Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7 Air Hockey Table Review

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  • Sturdy structure
  • Comes with an electronic scoreboard
  • Adjustable volume response
  • Comes with colorful graphic
  • An inclusive timer to control game length
  • LED lights aid in the use of the table even in the dark


  • pads are paddles are not of the highest quality
  • Takes a lot of space


  • Dimensions: 84″ L x 42″ W x 30-1/2″ H; shipping weight: 164 pounds
  • Weight: 139 lbs
  • Material: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) (Frame)
  • Surface Material: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
  • Features: airflow of 80 cubic feet per minute, LED electronic scorer, dual end puck returns
  • Manufacturer: Great Lake Darts (GLD)

Where to Buy

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Everything you need for an air hockey table

First off, Fat Cat Storm 7 Air Hockey table is easy to assemble and features a steady airflow of 80 cubic feet per minute to keep the game in the flow. It also showcases dual end puck returns to keep the game steady, exciting, and fun.

However, some customers are complaining that the pucks are not heavy enough, causing these to fly off the hockey table.

Although the table requires 2 or more people to move it, its weight actually contributes to its stability and durability. The Fat Cat Storm 7 table is 139 lbs. heavy which seems to be a disadvantage when it comes to moving it from one place to another.

But once it is settled, it can be relied on even during an intense game or when too much force is applied as the table won’t crash down.

Another thing that I love about this air hockey table is the smooth, white playing surface which makes playing sleek and easy. Playing air hockey at home with family and friends is made more convenient with its polished and efficient design.

A Fat Cat Storm 7 Air Hockey table can be a great addition to your homes without hurting the existing aesthetics of your interior design. Its eye-catching design will complement any room in the house where you would like this table to be settled.

Its inclusive timer keeps track of game durations especially if other players want to get the feel of the smooth and nice game with family and friends. This electronic timer can also be set to an unlimited period until you decide to end the game.

The feature allows players to accurately monitor games efficiently and seamlessly. And with the electronic timer’s sounds, it will certainly add to the excitement of the game.


Fat Cat Storm 7 Air Hockey table comes with leg levelers to ensure that the table remains sturdy even during intense games. The levelers add to the sturdiness of the base, enough for the table not to wobble or shake. You can experience and play great hockey at home without the worries of the table crashing down.

Most customers complain that the Fat Cat Storm 7 air hockey table is heavy, but the majority of them also love the fact that the table can be easily put together.

Once you have decided which spot of the house you’d like to have the table set-up, its heavy weight can be an advantage when you and the rest of the players will be playing with too much force.

But some users find it disappointing receiving their air hockey tables with a broken frame and some noticed hairline cracks developed after moving the table to a different corner.

Although this is a bad review for the brand’s sturdiness claim, you can always get in touch with your supplier to have it replaced promptly.

buy From Amazon


Fat Cat Storm 7 air hockey table is intended for leisurely and intense gameplays. The 110V fast motor supplies steady and powerful airflow for extreme and fast-paced games.  Also, its Medium Density Fiberboard PVC material provides a smooth surface for an uninterrupted game at home or indoor.

But some users find the pucks and paddles are not of the same quality as the table; pucks not heavy enough causing these to fly out of the playfield. But these drawbacks can be improved.

The LED scoring allows you to play without having to worry about remembering your score. It automatically displays the players’ scores through its LED monitor located at the side of the center rink. Plus, you and your opponent can easily keep track of how much time is left in the game through its inclusive timer.

It also comes with entertaining music and lights for the players’ additional amusement.

You can also use Storm’s manual abacus scoring to adjust games beyond the score limit. The 3 buttons on the left side of the scorer work to start, pause, or reset the game, the middle button is to control the sound and power, while the last button’s functions is to control game time.

How to Assamble the Fat Cat Storm MMXI Table

Watch the video below carefully to learn how to assamble this Fat Cat Storm table.


Overall, Fat Cat Storm 7 air hockey table can be a great addition to your household if you are looking for an engaging and fun activity with friends and family. This air hockey table can be a great diversion and source of entertainment if you want to stay away from gadgets and detoxify from social media.

Grab this product now for around $$ (check price here). For this price, you get to enjoy fun-packed entertainment which can last for about 10 years.

Fat Cat Storm 7 Air Hockey Table Review
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