PlayCraft Derby 6’ Air Hockey Table Review

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The PlayCraft Derby 6’ Air Hockey Table has been devised to offer fun, family entertainment at an affordable price. The sleek look of the table ensures it is the focal point of your game room. So, how does the table stack up, particularly at such a low price? Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

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Who is this table for?

This table is for beginner air hockey players. It does not offer the smoothest and fastest action across the playing surface, but it is great for those who are just getting started with the game. We can’t see it delivering any real value for competitive players, as it is different to competitive tables. The blowers are not as powerful and the action is not as smooth.

At six feet in length, you will need to have a decent amount of space available for this table. We feel as though the look of the table, available in either a Cherry Wood Grain or standard Black Finish, would be perfect for those who want the air hockey table to form the centerpiece of a room. It does look great and would be an ideal piece of furniture in a game room.

How well does it play?

]If you are looking for a table that matches the quality pro tables boast, then look elsewhere. This table is not for you. It is for people who just want a quick game of air hockey from time to time. The way in which the table plays shows that.

The motor inside it is powerful, although not powerful enough to ensure that the puck just slides across the table. It has a bit of a glide, but that is it. That being said, we were able to get some fast-paced games out of it. The sides of the table offer a reasonable amount of rebound and the playing surface holds up game after game.

Quality of the Build

For such a low price, the build quality on the PlayCraft Derby 6’ Air Hockey table is surprisingly good. Once you have fiddled about with putting it together, the table is robust and you would be hard-pressed to budge it, even during the most intense of playing sessions. The top of the table is a PVC laminate. While it is a cheaper type of laminate, it does provide a smooth action.

It is said that the playfield is scratch resistant and we can certainly imagine this table lasting years upon years without any real issues. The air fan motor (there is only one motor on this table) will keep things chugging along nicely and we never once saw the fan motor stutter, as we have with many other cheaper tables on the market.

The only real let down is that it may be a touch complicated to put together for some people. I have seen more than one review where a person has complained they did not have everything they needed to put the table together in the box.

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This means they had to buy some new bolts. It is likely that this is down to a production issue rather than the team at PlayCraft not wanting to supply the bolts and nuts, but it is always worth ensuring that you do not buy the table the day you need it. You never know what extra parts you will need!


If you are after an air hockey table that falls on the cheaper side of things but you do not wish to sacrifice quality too much, then the PlayCraft Derby 6’ Air Hockey table may be a safe bet. Yes, it has a few shortcomings. It is not a professional table; that is to be expected. However, it does deliver value for money, and for that reason we have few complaints.

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