6 Awesome 8 Foot Air Hockey Tables

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While full-sized air hockey tables are commonly advertised as being for serious players and tournaments, we know your game room, recreation room, or even the arcade near you has a soft spot for one.

If you’re willing to make space for them, these tables can make any family night, work break, or even a small game with your competitive friend all the more exciting. The size only adds to the fun and thrill as each player tries to score, and once you get your hands on one, you won’t be ready to give it up anytime soon.

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Since most air hockey enthusiasts are hesitant before opting for a full-sized table, here are some of our favorites to restore your assurance and limit your browsing time.

Our 6 Top Rated 8 Foot Air Hockey Tables 





Atomic Avenger 8’ Air Hockey Table96 x 50 x 32 inches290 lbs.Modern Design, Touch-Screen Controls, Automatic LED Scoring, 120 V Blower, Gloss Play-field, Acrylic End-Rails, MDF Legs and Levelers, Includes Two Strikers and Two Pucks
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Atomic AH800 8’ Air Hockey Table96 x 50 x 31 inches316 lbs.Aluminum Frame/ Rails and Base, Commercial-Grade Blower, LED Goal Lights, Electronic Control Pad, PVC Laminated Play-Field, 4 Ergonomic Paddles and Pucks
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Valley Dynamo Pro-Style Air Hockey Table99 x 52 x 31 inches435 lbs.USAA-Approved, Formica Playing Surface, Dyna-Blast Blower System, Aluminum Rails, Electronic Side-Scoring, One Wrench Leg-Levelers, Includes 2 Mallets and 2 Pucks
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PUCK Ares 8 foot Air Hockey Table96 x 50 x 32 inches320 lbs.Lightweight, High-velocity Airflow, Wood Base, Beginner Friendly, Poly-Resin Playfield Finish, Manual Scoring Option, Leg-Levelers, Includes Multiple Accessories
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ESPN Belham 8’ With Overhead Electronic Scorer96 x 48 x 32 inches237 lbs.Space-Saving Design, 120 V Fan Motor Airflow, 4-Player Friendly, Light and Sound Effects, Full Panel Leg Support, Electronic Scoring, Incudes Table Cover
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Gold Standard Games Ice Air Hockey Table99 x 51 x 31 inches412 lbs.USAA-Approved for Tournament Plays,
Player-Friendly Goals, Wear-Resistant Top, Glass and Aluminum Build, High-Speed Airflow, Free-Play Button, Includes 2 Pucks and 2 Mallets
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Atomic Avenger 8’ Air Hockey Table

This recently introduced Atomic Avenger air hockey table has come out on top this year with its sleek design and touchscreen controls. Made out of engineered wood and featuring a 120 V high-speed blower, the table is suitable for fast-paced plays.

The controls help set up a custom time limit for the game, and automatic scoring increases your focus. Both the glossy field and acrylic rails help in fast deflection, but none are wear-resistant or easy to clean.

The LEDs, silver and white adjustable legs, advanced controls, and premium pucks and strikers make it the perfect addition to a game room or a professional arcade. However, many customers have faced issues like damaged switches and noisy motors. The manufacturers were quick to help them out, but customers remain dissatisfied about the location of the controls, which makes the game vulnerable to accidental restarts.


  • Modern, attractive design with automatic scoring and controls
  • High-speed airflow
  • Sturdy frame made of engineered wood
  • Smooth playfield and deflecting rails


  • Lack of scratch-resistant coat
  • Very sensitive touch controls may cause the game to restart during powerplays

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Atomic AH800 8’ Air Hockey Table

Almost a counterpart to the Avenger 8’, is this AH800 air hockey also by Atomic Game Tables. Made entirely out of aluminum, this heavy yet durable table is suitable for game night and fits perfectly into recreation rooms.

The melamine lamination will protect from scuffing and make this table look good-as-new even after 1-2 years of excessive use. AH800 is unique because of its fast-plays supporting design; it allows the air to reach all corners of the board. However, the installed commercial-grade blower dulls down this feature due to its average airflow.

The control panel offers all sorts of settings for air, audio, power, and time. Furthermore, all the parts, from the LED lights to the embedded graphics, are high quality and long-lasting. The ergonomic strikers and premium pucks also value quality and consumer comfort.

Most of this comes at a high price, though, and according to some customers who faced power and faulty LED issues after just a month’s use, the table should go for less.


  • Laminated playfield and scratch-resistant rails
  • Accessible control panels for all sorts of customizations to the game
  • LED lights and puck glow-effect give it an arcade look
  • Design helps air reach all corners


  • Weak airflow for a professional game
  • Multiple complaints about plastic parts breaking and faulty LEDs just after a month’s use

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Valley Dynamo 8ft Pro-Style Air Hockey Table

The non-coin-operated Valley Dynamo Pro-Style, designed primarily for home use, features a wear-resistant Formica playfield and non-coated aluminum rails for fast deflection.
The table base and frame made out of aluminum make it stable and are certainly durable, but they might be too heavy to carry upstairs. Customers have claimed it is impossible to move the table without at least 3-4 people and have even scratched their flooring trying to do so.

When it comes to professional training and practice, this USAA-approved air hockey table does not disappoint with its one-of-a-kind 230 V DynaBlast airflow system and tournament-tested design. The side-mounted scoring display simplifies things but does not disappoint with its quick and easy operation. Moreover, the table also comes with an overhead unit for a little more price here.

While the cost is high-end, many buyers have claimed the heavy-duty parts and dependability makes up for it.


  • Durable against time and heavy use
  • Aluminum rails support fast drifts
  • High-speed airflow
  • Easy assembly and adjustable yet sturdy polyester legs


  • Very heavy and difficult to move
  • Expensive

buy From AmazonPUCK Ares 8’ Air Hockey Table

The cost-effective Ares air hockey table comes from an emerging manufacturer of game tables that values customer service and satisfaction. Made entirely of wood, the crisscross leg design helps it stay secure and stable during a competitive game. This attractive table is beginner/intermediate-friendly, meaning it would be the perfect fit for your game room, living room, arcade, and even a garage.

The wood base makes it durable and easy to carry or move around. The resin-finished white playfield helps you play smoothly, but the table has no additional rails to prevent the puck from flying off. The 240 V air-blower solves this by giving you great puck control.  However, the board mostly appeals to traditional players with its sole manual scoring option.

The side cabinet features an electronic control panel for sound settings, time limit, blower speed, and more. The purchase comes with additional high-quality products like a waterproof table cover, mallets and puck, and a velvet carrying bag to avoid losing them.


  • Lightweight enough to carry easily yet stable
  • High-speed airflow for easy control of the game
  • Also perfect for beginners
  • Scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean playfield
  • It comes with a complete set of accessories


  • Requires an hour or so for assembly and setup
  • Only manual scoring option

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ESPN Belham 96” Air Hockey Table with Overhead Electronic Scorer and Table Cover

Available in multi-color and black, the ESPN Belham air hockey table is a steal for its price. The size is perfect for tournament plays, while the optional colorful light and sound effects can give you the whole arcade feel.

Being made of wood, it is lightweight enough to be carried around, and the body has a separate storing cabinet for your accessories. You will have to assemble the steel bracket legs with the provided screws and bolts, which can be adjusted on uneven surfaces for sturdiness.

The overhead scoreboard must also be manually installed and is placed closer to the playfield to save space. However, some customers have complained about needing excessive plugs for the attached scoreboard and fan-motor, often cutting themselves on sharp corners. It does include light and sound features that help it remain a customer favorite.

The playfield displays embedded graphics with a centerline, professionally coated to allow tournament plays. Furthermore, the dimensions will enable you to form teams and play against each other. The table also comes with an authentic ESPN table cover and two pucks and pushers.


  • Very cheap for a table this size
  • Overhead does not take up much space
  • Steel legs ensure stability
  • Arcade-type light and sound effects add to the thrill of the game


  • Lacks proper blower for airflow
  • Multiple design fails

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Gold Standard Games Tournament Ice Air Hockey Table

Designed and created by champions, the Ice Tournament air hockey table is sold as a commercial home table. This free play model maintains the trusted quality of Gold Standard’s coin-operated tables with a blower that provides championship-level airflow and makes it among the top choices for tournaments.

The professional look will suit basement game rooms, looking best beside other game tables like snooker and table tennis. It also takes the lead in construction, which, when combined with its laminated playfield, can withstand heavy use and competitive players. This playfield is banked with high density but low-profile aluminum rails for maximum bounce, and the included Lexan pucks ensure tournament-level speed.

It saves time with player-friendly goals and an efficient puck-return system, but the traditional manual scoring system requires you to pause between games and might get frustrating.


  • Easy assembly with clear instructions
  • Durable
  • Aluminum side-rails provide maximum deflection
  • Problem-free simple operation


  • Some customers are unhappy with the time-consuming manual scoring.

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A Guide to Buying the Best 8’ Air Hockey Table

Do you like our featured options but don’t know which table to add to your cart? Our guide is here to save the day:

Decide on a Budget

Before diving into the world of a long-term investment like a full-size air hockey table, it is necessary to have a clear price limit in mind and how much you’re willing to go overboard. A budget will help you choose the manufacturer you can opt for, features you can afford, and how simple or advanced your table mechanisms can be.

Check the Airflow

The airflow of an air hockey table can make or break a deal. You cannot ‘make do’ without good airflow as it affects many aspects of your game, like speed, fairness, and smoothness of plays. If the air hockey table features any less than a high-speed blower (with a 220-240 V motor usually), you might want to look at others.

Know your Scales

With an 8-foot table, you almost always need to move things around and make some space when it arrives and if you’re planning to move it down or up the stairs, checking the weight is very important. This can let you know if the table can be moved easily without scuffing your floors and carpets and if you’ll need handymen to get the job done.

Trust the Reviews

Previous customers and their ever-helpful reviews are valuable resources when making a big purchase. These reviews and ratings can let you know about the manufacturer’s customer service, products that do not last long, design flaws, assembly difficulties, and warn you of frauds and false advertisements. It is best to let go of products with too many negative ratings as they can cause you trouble in the future.

Shoot Your Shot!

An 8’ air hockey table is a big commitment, both in terms of maintenance and years of operation. Thus, if you want to enjoy your full-sized table to the maximum, it is necessary to make careful shopping choices.

A good airflow, sturdy but lightweight build, and durable parts are what make an air hockey table outstand all others after long-time professional use. Currently, there are not many ‘perfect’ designs in the market for an 8-foot, but as time goes on, we can hope manufacturers begin to prioritize quality over the exterior.

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