HLC 5ft Air Hockey Table Review

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Every air hockey table we have reviewed so far on this website has been designed to be set up once and left in place. This is great if you have a lot of space available, but let’s be honest, most of us do not. We want something that can be folded up. That is where the HLC 5ft Air Hockey Table comes into play.

hlc table

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Who is this table for?

Right away, we can tell you that if you want something solidly constructed, look elsewhere. You aren’t going to get a table with foldable legs built as well as the solid units. That just can’t happen due to their construction. However, if you do not have a lot of space in your home and you do need something that folds, then the HLC 5ft Air Hockey table is going to be perfect for you.

It is worth noting that this table is small. Most of the other tables, bar the ones for children, have been 7ft in length. While we are sure that adults will be able to play on this table with ease, they probably would not want it to be a regular playing experience. This table is fine if you just want something for your children to play on from time to time.

How well does it play?

hlc table

available on Amazon

The reviews that we have read indicate that the blower on this table is not the most powerful in the world. Many people have boosted their playing experience with this air hockey table by replacing the blower.

This could probably work, but try not to worry too much about doing that unless you need a high performance table that still folds up. Most normal players should get a decent performance from this air hockey table.

One of the main problems with a table like this is the fact that they have been designed to be lightweight. This means you are going to be knocking it around a lot, which can disrupt play.

However, we can’t really think of a way in which you can get around something like this. The table needs to be transportable, so we can’t really hold it against HLC.

The only real downside with the unit is the fact that it is small. The hammers will feel small in your hands. If you are buying this for a child, and we suggest you do, then you should be fine.

The hammers and pucks will work for them. However, we can expect that most adults will find that they are uncomfortable to hold. You can upgrade them, but then you feel like they are too big for the table! You can’t upgrade the pucks, however. This is because they will not fit in the puck catchers at the end of the table.

Quality of the Build

For a foldable table, the HLC is pretty well-built. It is not going to be as solid as a stationary table, and I am sure you understand that, but for a table you can pick up and put away, there are no real issues.

You also have to bear in mind that the price of this table is 50{d6fd746248e25eb1c22f716f6ca952be5953ab5919f1ca1ad068b85400cfe953} of the price of many other tables on the market, so you do need to factor that in when it comes to determining value for money. We certainly think it delivers value for money, anyway.


If you need a table you can fold away, you aren’t going to get much better than the HLC 5ft Air Hockey Table. Trust us on that one. We have tried out many of them. However, if you are fine with a table that can remain firmly rooted in place, then there are better options on the market than this one.

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