Franklin Air Hockey Tables

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The world of sports, be it of the outdoor category or indoors, is incomplete today without the Franklin name. Whether you’re a fan of basketball, soccer, or street hockey, or you’re more inclined towards indoor entertainment, you may have stumbled upon the Franklin name at some point in time.

Franklin Sports is a manufacturer and marketer of sports goods, involved in providing accessories and gear for basketball, soccer, and street hockey. In the indoor gaming category, the Franklin brand name can be found on indoor variants of basketball, air hockey, darts, table tennis, and accessories.

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Franklin Sports has various tables that are more suitable for children within the air hockey range than adults looking for an intense match with an at-the-arcade feel. The company offers a wide range of different sized tables packed with features, with each product demonstrating Franklin’s talent of bringing together sophistication and affordability in a single package. 

We’ve narrowed down the list to the top five favorites among buyers among the vast popular options available.

Our Top Picks

Franklin Sports Mini Air Hockey Table5 x 12 x 20 inches1.3 lbsElegant tabletop design in black, two mini pucks and pushers included, manual sliding scorer, battery-operated blower, made with From Amazon
Franklin Sports 40" Glomax Air Hockey Table40.55 x 20.47 x 4.13 Inches25.4 lbsStylish package including glow in the dark GloMax graphics, two felt bottomed puck and pushers with glow in the dark capabilities, dual blowers, manually operated sliding scoreboard, constructed with manufactured wood with a plastic surface for From Amazon
Franklin Sports 48" Authentic Air Hockey Table50.00 x 26.40 x 5.40 Inches34 lbsStanding table sporting unique hinge design, includes two felt bottomed pucks and pushers and electronically operated From Amazon
Franklin Sports Zero Gravity Sports 20-Inch Air Hockey Table20 x 12 x 3.88 inches5 lbsFun-sized table sporting air blower featuring Zero Gravity Sports technology, two pucks and pushers included, manually operated sliding From Amazon
Franklin Sports Zero Gravity Air Hockey Table, 54"54 x 27 x 32 inches42.44 lbs.Modernly styled with Zero Gravity Sports motor, 2 pucks and pushers included, digitally operated scoreboard, black and blue design, entire product constructed with MDF manufactured woodbuy From Amazon

Franklin Sports 20 Inches Table Top Mini Air Hockey Table

Among the most popular releases by Franklin Sports in the air hockey category is their 20 inches long tabletop mini air hockey game. The table is ergonomically suitable for children, given the fun-sized design and the mini pucks and pushers that come with it.

Undoubtedly, this little table can guarantee your kids hours of fun without taking up lots of space or requiring a separate game room. While it arrives unassembled, putting it together is an easy task. Of course, Franklin understands how competitive the action can get, and the added features including a battery-operated blower for uninterrupted smooth gaming, and a slide scoring feature to track the winner.

Altogether, despite being advertised as a family game, the product may not be satisfactory for adults, given its overall design. Many consumers find the table to be unexpectedly small, despite accurate measurements in the description.

Overall, the product outlook may not seem to be quite fancy. Nevertheless, it can be a good entertainment source, especially for kids, and can be conveniently taken along for long road trips, camping tours, or the like.


  • Effortlessly portable
  • Small size and non-bulky design
  • Good gaming option for kids
  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Average outlook
  • May be too small to allow enjoyable games

Franklin Sports 40″ Glomax Air Hockey Table

The 40” Glomax Air Hockey table is another popular item among the range of air hockey tables by Franklin Sports. Featuring a modish compact design mounted on stout legs, this table also offers an additional glow-in-the-dark feature.

According to customer feedback, the glow in the dark feature may not be sufficient to allow for efficient play without additional lights. Of course, the included pucks and pushers also glow in the dark, thus ensuring a unique fun aspect to the game.

Generally, users can experience quality entertainment while playing owing to the table’s dual blowers and felt bottomed accessories. However, customers have complained about the fan not being powerful enough to eliminate complete friction on the table surface.

Altogether, given the range of features and classic design offered together in a compact bundle, the table has been claimed to be a good value for money by many purchasers.


  • Attractive GloMax graphics with glow-in-the-dark ability
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Good gaming option for kids
  • Dual blowers
  • Good value for money


  • The airflow isn’t strong enough
  • Adults may find it too small
  • May need additional lights due to glow-in-the-dark feature not being strong enough

Franklin Sports 48″ Authentic Air Hockey Table 3.3

Thoughtful designing is something Franklin Sports excels at, as demonstrated by its 48” Authentic Air Hockey Table. Available at a size of just 4 feet, the table features a unique hinge design with foldable legs, along with screw holes already drilled in by the manufacturer to facilitate assemblage. This makes it incredibly easy to set up.

The product has good airflow, allowing the pucks to sail effortlessly across the board. It includes both digital and manual options for keeping score. The electronic scorer adds a modern charm to the out-of-the-box design. However, its oversensitivity causes it to keep score with great inaccuracy, resulting in many users resorting to a manual approach.

The table lacks a bit in the sturdiness department, given its unstable legs that result in slight wobbliness. This midget table could still be a good choice for buyers looking for a feature-packed deal at affordable rates and aiming to receive a taste of the gaming arena from within the comfort of their homes.


  • Easy setup
  • This small, lightweight table
  • Foldable legs for compact storage
  • Good airflow
  • Both digital and manual scorers


  • Customer complaints of wobbliness
  • Inaccurate electronic scorer

Franklin Sports Zero Gravity Sports 20-Inch Air Hockey Table

This mini-sized Zero Gravity Sports air hockey table is another excellent option for at-home entertainment while having in-the-arcade vibes. Featuring the Zero Gravity Sports air blower technology, this table allows for an exhilaratingly smooth gaming experience. Yet again, this Franklin product ensures the action can happen at home, at camp, or even in the car, owing to its small size and non-bulky design. Additional features also include a manual score tracker mechanism and puck returns on the table’s ends.

Many consumers conscious of the product’s overall appearance are unsatisfied with this table, with some going as far as to say it is ‘cheaply made.’ Despite the provided measurements being accurate, many users still find it too small for efficient, enjoyable gaming, especially for adults. However, its portability and easy setup count in its favor as a beginner gaming table.

Altogether, this is a decent option to consider for individuals looking for durable options to keep their young ones busy without costing an arm and a leg.


  • A good option for kids
  • Easy setup
  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • Easy Storage
  • Good value for money


  • May not be able to withstand intense gaming forces
  • Not enjoyable for adults

Franklin Sports Rod Hockey Game

The Zero Gravity 54 inch table is another introduction in Franklin’s air hockey table range, admittedly better suited for kids than for adults looking for an intense match at home. The design yet again demonstrates Franklin Sport’s talent for designing feature-packed products at a great value.

The MDF construction allows for a good, durable and stable product. It comes with legs sporting an ergonomic, slanted design and puck returns mounted at the end, all enhancing user convenience. These features, coupled with the enhanced refinement that comes with the electronic scorer with an LED display mounted overhead, help the table resemble its much professional companions.  Moreover, Franklin’s Zero Gravity Sports motor is designed to provide an uninterrupted gliding experience with the puck and maximum action at a location of your choice.

However, customers have still complained of low air pressure, which acts as a significant obstacle in getting the puck to reach the other side of the table. The table is also unsuitable for rough play and thus for older kids or even teens.

Altogether, while not landing in the top charts where robustness or supreme quality gaming is concerned, this table could be a good option for your children at a reasonable price tag.


  • Durable and stable product
  • Easy to assemble within an hour
  • Chic, modern appearance
  • Overhead LED scoreboard


  • The table is unsuitable for rough play
  • Low air pressure


Overall, these air hockey tables demonstrate the Franklin brand’s careful craftsmanship and thoughtful design prioritizing user convenience, maximum entertainment, durability, and sophisticated outlook.

Admittedly, while none may be compared to a professional-standard air hockey table, all of the options listed above are decent choices for unleashing your competitive spirit at home without spending a fortune, and more so if the end users are going to be your little ones.