Sportcraft Air Hockey Tables

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Sportcraft Air Hockey TablesThe General Sportcraft Company, better known as just Sportcraft, is a manufacturer of a range of gaming tables including foosball, air hockey, and outdoor games since the year 1926.

Most Sportcraft air hockey tables are made in a way that they can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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The affordable, entertaining range of Sportcraft air hockey tables are worthy of your consideration if you are an air hockey enthusiast on a budget.

Our Top Picks

Sportcraft Slap Shot 84" Air Hockey Table184.8 lbs84 x 48 x 32 inchesMDF Frame and Surface, Adjustable Legs, Electronic Scoring System, 4 Pucks and 2 Pushers Included, Powerful Blower System, AC Adapter, Electric Power Source
Sportcraft 48” Air Hockey Table 30.8 lbs48 x 24 x 30 inchesMDF Frame and Surface, Built-in Electronic Scorer, Leg Levelers, 2 Pushers and 2 Pucks Included
Sportcraft 27” Tabletop Air Hocket TableUnknown27 inches (length)Air-Powered Rink, Compact Size, 2 Pucks and 2 Pushers Included, Manual Slide Scorers, Battery Operated
Sportcraft 54" Excelerator Turbo Hockey Table44 lbs54 x 27 x 31 inchesDual-Spinning Puck Accelerators, Overhead LED Scoring System, Includes 2 Pushers and 3 Pucks
Sportcraft 7’ Air Hockey and Table Tennis Table212 lbs84 x 48 x 32 inches2 Games in 1, MDF Frame and Surface, Manual Scoring System, LED Scoreboard, Gaming Accessories Included for Both Games
Sportcraft 72” Air Powered Hockey Table112 lbs72 x 39 x 32 inchesMDF Construction, 110V 60 Hz UL-Approved Motor, Electronic Scorer, Two Pucks and Two Pushers Included, Leg Levelers Present

Sportcraft 48” Air Hockey Table

Suitable for ages 8 and above, the Sportcraft 48” Air Hockey Table is popular among children and adults alike. It’s one of Sportcraft’s best-selling products, with ice hockey graphics, an electronic scoreboard, and 2 pushers and pucks each.

The table has many features to ensure smooth and convenient gameplay including built-in adjustable leg levelers to facilitate a balanced playing field.

The table has a voltage of 110/120V  and requires electricity to be able to function. The table has MDF construction and requires assembly the first time before it can be used.

This product has been met with mixed reviews due to the sometimes problematic blower and a sensitive electronic scoreboard. Otherwise, customers have been pleased with what they received.


  • Moderate size – enough to enjoy air hockey without taking a lot of space
  • Leg levelers included for balanced play
  • Suitable for adults and children alike


  • Weak blower
  • Sensitive scoreboard

Sportcraft 27” Tabletop Air Hockey Table

If you’re on the lookout for a gaming table you can carry around anywhere, the Sportcraft 27 inch Tabletop Air Hockey table can be a good choice. With its compact design, the easy-to-store table can offer the occasional game of this classic sport without taking up a lot of space.

Included with the table are two pucks and 2 pushers to allow a couple of gamers to stay entertained. The manual scoring system is of the sliding variety, and the battery-operated air-powered rink is good enough for a portable air hockey table.

Suitable for ages 5 and above, this is another well-known product of Sportcraft


  • Portable and compact
  • Suitable for kids 5 years+, as well as for adults


  • May not offer the ideal air hockey experience due to somewhat limited features and size

Sportcraft 54″ Excelerator Turbo Hockey Table

An air hockey table with a twist, the Excelerator Turbo Hockey Table by Sportcraft has dual-spinning puck accelerators to add more excitement to the classic arcade game.

Intended to be one of the lower-end tables for kids, you can buy this one if you need your little ones to stay entertained on a budget.

The table comes with two pushers and three pucks in the package. An overhead LED scoring unit is also an attractive feature than imitates professional air-hockey tables.

The relatively light weight of this table makes it easy to move. With a hardwood surface and plastic frame, it can withstand playing forces of children aged 5 and above.

Customers have faced is during assembly, however. It seems like Sportcraft doesn’t pay heed to the condition of the product parts, and if the hardware is present in the package for assembly.


  • Easy to move around due to relatively lightweight
  • Dual-spinning puck accelerators


  • Complaints of the pucks getting stuck
  • Hardware for assembly may not be included in the package due to ignorance

Sportcraft Slap Shot 84″ Air Hockey Table

Sportcraft Slap Shot 84" Air Hockey TableFrom the very first glance, you get the impression that the sturdy black Sportcraft Slap Shot Table means business.

Its powerful 110V blower system is UL-approved, resulting in high output with respect to speed and performance. Set the timer, sound, or game modes over the easy-to-use electronic scoring unit.

The in-rail LED scorers are of the flip-up variety, adding to the table’s impressiveness. The adjustable, sturdy leg design helps the Slap Shot withstand aggressive forces and ensures balanced play.

Made of MDF material, the table seems to be of good quality with a promise of offering some exciting air hockey matches within a budget.

Although not one of the bestselling air hockey tables, it seems like the Slap Shot has enough features to keep its users happy.


  • A big sized home gaming table
  • Flexible installation due to leg levelers


  • Assembly requires multiple people
  • The puck can get stuck underneath the rails

Sportcraft 7’ Air Hockey and Table Tennis Combination Gaming Table

Sportcraft 7’ Air HockeyIf you’re looking to make the most out of a 7-foot space, you should consider getting a combination gaming table. The Sportcraft 7’ Air Hockey and Ping Pong Table is one such product.

The smooth-surfaced air hockey side has an electronic LED scoreboard to keep track of the game. The 2-in-1 table comes with two pushers, two pucks, two paddles, two tennis balls, and a net.

The table, however, does not seem to be durable due to cheap parts. It has earned mixed reviews since although it can provide a good game, you cannot expect it to withstand the test of time. Customers have also found that it is quite difficult to assemble.


  • Two games in one


  • Assembly can be hectic and needs at least two professionals for handling
  • Subpar quality

Sportcraft 72” Air Powered Hockey Table

Sportcraft 72” Air Hockey TableAnother budget-friendly option for you is the Sportcraft 72” Air Hockey Table. An interesting fact about this is that even some customers who are happy with the product don’t expect it to hold up for long.

Assembly may get tricky, but once you’re done, you get a decent air hockey table at your hands, suited for ages 8 and above. It comes with 2 pushers, 2 pucks, an LED scoreboard, leg levelers, and a 110V blower.

If you’re going for only a seasonal toy that lasts a while, this can do. However, if you’re the kind who knows your money’s worth, you should acknowledge the risk of buying this one due to an expected breakdown in the near future.


  • Attractive design
  • LED Electronic scoreboard


  • Maybe tricky to assemble
  • May not last long

Current State of Affairs at Sportcraft / Is Sportcraft Still in Business?

The company filed for liquidation in 2011 as a step towards its contemplation of ending the business. The move to liquidate was due to a series of inconveniences – a rise in expenses for production, material, and overall manufacturing costs in China, and a decline in sales due to the occurrence of casualties in the US.

Not many would choose to splurge on gaming equipment amidst the situation.

The company was taken into possession by a brand management organization known as ABG (Authentic Brands Group) in 2012, which aimed to develop and refurbish it, increase creativity, and come up with innovative designs.

The idea was to re-launch the company that had been a trusted name for fifty years. Sportcraft is currently a trademark of ABG-Sportcraft, being owned and managed by ABG-Sportcraft.

Sportcraft products can be found at department stores like Sears and Kmart which were once known to be the largest retailers in the country. Both of these are still currently in business but not in the best condition, having closed a large number of stores in 2020.

In fact, many of their stores are said to be in their ‘final days’. Store locations that are operational do supply Sportcraft’s range of recreational products which you might even be able to grab on surprising discounts. This is due to their liquidation sales that will continue until mid-February reportedly.

Sportcraft items are also available online on these retailers’ websites, and can be easily be purchased from them. has many sellers who offer different products of the brand as well. Reviews from legit customers and complete specifications are mentioned online to help you find the most suitable option.


Sportcraft air hockey tables, with their mixed reviews, are best bought when under a discount offer to provide good value for money.

Although relatively budget-friendly even in their original price, you can’t expect them to hold up as nicely as tournament air hockey tables do.