EastPoint Sports Evolution Hover Air Hockey Table Review

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  • Scratch-resistant and air-powered playing surface
  • Quality table for its price point
  • Well-constructed and built
  • Comes with large leg levelers
  • Automatic scoring with sound effects
  • Easy to assemble


  • Legs have sharp corners that may cause injuries
  • Pushers and pucks could be of better quality so you might wanna replace them after some time
  • Requires a bigger amount of space, preferably 12 x 8 feet


  • Dimensions: 80 x 32 inches
  • Shipping weight: 129 pounds
  • Features: smooth, scratch-resistant playing surface, automatic scoring, powerful air power
  • Materials: MDF with GlazeTek surface coating
  • Price: $$$ (check here)
  • Board Thickness: 1 inch
  • Manufactured by: Eastpoint Sports

Where to Buy

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Made of wood and with a scratch-resistant GlazeTek finish on the playing field, the EastPoint Sports Evolution Hover Air Hockey Table is built to last. A bit on the heavy side, it can withstand aggressive gameplay as well.

But one of the reasons that it will remain stable and upright is that boards are installed between the legs. Players can rock it all they want and it will stay in place.

Considering how competitive some players are, a stable and sturdy air hockey table is definitely a great addition to the game room. The last thing you want is something that will topple over with a few pushes and shoves.

One-inch rails are also added to the playing surface for reinforcement. They are then covered with GlazeTek compound coating to make them resistant to wear and tear.

The puck is a bit flimsy, however. But it also makes it lightweight and easier to move around the table.

The table requires plenty of room, which would disappoint some people with only a feet of space to spare. But if you happen to have ample room to accommodate the air hockey table, you should get it for your own fun and entertainment.


Although the EastPoint Sports Evolution Hover Air Hockey Table is a few inches less to be considered a full-size table, it does have an arcade-like appeal, with its in-rail LED scoring.

It comes with sound effects that automatically light up and track the action going on on the playing surface, which is something you can’t say for other hockey tables in the market. Starting a tournament would definitely feel realistic and professional.

You would feel like you are playing or watching an NHL game once the sound effects start. This is definitely one way to keep the excitement up.

The playing field is also made to resemble an actual field for ice hockey, which would reinforce a realistic feel.

Scoring system is automatic, so no need to divide your attention between the game and keeping track of the score. Just wait for the LED to light to indicate which team scored.

The air that drives the puck is a centrifugal blower that is molded with plenum box. This ensures improved distribution of air, which is vital to a high-quality gameplay.

Shipped with 2 pushers and 2 pucks, this air hockey table is designed for single and double tournaments. It definitely has the size to accommodate up to four players.

Speaking of size, the table has the right dimensions to play table tennis as well. The transformation will not be that hard either. Simply place the table top, install the net and the air hockey table becomes a table for ping-pong.


With the way the EastPoint Sports Evolution Hover Air Hockey Table has been designed, smooth and durable are the attributes the manufacturer was going for. The table certainly has that look even when viewed from afar.

Touch the playing surface and you will see just how smooth and flawless it feels. The combination of a dominant black with white stripes easily catches the eye. While the streaks of red on the table top helps break the monochrome color palette.

Overall, the table has an elegant and professional aesthetics, making it right at home in a game room or an arcade.

The white stripes on the legs, on the other hand, may have dual purposes – aesthetics and function, providing a warning to players that they should stay away from the sharp ends of the table’s legs.

Who’s It For?

The EastPoint Sports Evolution Hover Air Hockey Table is made with the entire family and your friends in mind. Professionals might not have an appreciation for it, but beginners to advanced players will.

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