Harvard Air Hockey Tables – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Best Harvard Air Hockey TablesIf air hockey is one of your favorite games, you might have considered owning your own air hockey table at some point. With a wide array of brands and manufacturers of air hockey tables, deciding on a single table to purchase can be quite tricky.

Who makes Harvard tables?

One such air hockey table manufacturer is Harvard, owned by Escalade Sports. Escalade sports is also the parent company of brands like American Legend and Atomic. Harvard doesn’t manufacture tournament-level tables, but they’re a considerable option for home gaming.

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Here’s a brief breakdown of each model of Harvard air hockey tables:

Harvard Action Arena 7’ Air Hockey Table84 x 44 x 33 inches135 poundsPVC Playfield, Electronic Scoring, 110V Motor, Leg Levelers, 4 Strikers, and 4 Pucks Included
Harvard Arctic Ice 7.5’ Air Hockey Table89.5 x 47.5 x 32 inches243 poundsPVC Playing Field, Integrated Electronic Scoreboard, 110V blower, Leg Levelers on Taper Post Legs, 3.75-Inch Rails, 4 Strikers and 4 Pucks Included
Harvard Hot Shot 6’ Air Hockey Table72 x 40 x 32.25 inches86 poundsPVC- Laminated Playing Field, 110V Motor Having Side Pressure Chamber, Electronic Scoring, Internal Goals, Arc Post Style Legs with Levelers, 2 Pushers and 2 Pucks Included
Harvard Acclaim 5’ Air Hockey Table54 x 30 x 31.5 inches39 poundsPVC- Laminated Playing Field, 110 V Motor, Sturdy MDF Construction, Reinforced Stable Legs, Plastic Goal Box, Manual Scorers, 2 Strikers and 2 Pucks Included

Harvard Action Arena 7’ Air Hockey Table

The Harvard Action Arena is a full-sized 7’ table suitable for gamers aged 10 and above.

Overall, the Harvard Action Arena looks quite smart with black, white and red colors making it a piece of furniture that won’t stand out unnecessarily but is still designed to look pleasing.

With a 110V motor and a PVC laminate on the playbed, you can expect the puck to slide fairly well on this one. Removable net-look goals are also present on each side. However, they’re best kept removed since the puck keeps getting stuck under them during games.

LED electronic scorers integrated into the table look good and work well. Leg levelers and 3-inch wide rails further add to the convenience of gaming on the table. The table comes with four pushers and four pucks so that four smaller people can play at once.

A major flaw noticed in the table is that the plastic lamination starts to chip off just after the very first few games. This gives the impression that the Harvard Action Arena is unfortunately not built to last.


  • Good size not as large as tournament tables but works for family rooms
  • Solid, sturdy table
  • Integrated LED scorers on the playing surface
  • Leg levelers for balanced gameplay


  • Heavyweight makes it difficult to relocate
  • Puck keeps getting stuck under plastic nets
  • Not much durable

Harvard Arctic Ice 7.5’ Air Hockey Table

The Harvard Arctic Ice has features that are quite similar to the previously discussed Harvard Action Arena air hockey table. At 7.5 feet, it’s only 6 inches larger than the Action Arena table.

The Arctic Ice also has a 110V blower that provides fairly good airflow. However, you may face the issue of pucks flying off the table during forceful gaming by adults.

At a massive weight of 243 pounds, it’s quite solid and sturdy, but at the same time can’t be moved around easily. The graphics on the table are of similar colors to the Action Arena (red, black, and white), so are the electronic scoreboards integrated near the playing field.

The Arctic Ice has 3 ¾ inch side rails surrounding a 1-inch deep playing field. It comes with sturdy taper post legs for extra stability that are equipped with leg levelers to provide a balanced playing surface.

Included in the package are four pucks and four mallets, indicating that it can accommodate a maximum of four players at a time.

With its heavy-duty tapered cabinet and crisscross support frame, the Harvard Arctic Ice air hockey table gives the impression of a product that is built to last. This is why it’s puzzling that the table doesn’t have that many customer reviews to support its claims.


  • Good size of 7.5 feet
  • Integrated LED scoring units
  • Taper post legs having leg levelers


  • Very heavy weight – very difficult to move
  • Pucks often fly off the table when adults play

Harvard Hot Shot 6’ Air Hockey Table

The Harvard Hot Shot is one of their shorter air hockey tables that can work great for children as a home gaming entity. At 6 feet length, it’s considerably smaller than the Action Arena and Arctic Ice air hockey tables.

The Hot Shot air hockey table like the other Harvard models has a 110V blower to make the puck slide fairly well on the glossy PVC laminated surface. However, one drawback is that the impact of the puck may cause the table to start chipping off at the edges.

The arc post leg design along with leg levelers attached make for a solid table that can provide balanced gameplay. There is an electronic scoring system along with internal goals. 2.5-inch rails with an inch-deep playing field account for fairly solid rebounds for an exciting game.

The package includes two strikers and two pucks so as to allow a decent game of air hockey for two children. Unfortunately, adults may not enjoy the table as much due to the smaller size that fails to provide an ideal air hockey experience.

This table with its silver-gray accents has mixed reviews, indicating some faults in the manufacturing but still the ability to make for an exciting pastime.


  • Suitable as a kids’ gaming table
  • Arc post legs with levelers
  • Electronic scoring system


  • The table material and Formica soon starts chipping off from the edges
  • Not the best size for adults
  • Very delicate scoreboard wiring

Harvard Acclaim 5’ Air Hockey Table

Harvard AcclaimThe Harvard Acclaim is one of its smallest air hockey tables at only five feet in length. This makes it suitable for children who are as young as 5 or 6 years too.

The Acclaim has a glossy PVC laminated surface just like the other Harvard models. The sturdy MDF construction can presumably withstand some serious gaming. However, we still recommend adults not to be too forceful on this table and leave it to be enjoyed by children.

A plastic goal box is there to catch the pucks, while manual scorers are present to keep track of the game. A 110V motor provides airflow for the puck to slide, but it still may stop in the middle of the table at times.
Along with the Harvard Acclaim are two strikers and two pucks included in the package.

Overall, a product we wouldn’t recommend due to the majority of negative reviews. Although it may seem attractive from a distance, the Harvard Acclaim isn’t built to last due to cheap parts.


  • An air hockey table of suitable size for children
  • Sturdy MDF construction


  • Poor quality product with parts that are not built to last
  • Not enough airflow so the puck hits dead spots in the middle of the table making it hard to retrieve by smaller children
  • No electronic scorers


With their mixed reviews and some parts of subpar quality, Harvard air hockey tables certainly aren’t the best out there. If you’re ready to compromise on a few flaws though, they can still offer fairly decent gameplay in a budget.

While children may be able to best enjoy the Harvard tables, adults who are air hockey enthusiasts would be better off with a table from a higher-quality brand.