Wooden Air Hockey Tables

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Wooden Air Hockey TableAn air hockey table at home can provide hours of entertainment if you make the right choice. However, at the end of the day, it is a conspicuous piece of furniture that you might want to complement your surroundings rather than seeming out of place.

For instance, a sleek, silver air hockey table can look awkward in an otherwise wooden interior of a room. For air hockey enthusiasts who prefer wood-polished, rustic-looking gaming tables, here are some of the better options available in the market.

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Our Top Picks

Hathaway Midtown 6’ Air Hockey Family Game Table97 pounds72 x 36 x 31 inchesElectronic Scoring System, Powerful Blower, Scratch-Resistant Surface, Leg Levelers, Cherry-Wood Tone, Two Strikers and Four Pucks Included
Playcraft Derby 6’ Air Hockey Table117 pounds72 x 36 x 31 inchesCherry Wood Grain, Alternate Black PVC Laminate Finish Available, MDF Material, Pedestal-Style Legs with Levelers, 110 V Fan, Electronic Scorer with Multiple Game Settings, 2 Strikers and 4 Pucks Available
Harvil 7-Foot Beachcomber Indoor Air Hockey Table189.54 pounds84 x 48 x 31 inchesL-Shaped Legs with Levelers, Dual 100V Blowers, 76” x 40” Playing Surface, Overhead Scoring Unit, 4 Pushers and 2 Pucks Included
American Heritage Monarch Air Hockey Table250 pounds86 x 50 x 10 inchesOverhead Electronic Scorers, 2 Additional Manual Scorers, 115VAC Acial AC Fan Blower, Chrome Accents, 4 Pushers and 4 Pucks Included

Hathaway Midtown 6′ Air Hockey Family Game Table

Among family-sized air hockey tables with a rustic look, the Hathaway Midtown 6’ Air Hockey Table stands out as an attractive choice, thanks to its charming cherry-wood exterior and a plethora of gaming features.

The construction is solid enough for a table of its price, although not as ideal as professional gaming tables. At six feet, it can fit into most living rooms, dens, or gaming rooms, but adults may not find it the best size for comfortable play.

The Midtown table features an adequately powered blower, approximately 1,950 air holes, a battery-operated electronic scoring system, independent leg levelers, and chrome-finished corners.

Two 3.75-inch strikers and four 3-inch pucks come as part of the package. The high-gloss playing field ensures smooth sliding of the puck.

While the construction is from certified environmentally safe MDF, the material of the table has mixed reviews with half the customers finding it cheaply made and not durable enough.

The Hathaway Midtown is indeed one of the better-rated wooden air hockey tables, but if you need something that’s very durable and large, you should steer clear.


  • Attractive wooden design
  • Electronic scoring system
  • Leg levelers for balanced play


  • Not built to last
  • Not the best size for adults

Playcraft Derby 6′ Air Hockey Table

playcraft derby
This 6-foot table by Playcraft is available in two forms – one with a cherry-wood finish, and the other with a black PVC laminate. The cherry-wood grain version is suitable for a rustic theme.

Made from eco-friendly MDF materials, the table can easily be assembled by two people. It comes partially assembled, so setting it up is not much of a hassle. The 110V blower has received mixed reviews, giving airflow that is strong enough for some while leaving room for improvement for others. While it usually offers fairly good gameplay, dead spots may arise at times and cause the pucks to get stuck midway during a game.

The electronic scorer is battery-operated and can be programmed to different modes. However, its attachment to the table is a bit weak, so there are complaints of it breaking off after some uses.

The quality of the table is not as good as a table of this price range ought to be. Some say that it does not seem durable or built to last.

Two 3.75” strikers and four 3” pucks come included in the package. This one is more suited for use by children due to the lack of sturdiness. It’s not the best choice for adults since the light pucks may fly off upon forceful impact.


  • Easy assembly
  • Eco-friendly MDF construction
  • Attractive cherry-wood exterior


  • The light pucks may fly off the table
  • Not sturdy

Harvil Beachcomber 7 Foot Indoor Air Hockey Table

The Harvil Beachcomber 7-foot Indoor Air Hockey Table is top-rated among wooden air hockey tables and has an impressive outlook.

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice about this table is the conspicuous overhead electronic scorer with sound effects for a gaming-arena type feel. The wooden finish adds to its charm, while other gaming features contribute to its appeal. The table has attractive top rails finished with wood grain finish, a trim bottom strip for additional durability, apron corners, and chrome-plated rails.

The table features dual 100V, CUL-certified blowers to ensure smooth floating of the puck at all times. It helps avoid dead spots that interrupt the game. L-shaped legs with levelers aid in balanced play even on uneven floor surfaces.

Assembly is not much complicated, being possible in under an hour. 2 95mm pushers and 4 75mm pucks come included as part of the package. These are quite light, and you may need to buy heavier ones if you face frequent problems with the pucks flying off the table.

Being a product of one of the top air hockey table manufacturers, the Harvil Beachcomber is a much-recommended choice. Its fair price, easy assembly, impressive exterior, and convenient gaming options will surely make you happy with your purchase.


  • Easy assembly
  • Attractive overhead electronic scorer with adjustable volume and sound effects
  • Attractive wooden design
  • Dual blowers for smooth gliding of the pucks
  • Good value for money


  • The included pucks are too light and may fly off the table. Purchase of good-quality pucks separately is recommended

American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table

The Monarch air hockey table by American Heritage is another one of the wooden categories that can offer decent gameplay.

Similar to Harvil’s Beachcomber, the Monarch by American Heritage also features an overhead arch for its electronic scoreboard. Additionally, it has two manual scoring systems as an alternate means of keeping track of the game.

The screen-printed starburst graphics and chrome accenting complement the overall look of this wooden air hockey table. It can easily be put together within an hour with two people working. Four pushers and four pucks come as part of the package.

The table features a competent blower which, while not being extraordinary, ensures a smooth game with rare or mild dead spots if any.

As far as amateur air hockey tables are concerned, this could be your best bet due to its fair price and durable features. While you can spend a few hundred dollars above its price to get a top-of-the-line air hockey table instead, the Monarch is good enough for its cost.


  • Attractive chrome accenting
  • Overhead electronic scoreboard along with dual manual scorers
  • A good fan motor that makes dead spots a rarity
  • Easy to put together


  • Heavyweight
  • The paddles and pucks are not good quality


Most wooden air hockey tables available in the market aren’t meant for competitive gameplay. While they can complement your home interior and may work fairly well for occasional gaming, the air hockey experience cannot match professional-level tables.

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