American Legend 84” Kirkwood Air Powered Hockey Table Review

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From the brand that has stood the test of time comes the best-selling Kirkwood 84” air-powered hockey table, which claims to do the same. The wood finish, while steadying the table during power-plays, brings a modern touch to the classic design.

However, one shouldn’t let the unique look and stylish exterior deceive them because this table packs in just as many distinguishable features which are credited for the authentic arcade-style play it offers, such as:

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Dimensions and Finish

This modern, balanced construction does not only endure hours of action-packed matches but is also a perfect fit for all settings, including basements, break rooms, recreation centers, family game rooms, and man-caves.

Its extensive profile (with dimensions of 84 x 48 x 32 inches) provides room for practicing trick shots as well as exercising defensive techniques.

Furthermore, when coupled with the rustic wood finish and unique K-shaped legs, the table offers an arcade feel no matter where you are.

110 V Blower Motor

A good game of air hockey becomes competitive, enjoyable, exciting, and memorable with steady, high-speed airflow. This is not a problem for the 110V, 60 Hz motor, which sets the right mood for fast-paced games and allows the puck and striker both to glide swiftly across the playfield.

Customers are fairly satisfied with the air pressure, which also prevents any interruptions in gameplay due to a slower puck. Still, they complain that the blower does have to be turned on separately each time while setting up.

Inlay Electronic Scoring

Removing the need for a space-consuming overhead unit, the built-in digital scoreboard keeps track of all the action and can be customized with the help of the control panel. Lucky for players, the fun doesn’t end there!

The scoring unit also features pre-programmed sound effects that help you keep track of goals with your eyes on the game while also keeping you anticipated for the next move. Some users have mentioned that the 4 AA batteries required for these electronics are a hassle and would prefer a plug-in system.

Multiple Gaming Modes

To ramp up the pressure even more, this two-player table allows users to compete in more than just the traditional free-play game. The timed mode is the most fast-paced and is for players looking for a short game with higher stakes within the time limit.

Time limits that the players can choose to set for the game are 3, 5, 7, and 10 minutes. The “Tug-of-War” mode, a favorite among all ages, moves the LEDs closer to the scoring player at each goal, and the first person to reach 11 goals wins.


  • The rustic look fits well with various kinds of furniture, making it a great addition to all indoor settings.
  • Assembly is relatively simple and does not require more than the included bolts and about 15-20 minutes of your time.
  • The solid build is not only superior to MDF but also durable even after years of use
  • The digital scoreboard is quick to catch up with the multiple gaming modes(timed, tug-o-war, free play) available and also paired with suitable exciting sound effects
  • The blower motor provides even and high-speed airflow for a fast-paced game
  • The table comes with all the accessories needed for an exciting air hockey match, reducing the time required for set-up.


  • The table is on the higher end of the range of available air hockey tables
  • The legs aren’t adjustable, and the lack of a foldable feature along with the dimensions may result in storage problems
  • Included pucks are lightweight and flip or fly off when struck too hard

About American Legend

American Legend is a brand of DMI Sports (established in California in 1976), which has slowly gained a loyal fan base over the years owing to their tables’ unmatched quality and outstanding gameplay. With a growing client base, they have expanded to a greater range of products, now offering indoor and outdoor tables.

Be it foosball, shuffleboard, air hockey, billiard, conversion tops, or multi-game tables, American Legend promises a sturdy build and appealing graphics suited for every player, enthusiast, and customer’s need. Other than the traditional models, their Goal Flex line features an exciting, modern twist on classic games.


This Kirkwood’s 84’’ playfield and distinctive build leave consumers satisfied with their choice despite its flaws. While most consumers have opted to replace the pucks, add LEDs for under-glow, or even try to eliminate battery usage, it remains well sought after.

The brand can hopefully take notes from this and make the game even more accessible and enjoyable from the comfort of their homes.

If you are an air-hockey enthusiast looking for a wooden table with user-friendly features and powerful gameplay, this one by American Legend is one of the best on the market.

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American Legend 84” Kirkwood Air Powered Hockey Table Review
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