Great American Air Hockey Tables

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We realize that finding the perfect air hockey table with proper airflow, fast deflection, and a smooth surface is essential to experience thrill and excitement during the game, and that’s exactly what the Great American company has been ensuring for almost 38 years.

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The company’s recreation in 2017 has once again made it one of the most trusted manufacturers of tables for air hockey, pool, shuffleboard, and foosball, along with gaming cabinets and PPEs.

Their variety of air hockey tables is wide, ranging from professional ones suitable for tournament games to black onyx playfields perfect for your family game room and non-traditional side-by-side games sure to attract a crowd at the arcade. Whether the emphasis is on an additional scoring feature, LED light options and graphics, or saving space, Game American air hockey tables have been known to maintain their reliable quality with each one.

Below we have reviewed a few favorites from their current range of air hockey tables that we’re sure will have the one for you.

Top 5 Great American Hockey Tables





Great American Laser Air Hockey with Overhead Scoring99 x 54 x 32 inches
(without overhead unit)
500 lbsOptional Blacklight Feature, Attractive Graphics, Aluminum Rails, Formica Playing Surface, Cabinet-Grade Plywood Construction, ABS Injected Legs, Industrial-Rated Blower, Centerline and Goalie Box
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Great American Jr. Power Hockey with Overhead Scoring66 x 40 x 28 inches280 lbsOverhead Scoring Bridge with Playfield Light, Wide Goals, Internal Puck System, ABS Legs and Levelers, Formica Playfield, Oversized Aluminum Rails, Hinged Panels, Industrial-Rated Blower, Plywood Base Available in Custom Colors
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Great American Boom-A-Rang Coin-Op Air Hockey Table62 x 52 x 32 inches
(excluding marquee)
350 lbsSpace-Saving, Side-by-Side Play, Unique Design, Programmable for Maximum Time and Score, Oversized Rails, Industrial-Rated Blower, Electronic Coin-Drop Mechanism, Internal Puck-Drop System
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Great American 8 Ft Face-Off Power Hockey with Side Scoring99 x 51 x 32 inches475 lbsAttractive Graphics, Side Electronic Scoring, Formica Playfield, Aluminum Base and Rails, Wide Goals, Industrial Blower, Internal Puck- Drop and Hinged Panels, Bottom Hinged Door, Centerline and Goalie Box, Cabinet Available in Custom Colors
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Great American Black Ice Air Hockey Table99 x 51 x 32 inches400 lbsOverhead, Side Score or Manual Score Options, Plywood Cabinet with Custom Design Options, Black Onyx Formica Surface, Industrial Blower, Hinged Storage Door, LED Light Options for Playfield and Base

Great American Laser Air Hockey Table with Overhead Electronic Scoring

This 8 ft. Laser Air Hockey, coming from an exceptional range of products, is one of the more commonly known tables by the company. Its coin-operated variant is also well sought after, especially by arcades, where it stands out due to its eye-catching graphics.

The overhead scoring unit displaying bright, large digital numbers is perfect for a quick glance to keep score during fast action-filled games. This unit also includes an optional blacklight feature that makes the puck glide effortlessly across the table and adds a glowing effect.

The Formica playfield, tournament-sized goals, and industrial-rated blower contribute to speed and excitement, while the oversized aluminum rails make sure the puck doesn’t fly off the surface. The internal puck system ensures fast service, so you don’t have to wait around during games.

The table requires light assembly to be set up, i.e., attaching the ABS legs and adjusting the levelers to your desired height.

While all of its features cater to stability during powerful games, the cabinet-grade plywood construction, despite being heavy, lacks quality and may not be suitable for extended use.


  • Overhead scoring unit with large, clear numbers and blacklight feature for smooth games
  • Formica wear-resistant playfield with centerline and goalie box
  • Fast internal puck-drop system
  • Industrial-rated blower for maximum speed and aluminum rails for quick deflection
  • ABS legs and levelers allow you to adjust the height and achieve stability on any ground


  • Construction of table is not durable after heavy use due to the base material being cabinet-grade plywood

Great American Jr. Power Hockey with Overhead Scoring

As the name might suggest, the Junior Power Hockey is perfect for children interested in the game, but that does not stop it from being popular among adults. Including all the signature features of Great American, it can be summed up as a lightweight, space-saving beginner air hockey table.

The wear-guard finish on the Formica playing surface makes it durable against time and continuous heavy use. The custom oversized aluminum rails surround the table and save the puck from flying off, while the industrial-rated blower and wide goals promote super speed.

Also appealing to space-saving, the small overhead scoring bridge helps keep track of the score at any time and comes with a playfield light that enhances the surface in a dimly lit room. It also helps the puck glide smoothly across the table.

Another player-friendly feature is the internal puck-drop system with fast service. Moreover, the hinged panels on each cabinet side allow easy access without tools in case of a fault.

The manufacturers provide the consumer with several choices of cabinet colors, each assured to be of the best quality. However, despite being heavy and thick, the cabinet is made of cabinet-grade plywood, which is not preferred for tournament or competitive games.


  • Dimensions are designed to save space and are suitable for beginners (perfect for a game room inside the house)
  • Wear-guard Formica surface and aluminum rails all around
  • Overhead unit with visible electronic scoring and light to enhance the playfield
  • Efficient internal puck-drop system and hinged panels for easy access to cabinet
  • Custom colors of the cabinet and adjustable ABS levelers


  • Cabinet-grade plywood base cannot withstand several years of action-filled games
  • Build and dimensions do not allow for tournament gaming

Great American Boom-A-Rang Coin-Op Air Hockey Table

This latest Boom-A-Rang air hockey table brings a unique design and twist to air hockey that will draw great attention in an arcade. The side-by-side playing design also saves space, so it can fit almost anywhere; near a wall, corner, or even back-to-back with another such table.

It is important to note that the difference in design and playing does not take away the key features found in most tables from the manufacturer, i.e., the Formica playing surface, industrial-rated blowers for high speed, and internal puck-drop system with easy access.

The table comes with an overhead scoring unit attached to the marquee, which may be hard to notice at first. This can also be programmed to engage in a game for maximum time play and maximum score. The cabinet, also available in custom colors, has ticket dispensers and coin slots, which work on an electronic coin-drop mechanism.

While the oversized rails around the table guarantee fast and competitive play, such a table is usually not preferred when it comes to professional tournaments or other competitions, mainly due to lacking the competitiveness that comes with the traditional game.


  • Eye-catching design on a Formica playfield with space-saving footprint
  • An industrial-rated blower provides high-speed airflow
  • Trust-worthy electronic coin mechanisms as well as ticket dispensers
  • Programmable scoring unit
  • Custom colors available


  • Not preferred for tournaments due to lacking excitement of traditional air hockey
  • The overhead scoring unit is not shrouded due to the marquee, so keeping score may be hard during an intense game

Great American 8 Ft Face-Off Power Hockey with Side Scoring

Advertised for home use, this 8’ Power Hockey table combines new, improved features and retains its previous reliable ones as well. It is covered in dramatic graphics while maintaining a professional look. Players wanting to save space without compromising this table’s quality should look into its 7’ variant.

The aluminum base increases stability during competitive action-filled matches and remains steady even after long periods of continuous use. Durability is further ensured by the wear-resistant playing surface with a Formica finish. On the other hand, the blower providing high-speed airflow, wider tournament-sized goals, and aluminum rails around the frame will definitely have you on edge while playing.

It offers an alternate way of keeping score with a digital unit mounted on the side. The hinged panels on each side allow access without tools to an otherwise trustworthy puck-drop system in case service is needed. The customizable cabinet also has a hinged door for storage, so customers don’t have to worry about losing their mallets and pucks anymore.

This table, having a centerline and goalie box, checks all the boxes when it comes to professionals or adults who know their way around air hockey. Still, the lack of a playfield light and otherwise attractive lighting features may not make it fit for arcades.


  • Attractive graphics and design give it a professional look
  • The aluminum base and frame make it safe for competitive games
  • An easier way of keeping score with a side-mounted electronic unit
  • Industrial-rated blower, reliable puck-drop, and wider goals make competing even more exciting
  • Excess storage space in the cabinet in the form of a hinged door


  • The lack of any playfield light may slow down the game

Great American Black Ice Air Hockey Table

The Black Ice from Great American encompasses all the necessary components that make a great air hockey table. It is known for its customizable black onyx playfield (with scratch-resistant Formica finish) that they claim is smoother than black ice. The base of the table doesn’t lag far behind with its elegant full decal wrap.

This table gives the customer full control over its features, i.e., it has both coin-operated and non-coin operated versions and offers manual and electronic scoring along with options between a side-mounted unit and an overhead unit. To appeal to gaming environments, it also has LED light options for the playfield and the base.

The heavy plywood build and ABS legs keep it sturdy. These legs and levelers are shipped inside a bottom hinged door which can act as storage after assembling them.

According to the manufacturer, the industrial-rated blower is made to provide superior speed over any table in the industry. Competitive playing is not a problem with its wide goals and deflecting aluminum rails.

However, its exceptional quality does not come at a low price, so it is mainly suitable for high-end consumers.


  • Elegant black onyx playfield and decal wrap base
  • Multiple scoring options to choose from
  • High-speed airflow and quick puck-drop system
  • Attractive and customizable LED lighting


  • Not budget-friendly


Great American has managed to remain a favorite among players of various ages and demands in such a competitive industry. The company lacks its own line of mallets and pucks, which would make things more convenient for the buyer. We can hope that they introduce more budget-friendly air hockey tables with upcoming launches and designs, especially ones with long-lasting construction.