two brothers, Irving and Sydney, Franklin Sports stepped into the market with the innovation of centering an entire line of products on a single athlete. For many years, it remained the only brand offering products specifically tailored to consumer needs.

Since its establishment, the company has made a name for itself, crediting to multiple partnerships with athletes and high-caliber brands like the NFL, NHL, and MLB. Their current range includes equipment for baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, and arcade games of great quality. Franklin Sports specializes in batting gloves which professionals have used for decades on the baseball field.


Key Features
4’5” Franklin Sports Zero Gravity Air Hockey Table40 lbs.54 x 27 x 32 inchesLarge Playing Surface, Overhead LED Scoring Unit, Slanted Leg Design, MDF Construction, Tool-Free Assembly, End Mounted Puck Return, Includes 2 Pushers and 2 Pucks


So how can you know if this table is the right one for you? Below we have compiled its strengths as well as some flaws you might want to look into before you make up your mind.

First Look

The attractive blue and black graphics on the 54” Zero Gravity air hockey table, along with the overhead unit, bring the thrill and excitement of an arcade right to your game room.

It can keep children and teenagers busy for hours on end, but the dimensions do not allow adults to come together for a competitive game. While the surrounding frame prevents the puck from flying off, it also prevents it from being converted into an ideal tabletop.

Construction and Design

Being manufactured mainly out of engineered wood and plastic makes the table heavy for its size and also durable. The large playfield allows for competitive matches, and the slanted leg design ensures stability during use.

Consumer convenience and fewer puck jams are guaranteed with end-mounted returns; however, space saving is not an option with the overhead unit, mounted side frame, and leg design.

Assembly only takes a few minutes and does not require tools. Some customers have complained of receiving broken and damaged parts when buying it off Amazon, so we recommend checking out the package as soon as possible after you receive it.

Zero Gravity Motor

As the name suggests, this motor provides enough airflow to make the puck float, creating an anti-gravity environment. This twist makes it harder for both sides to score, multiplying the excitement. It also allows players to execute trick shots, adding even more intensity to the traditional game.

The fan needs to be plugged in and requires about 120 V as well as a step-down converter for smooth function. However, even with certain precautionary measures, the blower does not fare well in the long run and needs to be replaced often.

Overhead Scoring

The unit features digital scores visible enough to easily keep track during action-packed gaming. It needs two AA batteries which are not included but easily available. According to the reviews, the scorer is simple to fix into the table, and there have been no complaints about it not fitting in the frame. 

However, being the only available scoring option, the LED unit does distract players who have to look up time and again to keep track. The sensor also needs an improvement in quality and sometimes counts points as players are trying to retrieve the puck.


  • Arcade-style graphics and construction
  • Perfect dimensions for beginners and children to learn on as well as for polishing techniques
  • It does not require tools for assembly and is quickly put together
  • The zero gravity motor provides a unique puck-float feature
  • End mounted puck return for player convenience
  • Slanted leg design with board ensures stability


  • Overhead scorer takes up a lot of space
  • The sensor often records scores when players try to fetch the puck from their goals
  • Some parts like the blower fan and side rails may often need replacements


There is no doubt that the Zero Gravity air hockey table comes with minor design flaws and requires better quality monitoring, but the sturdy build, ideal airflow, and suitable dimensions will definitely appeal to beginners and younger players.

The multi-colored base and playfield graphics make the table stand out in any game room. All in all, it is a great value for the quoted price.

Zero Gravity Sports Air Hockey Table Review
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