Great American 8′ Power Air Hockey Table

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This 8 Foot Power Air Hockey Table is manufactured by the Great American Company that has been manufacturing recreational equipment for 37 years.

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Over the decades, great American has gained a reputation for putting their customers’ needs first; from their designs to their manufacturing process, Great American has always been on an unabated quest to satisfy their clientele, which has resulted in the production of top-of-the-line gaming tables that ensure decades of reliable service.
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The company’s dedication to perfection has distinguished them not only as market leaders, but innovation leaders as well.

The Great American 8 Foot Power Air Hockey Table is an affordable air hockey table that offers excellent arcade action wherever you are.

The table has a standard-sized puck, a sturdy cabinet, and a powerful motor that allows you the same intensity you would find on an arcade air hockey table.

The table’s Formica surface also makes the puck super-responsive for every bank shot, slap shot, and deflection, for the ultimate air hockey experience.

Note, also, there is a version of the Great American 8 Foot Power Air Hockey Table with optional scoring; with that version, you can choose between Manual Scoring, Side-mount Electronic Scoring, or Overhead Electronic Scoring.


The 8 Foot Power Air Hockey Table has a very durable and stable frame as well as adjustable ABS-injected legs for extra stability. The table also has a highly reflective playing surface that is complemented by LED lighting rails for ideal nighttime play.

Additionally, unlike most air hockey tables, the edges of the table have customized aluminum rails that prevent the puck from flying off the table.


On the other hand, this air hockey table tends to be quite heavy and bulky which makes it hard to move around. This particular version also doesn’t have an overhead scorer and due to the sheer size of the table, it isn’t ideal for young kids.

The 8 Foot Power Air Hockey Table is also considerably expensive despite the fact that it is one of the most affordable tournament-caliber foosball tables in the market.


  • Dimensions: 99”L x 54.5”W x 32”H
  • Weight: 475 lbs.
  • Materials: 3/4-inch plywood cabinet frame/Formica playfield/ABS Plastic Injection Molding (legs).
  • Features: This 8 Foot Power Air Hockey Table features a bright side electronic scoring system and wide goals for super speed action. The table also includes all-round aluminum rails that prevent the puck from flying off the table. The internal puck drop system comes with a hinged panel that allows players easy access without having to use tools. There is also a hinged door at the bottom of the frame for safe storage and shipment of legs for whenever you want to relocate your table. Further, this top-tier table features an industrial-rated blower which allows for superior speed and performance in comparison other air hockey tables in the market.
  • Price: $$$$$ (check here)
  • Warranty: Contact Manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer: Great American (Recreation Equipment).

Where to Buy

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Stability and Durability

The Great American 8 Foot Power Air Hockey table just doesn’t appear stable; this is, in fact, a very sturdy table with a weight of over 400 pounds. The entirety of the cabinet is made of 3/4-inch thick plywood and the legs are ABS-injected legs for extra stability.

With this level of firmness, even in a heated match when people start running around the table, the table will barely buckle.

The playing surface has a Formica finish, which not only allows for a smooth playing ground but also makes the table resistant to wear and tear, even after years of constant use.

Additionally, the table’s cabinet has a compartment for safe storage of the legs whenever you are moving the table, further minimizing the risk of damage during transit.


The 8 Foot Power Air Hockey Table provides you with an authentic arcade experience numbers. This air hockey table features wide goals that allow for high-speed action.

The table features an industrial-rated blower that provides for much higher speed and performance during gameplay in comparison to most air hickey tables out there.

This is complemented by the perimeter aluminum rails that prevent the pucks from flying off the table in the heat of an intense match.

The ABS-injected legs are also adjustable, allowing players to adjust the whole system to a level that they are most comfortable.


This air hockey table features a bright, side electronic scoring system with large digital numbers as well as LED lighting rails that are particularly prominent at night.

The table also has a black-light surface that lights up beautifully in dark environments, enhancing your whole gaming experience.

This dramatic finish is particularly notable on the goalie box, the center-line, and on other artistic inclusions on the smooth Formica finish.

Additionally, the 3/4-inch cabinet also comes in custom colors and designs if you would prefer something a little different from the standard blue and black.

Who’s It For?

At 8-feet, any experienced air hockey player will tell you that this is an arcade-style table; the standard size used in tournaments for a full-on gaming experience.

This caliber of table tends to be quite expensive, which makes the Great American Power Air Hockey Table one of the most affordable arcade-quality tables in the market.

The powerful motor provides for the kind of fast, intense, and rough games experienced at professional contests, which makes this table better suited for experienced and professional players.

But don’t let this discourage you if you are a beginner, you can always take it slow, learn the ropes, and become a professional in time, right?


Air hockey is an extremely fun and engaging game that provides the perfect mix of social engagement and competition.

Air hockey tables come in numerous sizes and designs to accommodate multiple skill levels. The Great American Power Air Hockey Table offers you an arcade-style experience and fast-paced tournament-like gameplay.

It is important to point out that this particular model may not be suited for young children; it may be a little too challenging for them.

However, if you are an experienced player or you simply feel confident that you are up for the challenge, then this may be the table for you.

Its durable design will allow you to play for extended periods of time for years to come without so much as a squeak. Happy Gaming!!

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