AirZone Hockey Tables Guide

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AirZone North America is a new manufacturer in the world of recreational and outdoor gaming tables. Their AirZone Play range features all kinds of top-quality game tables, including air hockey, foosball, table tennis, and billiards.

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These not only promise fun and excitement for all ages for hours on end but also guarantee a modern and stylish addition to any game room, entertainment room, playroom, man cave, or family basement.

Our Top Picks

AirZone Premium Air Hockey Table with High-End Blower84 x 48 x 32 inches130 lbs3D Wood Finish, Angled Legs, Air-Powered Playfield, LED Scoring with Timer and Sound Effects, Powerful Blower
AirZone 4 Player Air Hockey Table72 x 38 x 40 inches93.7 lbsABS Corners, Leg Boards and Supporting Panels, Side-Mounted Manual Scoring, Adjustable Leg Levelers
48” AirZone Air Hockey Table with LED Scoring48 x 24 x 30 inches37 lbsMDF Construction, Space-Saving Build, Suited for Up to 4 Players, Automatic LED and Slide Scoring Systems
AirZone Play 40” Table Top Air Hockey Table40 x 20 x 8 inches14 lbsStorage Friendly, Stainless Steel Build, High-Gloss Playing Surface, UL-Approved 110 V Blower, Includes 2 Pushers and Pucks

AirZone Premium Air Hockey Table with High-End Blower

This full-sized Premium air hockey table stays true to its name with its 3D effect wood finish and sturdy angled legs.

It is suitable for beginners looking to practice their reflexes on its high-gloss playing surface, as well as for adults looking for a competitive match, made thrilling with its powerful blower.

The automatic LED scorer is accompanied by a timer and sound effects to conveniently keep track of goals in a fast-paced, action-filled match. Consumers have repeatedly praised the reliability of the table but have mentioned that the fan motor has to be reassembled for better airflow.


  • Minimal assembly, which requires less than an hour
  • Sturdy construction, wood finish, and angled legs ensure durability
  • High-gloss playfield powered by a high-end motor allows smooth, fast-paced matches
  • Electronic LED scorer is easy to read and includes a timer and sound effects which add thrill to the game
  • Affordable than most full-sized tables in the market


  • The fan may have to be reinstalled or adjusted if air pressure is low

AirZone 4 Player Air Hockey Table

The 72” AirZone air hockey table is a great addition to any man cave or family game room. With its angled legs, leg boards, and connecting panels, the table provides complete stability for the most competitive of teams.

The standard dimensions are accompanied by a smooth playfield as well as rounded corners for fast-paced, action-filled matches. To keep up with power plays and for added balance, the leg levelers can also be adjusted to ensure the gaming experience is not ruined by an uneven table.

Players with a more traditional approach to the thrilling game will also appreciate the manual score-keepers mounted on each side of the table.


  • Sturdy build to accommodate two to four players in a thrilling match
  • Rounded corners with ABS construction provide maximum bounce and deflection
  • Manual score-keepers conveniently placed close to each player’s side
  • Leg levelers can be adjusted to balance the table in any setting


  • The included strikers are prone to damage and may need replacing

48” AirZone Air Hockey Table with LED Scoring

The junior-sized air hockey table from AirZone comes layered with eye-catching graphics and is best suited for younger enthusiasts. The sturdy MDF construction is further solidified with support panels attached to the legs on either side of the table.

This allows it to easily accommodate fast-paced, four-player games on its air-powered playfield. It features a side-mounted electronic scoring system that just needs to be plugged in as well as manual scoring on top of each of the goals.

Consumers have claimed it to be a favorite among kids around the ages of 8-10 years and have also vouched for its sturdiness even when faced with the rowdiest players.


  • Easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions for setup
  • Dynamic and colorful graphics on the body as well as leg panels give an arcade-style look
  • Sturdy MDF-constructed support panels ensure the table remains balanced
  • Table dimensions, accessories as well as puck design are all suited for younger players
  • Dual score-keeping option to cater to various preferences


  • It cannot be enjoyed by the whole family as it is not suitable for adult players

AirZone Play 40” Table Top Air Hockey Table

This easy-to-store table top guarantees minimum assembly and setup and can be played with right out of the box. To bring thrill and excitement to these smaller dimensions, the playfield has rounded ABS corners that deflect the puck at high speeds.

The base is fitted with a powerful fan that powers the high-gloss playfield and is also slip-resistant for uninterrupted gaming in various settings. While the table top only features a manual scoring system, these slide scorers are conveniently placed on top of the goals to ensure players’ hand-eye coordination is not affected.


  • Eye-catching, integrated graphics for a more immersive and exciting gaming experience
  • The slip-resistant body can be used as a tabletop or for floor play
  • High-gloss playfield with rounded corners for fast-paced moves
  • Slide scorers placed on top of goals to efficiently keep track of goals


  • The included legs are not durable


AirZone air hockey tables provide variety and value consumer experience with their affordable, lightweight models. All kinds of players can be assured of finding a perfect fit for themselves with the available range of dimensions, graphics, colors, finishes, scoring systems, accessories, and unique features that these tables vary in.

Like most brands, some models need a few tweaks here and there, especially when it comes to the durability of the table’s base. However, AirZone tables should definitely be considered if you’re looking for a good quality table at a reasonable price.

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