Harvil Beachcomber 7 Ft Air Hockey Table With Overhead Scorer Review

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Although there are an exploding number of air hockey tables out there, you can’t go wrong with Harvil Beachcomber 7 foot with Overhead Scorer.

This arcade-style air hockey table brings the excitement and competitive feel of the game played right at your home. Besides, Harvil range of air hockey tables are of great quality but remain affordable.

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This air hockey table will not only impress you with its stylish design and affordability, but also its unwavering quality. The table combines a powerful motor blower with a slick playing surface to deliver an interrupted lively play.

The electronic scoring ensures each goal that a player makes is recorded accurately. Apart from its spacious feel, it’s well constructed and quite easy to assemble.


Perhaps the biggest drawback of this hockey table is its bulkiness. You might not only find it hard to carry into your house or move it, but you’ll also need a bigger amount of space. Another complaint amongst users is the fact that the pucks are too light and tend to fly off the table during play.


  • Dimensions: 84  × 48  × 31  inches
  • Playing surface: 76  × 40  inches
  • Materials: Wood (top rails) and Polyresin (playing surface)
  • Price: $$$ (check here)
  • Weight: 189.54 pounds
  • Features: 2 powerful 100V motor blowers, L-shaped legs with leg levelers, 4 pucks and 2 paddles, Electronic scorer, Chrome-plated apron corners
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty on parts
  • Manufactured by: Harvil ( a Dazadi owned brand)

Where to Buy

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Stability and Durability

If you are looking for a good compromise between stability, durability and affordability, the Harvil Beachcomber 7Ft Air Hockey Table With Overhead Scorer can provide exactly that. One of the most infuriating inconveniences is a table that wobbles up and down with a few pushes.

Luckily for you, this table is equipped with sturdy L-shaped legs with reinforced leg levelers to ensure stability on an uneven floor and even during intense gameplay. The trim strip fitted at the bottom helps to prevent normal tear and wear, thus extending the table’s lifespan.

What’s more, its fiber wood construction is quite dense, which helps keep the table stationary during play. The table top is smoothly finished with cool graphics to add fun to the game and also to make every game look and feel more real.

Even though pucks need to be light enough for speed and agility, these pucks are however considered relatively insubstantial. This makes the puck fly off the table more than it should, which can be annoying.


It’s hard not to like a well-designed air hockey table with a surface that resembles a real hockey rink, no matter what kind of player or gamer you consider yourself to be. This table will keep you well entertained as it has an overhead electronic scoring unit which makes it easy to keep track of the action.

Another feature that enhances the gaming experience is the two motorized blowers. The two 100V powerful blowers do a terrific job of keeping a consistent puck action even in the longest of games. It also ensures a smooth, fast-paced gameplay to keep things more interesting.


The Harvil Beachcomber keeps the stylish wood design and adds on impressive screen graphics without compromising on the overall design and quality. The chrome-plated apron corners add some design flair to the table.

In addition, its beach-inspired design not only enhances the natural beauty of your game room, but also brings that re-energized feeling into the game.

The package comes with free 4 pucks and 2 paddles for use on the table which is pretty commendable. And they’re just the right size to enhance your gaming experience.

Who’s It For?

Air hockey aficionados or anyone who’s played on an arcade before will find the Harvil Beachcomber 7Ft air hockey table hard to resist. It brings all the joy and fun of an arcade into the comfort of your home.

However, you’ll need to find space in your home that can accommodate this 7ft air hockey table.

Considering its size and strong air mechanism, it’s great for children and adults alike.


If your priority is finding an air hockey table that will feel your game room with endless fun and excitement without breaking the bank, consider investing in the Harvil Beachcomber 7Ft. It’s not only stylish but also designed to withstand rigorous use.

However, if you are looking for versatility, you’ll not find it in this air hockey table. It only lets you play air hockey unlike other tables with tops that tilt or swivel to accommodate more games like ping pong and cards. But, you might need to dig deeper into your pockets for those kinds of air hockey tables.

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