Halex Air Hockey Tables

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While Halex used to be a longterm manufacturer of air hockey tables, it is no longer on the market as an active supplier of the game. Hardly any information is available on Halex online since the brand seems to have gone extinct.

This is due to the fact that the Halex® brand, along with Diamond®, Regent®, MacGregor®, and Mitre®, were acquired by Hedstrom from their parent company, Regent Sports, in 2012. Hedstrom is an Ashland-based company that deals in sporting goods, fitness equipment, and branded toys.

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While you might occasionally find a used table or two by the brand on Amazon or eBay, new Halex® tables are no longer sold officially. Moreover, it is difficult to find replacement parts for the existing tables.

Back in the day, Halex used to offer quite a few tables in different sizes and styles, from cheap tabletop air hockey games to larger tables around 7 feet in length. Most tables were simpler and targeted towards children.

The Halex NHL air hockey table featured dual scoring (both manual and electronic) along with a 6.5-foot long playing field. It looks like any standard wooden table from a distance, with the surface made for playing air hockey.

A smaller table by Halex was the tabletop air hockey game for smaller children, being only 2 feet long and hence quite portable and lightweight.

While an air motor was still present on this one, of course, the air hockey experience would be far from ideal due to the size. It was just good enough to keep kids occupied with a beginner version of the game.

One thing to note about Halex air hockey tables is their seemingly straight forward design. The bells and whistles of contemporary air hockey tables didn’t show up much on Halex products, so in a way, you haven’t missed out on much if you never owned a Halex table.

Modern tables now have powerful air motors, overhead scoring arches, attractive graphics, sleek designs, LED lighting, and sound effects to add excitement to your gaming experience. Considering these features, Halex tables were quite mediocre although they may have been more budget-friendly.

There are still all kinds of air hockey tables available in the market to suit your needs, whether you are on a budget or want to go all out and make a grand, showy purchase.


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