Best Air Hockey Tables For Kids – Top 8 Choices Plus a Buying Guide

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Best Kids Air Hockey Table

The classic game of air hockey can keep you engaged for hours, and is loved by children and adults alike. While commercial-grade, large air hockey tables may be too big for small children to conveniently play on, there are many smaller options if you need to introduce your little ones to this arcade game at a young age.

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These tables are also space-saving and can fit in most rooms easily. Their kid-friendly size enables smaller children to stay entertained in healthy activity. Below are reviews of some of the best air hockey tables for kids available in the market, followed by a guide on how to choose the best one for yourself.

Comparison Of Our Top 8 Kids’ Air Hockey Tables

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey54 X 27 X 31 Inches39.6 InchesAttractive Graphics, Strong Blower, Leg Levelers Included, Manual and Electronic Scoring, Light-up Features, LED Pucks and Pushers
Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey40 X 21 X 8 Inches18.4 PoundsMDF Constructed, Glossy Surface, Air Blower, Suitable for Kids, 2 Pucks and 2 Pushers Included
Best Choice Products 40 in Air Hockey Arcade Table40 x 20 x 8.5 inches16 PoundsMDF and Plastic Material, Sleek Surface, 100V Electric Blower, Manual Scoreboard, Leg Levelers, 2 Pucks and 2 Pushers Included
Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table72 X 40 X 31 Inches107.5 PoundsEye-Catching Graphics, PVC Material, Cool Sound Effects, In-Rail LED Lightning, Dual Powered Motor, LED Strikers and Pushers
Sport craft 48" Air Hockey Table48 X 24 X 30 Inches30.8 Pounds120V Electric Motor, Attractive Graphics On The Surface, Electronic Scoreboard, Leg Levelers, 2 Strikers and 2 Pushers
Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table40 X 20 X 5 Inches14.6 Pounds110V Air Powered Motor, MDF Constructed, Portable and Compact, Abacus Scoreboard, Without Legs, 2 Pucks and 2 Pushers Included
Blue Wave 5 Ft Air Hockey Table60 X 29.6 X 31 Inches52 Pounds110V Electric Blower, Ice Hockey Themed Graphics, Electronic Scoreboard, MDF Constructed, L-Shape Legs, 2 Pucks and 2 Pushers Included
Lanos Air Hockey Table 48 X 24 X 31 Inches28 PoundsAttractive Graphics, AC-12V Electric Motor, Dual Option Scoring 2 Pushers and 2 Pucks Included

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

The Triumph Air Hockey Table features cool fire-and-ice graphics and is one of the top-rated air hockey tables by the company. The 4.5’ length makes it a good choice for most children. It is a fun light-up model that can keep kids entertained for hours.

The table has a shiny surface which enables the puck to glide freely. It also features an abacus for manual scoring and an LED scorer for electronic scoring to keep track of the game. Whenever a goal is scored, the corners of the table light up as well.

One issue you might face while scoring is the small size of the goal due to which the puck may get stuck. The blower seems to be strong enough for a smooth gaming experience. The table is relatively easy to assemble with instructions given on the manual. The leg levelers are adjustable and keep the table in balance.

The other accessories include 2 LED pucks and 2 LED pushers which makes gaming more exciting in dim light. While the Fire ‘n Ice seems to have many attractive features, unfortunately, the quality is not very high. Customers have faced issues with the functioning of the scorer and lights, and also the durability of its parts.


  • Cool graphics
  • Suitable size for children
  • Fun light-up features
  • Good air flows
  • Electronic and abacus scoring
  • 2 LED pucks and pushers


  • Small goals
  • The scorer and lights may be faulty
  • Durability is not ideal

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

The Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table is specially designed for kids aged under 10. The 3.3’ table makes it ideal for children of this age group. It is crafted from wood with a solid MDF construction, offering good value for money.

As this table seems compatible for kids, there are certain flaws which are being observed in various reviews by customers. The air blower doesn’t seem strong enough, which can cause problems for the puck to move freely. The playing field is glossy, and it has an abacus scoreboard.

The red marking on the scoreboard might tear off sometimes, which can cause issues for tracking the score of the game. The feet of the table don’t have any rubber underneath, which may cause it to lose grip and slide. This problem can be dealt with by adding adhesive rubber to the feet.

Other accessories include two pucks and two pushers which are small in size and are kid-friendly. Overall, this table might not be that enjoyable for adults since it has a compact size with a low powered motor. It still seems like a good choice for setting in your kids’ playroom.


  • Compatible for kids
  • Durable MDF construction
  • Portable
  • 2 pucks and 2 pushers
  • Abacus scoreboard


  • Low powered motor
  • May slide due to poor grip (no rubber underneath feet)

Best Choice Products 40 in Air Hockey Arcade Table

The Best Choice Products 40-inch Air Hockey Table is a great size for kids. It is crafted from wood with MDF and plastic construction. At first look, it seems like a practical and portable choice for air hockey on the go. The table is around 8.5 inches in height so that children can easily play while sitting on the floor.

Its 100V electric motor is small yet powerful enough for a smooth gaming experience. The playing surface is smooth and glossy, which enables the puck to glide freely. It has a manual abacus scoreboard and no electronic scoring which is usually present in other modern air hockey tables. Adults can also enjoy this table by placing it on a tabletop.

However, the pusher size and overall table size might be too small for their enjoyment. The goal boxes are small in size, but the puck return is a straightforward process. The legs are short but still provide enough stability. It is quite convenient to set up since you just have to connect the adapter before you start playing.

The standard accessories, two pucks and two strikers are included with it. Overall, the table is very compact and can be easily set up in limited spaces.


  • Durable MDF and plastic construction
  • 100V electric motor
  • 2 pucks and 2 strikers
  • Easy set-up
  • Portable and compact


  • No electronic scoreboard
  • Small goal sizes

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table

The Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ table features eye-catching graphics of grey and blue colors. The LED lighting on the side panel of the surface and in-game sound effects take the gaming experience to the next level. The table is 6 feet in length and can be enjoyed by all age groups.

The Lumen-X Lazer has dual air motors, but many users are facing issues as the fan may stop working and cause trouble for the puck to glide freely on the surface. It has an MDF-engineered surface and a PVC playing field. The leg levelers are sturdy enough to provide balance to the table on uneven ground as well.

The table also features an electronic scoring board with strong sensors to keep track of the game. The striker is chargeable with any USB lead, and the table is very easy to assemble.

Other accessories include 2 light-up strikers and 2 pucks which can be played with in the dark also. Overall, it has all the basics covered in an attractive package and is compatible for all age groups.


  • Attractive graphics
  • Sound effects and in-rail LED lightning
  • Enjoyable for all age groups
  • PVC surface
  • Leg levelers included
  • Chargeable light-up strikers


  • The motor may cause problems

Sportcraft 48″ Air Hockey Table

The Sportcraft 48” Air Hockey Table features cool ice-themed graphics on the surface. It is 4 feet in length but is less sturdy, which makes it compatible for kids only. The table is MDF-constructed with having shiny playing surface.

This Sportcraft table also features a 120V electronic motor which is able to maintain fairly good airflow that is powerful enough for the pucks to glide freely. Leg levelers are also included with the table for added balance.

The electronic scoreboard works effectively to keep track of the game. The table is easy to assemble by following the instructions in the included manual. Other accessories include 2 strikers and 2 pucks.

Overall, this table is specially designed for children as it is not strong enough for adults. Some users have complained regarding the absence of a power button due to which the table needs to be plugged in and out before and after each game. While the Sportcraft 48’ table still remains a popular choice, there are better versions out there to consider as well.


  • Compatible for kids
  • Powerful electronic motor
  • Balancing leg levelers
  • Easy to assemble
  • 2 strikers and 2 pucks


  • No system of turning off the table while plugged in
  • Not sturdy enough for use by adults

Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults

The Sport Squad HX40 40-inch Table features a practical design and is compact enough for children to set up anywhere and start playing. It is also built to last and features durable MDF construction.

The table features a 110V motor which is quiet, but some customers have complained of the fan stopping during games. The game can be started by plugging in the adapter. Therefore, it doesn’t need any batteries. The surface is sleek enough to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

It doesn’t have legs attached to it, so it is recommended to place it on a tabletop. For children below 8, the table can easily be kept on the floor. The Sport Squad HX40 is portable and easy to assemble by reading the instructions on the included manual. It has an abacus scoreboard which conveniently enables children to keep track of the game.

Protective rubber pads make sure to avoid damaging or scratching the surface underneath. Other accessories include 2 pushers and 2 pucks. Overall, this table seems to be a fair choice for children. While it is marketed to be compatible for both adults and kids, the smaller size of the pushers and the compact surface won’t be much enjoyable for adults.


  • MDF construction
  • Adapter compatible
  • Abacus scoreboard included
  • Portable and compact
  • Durable
  • 2 pucks and 2 pushers included


  • Faulty fan blower

Blue Wave 5 Ft Air Hockey Table

The Blue Wave 5ft Air Hockey Table features eye-catching ice hockey-themed graphics in blue and white. It is sturdy enough for kids and will keep adults engaged as well.

It has been certified by CARB and is constructed from MDF material. The table also features a laminated, poly-sealed, slick surface which helps the pucks glide freely. It also has a 110V electronic blower, but the fan may sometimes stop spinning or slow down, resulting in dead spots. However, most customers seem satisfied with the airflow.

The legs are L-shaped which provides more stability, and leg levelers are included in it for balancing the table. While the electronic scoreboard is a nice touch, it may start acting faulty after a few uses according to some reviews. AAA batteries are required for the scoreboard but don’t come included in the package.

Other accessories include 2 pucks and 2 pushers. Overall, this table seems like a promising choice to keep children engaged for hours.


  • Sturdy enough for kids and adults
  • Attractive graphics
  • Poly-sealed slick surface
  • MDF construction
  • Stable L-shaped legs
  • 2 pucks and 2 pushers


  • The electronic scoreboard may start acting faulty
  • Average airflow

Lanos Air Hockey Table

The Lanos Air Hockey Table is quite impressive with wooden themes contrasting with navy blue panels for a modern look. This 48-inch table is suitable for kids and adults. It is durable and constructed from dense fiber wood which makes it sturdy enough for children.

The surface is sleek, enabling the pucks to move freely. Its compact size makes it convenient enough to fit any sort of room. The fan is powered by an AC-12V motor which enables fairly good gameplay. It has dual options for keeping score – an LED electronic scorer, and a manual dial scorer to keep track of the game.

The legs are foam-protected and quite sturdy, with leg levelers attached to them for balancing on uneven flooring. It is pretty straightforward to assemble, and according to the manufacturer, should take around 5 minutes to set up.

The pucks and pushers are yellow, setting an attractive combination with the table. Overall, this table is compact and convenient to set up in your playroom or gaming zones.


  • Dense fiber wood construction
  • Modern, attractive look
  • Compact
  • AC-12V fan blower
  • Dual scoreboards (electronic and dial)
  • Sturdy foam-protected legs with levelers
  • 2 yellow pucks and 2 pushers


  • Faulty scoreboard

How to Choose the Best Air Hockey Table for Kids

Now that you know all about the pros, cons, and features of the best air hockey tables for kids, you must also know the main specifications to consider before making your choice.


Before purchasing an air hockey table for kids, the dimensions should be checked to decide whether it is the right size for your children.

Large, tournament-sized tables may be too big if your air hockey players are under 9 years of age. Generally, tables under 7 ft. are recommended for children.


The material used for the construction of the gaming board and the type of surface of the playfield are essential factors to consider. Scratch-resistant coatings will make your table last its worth, as will sturdy parts of high quality.

Tables with electronic scorers sometimes may have faulty scoreboards, so make sure your choice doesn’t have these issues by skimming through the reviews.


Most tables feature 110V motors which are powerful enough for pucks to move freely. However, we suggest to carefully monitor fan performance for 1 or 2 days, so that if any defects are found, you can get it replaced as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

It is recommended to go through previous customer reviews and know about their experience before choosing one for yourself. Oftentimes, products don’t come out as you would expect from the way they are marketed.

Knowing about the firsthand experiences of people who have already bought the table you are considering can help you steer clear of poor quality products.


While there are many versions of air hockey tables available in the market for children, only a few of them are actually worthy of purchasing.

The dimensions, quality of parts, sturdiness, compactness, motor power, and puck and pusher size are always important to consider when making your choice.