8 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

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Sometimes it pays to take a break from gluing your eyes to a screen and enjoy an outdoor game. One such good option to consider is ping pong.

But to enjoy the game, you need to have the best outdoor ping pong table. That is a sturdy table that braves outdoor weather, produces a consistent bounce, and looks stylish too.

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So if you are looking forward to having such a great time playing outdoor table tennis as a family, with friends, or even practicing alone, here are some reliable tables to consider:

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables: Comparison Chart

Playing Surface
JOOLA NOVA - Outdoor Table Tennis
Aluminum plastic composite,
plus steel undercarriage
188lbs9ft x 5ft
Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table –
XTR and XTR Pro Indoor/Outdoor Table

Aluminum composite185lbs63L x 57W
Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Synthetic laminate150lbs9ft x 5ft
Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table
Aluminum composite148lbs9ft x 5ft
GamePoint Tables Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Aluminum composite141.1lbs9ft x 5ft
Kettler Eden Weatherproof Outdoor Table Tennis Table
Melamine280lbs9ft x 5ft
PRO SPIN Mid-Size Ping Pong Table
Aluminum34lbs71" x 41"
GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set
6 ft long x 3ft wide


JOOLA NOVA – Outdoor Table Tennis

From its top playing surface, the JOOLA NOVA presents a 6mm thick aluminum-plastic composite material, that doesn’t warp or chip. Furthermore, it features a 30 x 30mm steel undercarriage that doesn’t rust.

When assembled it measures 108″ L x 60″ W x 30″ H and weighs 188lbs, thus boasts the tournament-grade table. It exists as two separate halves. And each has sturdy 3 inch rolling caster wheels that can lock to boost its stability. Besides, it also gives adjustable leg levelers to cater to uneven surfaces.

Therefore, you can fold it to practice alone or use the two halves independently. Besides the table, the package also provides two posts and a simple-to-assemble weatherproof net. The net also features a reliable tensioning system and classic screws.

When transporting the ping pong table, its foldable design makes it effortless. And to reduce the chances of it slipping it has an automatic anti-tilt locking provision. The lock feature makes it child safe during storage too.


  • Fits both outdoor and indoor use
  • Gives consistency in bounce
  • Requires nil maintenance
  • Very stable


  • Leveling the two halves on an uneven surface is demanding


Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table – XTR and XTR Pro Indoor/Outdoor Table

When you need the ping pong table that can withstand the outdoor weather and supports you to enjoy a thrilling play, then the Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table makes a run for your money.

One of its top features is the robust body that employs a sturdy aluminum frame and aluminum composite top. Accordingly, it promises long life and good playability. When you take it out of the package, it presents 95% complete assembly.

Therefore to finish off putting it together, it requires about 10 minutes only of your time. The indoor/outdoor Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table measures 63L x 57W x 4H inches and weighs about 185lbs. It, therefore, forms a valuable addition to your backyard assets.

After finishing your game, it folds to assume a compact shape that takes up limited space. On the other hand, the rolling wheels make it painless to tow away.

Owing to its all-weather ability, it makes the right ping pong table to use in the porch, backyard, or garage.


  • Robust design
  • Easy to tow to storage
  • Has leg levelers
  • Suits both indoor and outdoor play


  • The painted top surface produces a disturbing glaring effect in the sun


Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Some ping pong tables promise great outdoor performance only to warp after a short while. For that reason, the Butterfly Playback Rollaway uses a superior edge banding technique to prolong its lifespan.

At the top surface, it has a synthetic laminate of a standard size of 9 x 5 feet. Therefore, it’s sturdy enough to withstand the abuse of daily play. No wonder the company provides a 10-year warranty for the ping pong table top.

By using 2 piece tabletop design, Butterfly Playback Rollaway allows you to play by yourself, against another player, and easy to store also. The braced legs also boost the table’s sturdiness.

Its 4 rotating wheels and safety leg levelers on each half of the table, makes it easy to set up on the uneven surface. You can thus lock the table firmly and make it more stable. Although it fits outdoor use, it also doubles up as a great indoor table tennis table.

Apart from the table, the set also gives you a weather-resistant net. It’s easy to spread out and you don’t have to uninstall it even when folding the table.


  • Supported by 10-year tabletop and 3-year frame warranty
  • Foldable and easy to move
  • Features the regulation size
  • Complete with accessory holder for 4 paddles and 8 balls
  • Extra sturdy; braced legs


  • The fairly demanding assembly process


Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table

The Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm gives you the international table tennis federation size of 9feet x 5feet. Its aluminum-plastic composite top gives it complete weatherproofing. So you won’t have to worry about it warping.

Putting it together before a play is straightforward and consumes approximately 15 minutes only. You can use the Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm as a single player during training or two persons. Its foldable design further helps to cut down its storage space requirement.

While in the folded state the safety lock mechanism guards against the table slipping and causing an accident. Although it weighs 148lbs, it has sturdy75mm wheels that aid its maneuverability. When setting it up on an uneven surface, the individually adjustable legs prove helpful.

On either end of the table, it gives you convenient storage space for 2 paddles and 8 ping pong balls. Therefore, it helps to keep the laying accessories close by. The set also includes posts and a bright weatherproof net.


  • Sleek look
  • Complete with balls, net, and paddles
  • Weatherproof top
  • Easy to move on the rotating wheel


  • Table cover sold separately


GamePoint Tables Outdoor Ping Pong Table – Weatherproof, Foldable

GamePoint Table picks on a 6mm thick aluminum composite material and mounts it on a 30mm by 30mm powder-coated steel undercarriage on each half of the table. The result is a table that is 141.lbs heavy, stable, and rustproof.

Besides the superior stability, it withstands all weather elements; sun, dust, and warping. It also allows you the benefit of playing on a standardized table of 9feet long and 5 feet wide.

The outdoor table tennis table not only looks striking but feels sturdy since it features a steel frame. Though it’s relatively heavy, it has 3-inch castor wheels, and thus moving the 141.1lbs weight from one point to the other is effortless.

It’s only a stable table that gives a fair and enjoyable play. For that reason, GamePoint offers lockable wheels, leg levelers, and double anti-tilting protection.
When you can’t find an opponent to play, you can effortlessly convert it to a playback mode and still enjoy the practice. You only require about 10 minutes to finish off the 90% complete assembly process.


  • Dust and warp proof top
  • 90 percent pre-assembled
  • Sturdy frame
  • Supports playback mode
  • Foldable top


  • The package doesn’t include a paddle

Kettler Eden Weatherproof Stationery Outdoor Table Tennis Table

If you are tired of tables that warp and move as you play ping pong then Kettler Eden offers a solution. First, it thrives on a melamine playing surface that tolerates any climate and provides consistent ping pong ball bounce.

Even its alloy steel frame looks promising in terms of durability. On the other hand, a 2 inch galvanized steel apron then finishes off the table edge treatment. The ping pong table stands 108L x 60W x 30Hinches.

Its overall weight stands at 280lbs. The rectangular 4 inches galvanized stainless steel legs of chrome powder coating feels sturdy to bear the heavyweight without buckling.

Following its robust construction, the Kettler Eden Weatherproof Stationary outdoor ping pong table makes the ideal choice for schools, camps, and parks.

The table looks so promising sturdiness that the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty for the top and a 3-year warranty for the frame. Hence, you can invest in it without having a second thought.

Even the permanent net and galvanized steel post stand out in quality. And to harmonize its look, its frame and posts have chrome powder finish coat and therefore attention arresting.


  • Solid melamine top
  • Sturdy stainless steel legs
  • Durable galvanized steel posts
  • 10-year table top warranty


  • Heavy and stationary

PRO SPIN Mid-Size Ping Pong Table Foldable & 100% Pre-Assembled

The key feature that distinguishes the PRO SPIN Ping Pong Table its ability to fold and store in ultra-tight spaces like under the bed. If you wish to play table tennis in tight places, backyard, or pouch, the PRO SPIN Ping Pong Table is the way to go.

Unlike the full-size recommended size that competes for more space, it boasts a medium size of 71″ x 41″ x 30″. Surprisingly it folds into a slim compact size of 36″ x 41″ x 3.6″. Its legs and top both folds.

The indoor/outdoor ping pong table boasts an aluminum body and therefore feels 34lbs light. If you fear the assembly process, the PRO SPIN Mid-Size table comes assembled completely thus a relief. All you have to do is unfold it and you are set up to play.

As part of the package, it gives you 2 pairs of paddles and 8 balls. The 15mmm thick aluminum top makes it water and warp-resistant thus fitting outdoor use. And to crown its quality, the manufacturer provides a one year warranty for the product.


  • Light and easy to carry by one person
  • No metal frame to register unpredictable ball bounce
  • Foldable and takes less space
  • Legs have levelers


  • Doesn’t fold to suit the lone player

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set – Indoor/Outdoor Portable Table Tennis

The GoSports has a design that makes it suitable as both an outdoor and indoor ping pong table. Its playing surface features a mid-size of 6 feet in length and 3 feet in width. Such size makes it large enough to host competitive play.

Its compact size suits it as the ideal indoor/outdoor table tennis table for offices or small rooms. When you look at the frame, it boasts heavy-duty aluminum material. So it injects a smooth playing surface that gives consistent play.

When you need to practice alone, the table folds into a playback position. Otherwise, it collapses fully and thus takes up minimum storage space. Transporting it is trouble-free, considering it’s light and has a convenient handle.
GoSports mid-size table tennis play set gives you all the accessories you need including 2 paddles, 4 ping pong balls, and a durable net.

Assembling the table takes only seconds and doesn’t require any tool. Besides it also gives you convenient places to store the balls and paddles.


  • Simple to set up in seconds without tools
  • Complete with a pouch for storing paddles and ball
  • Portable; foldable into a slim size
  • It supports solo playback position


  • Unpredictable bounce when the ball hits the aluminum edge

How to Choose a Good Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Besides skills and experience, you need the best ping pong table to stage a competitive and winning game in table tennis.

Therefore it’s important to know the features that contribute to a good outdoor table tennis table. Here is what you need to know;


There is a significant difference between an indoor and outdoor table tennis table. Although it thrills to play in the free outside environment, there is the sun, dust, and even moisture to beat.

Therefore the chief qualification to an outdoor ping pong table is weatherproofing. Specifically look for playing surface materials such as aluminum and its composite, sturdy plastic, or steel material.

Some high-end tables employ a mixture of metal and wood or melamine to strike the right balance between durability and waterproofing. However, the metal used must present high rust resistance.

Besides, the table should have the ability to tolerate the scorching sun and dust. A table that produces a more glaring effect makes aiming for the ball difficult.

Besides the tabletop check on the edge, it should have a reliable finish like banding to increase its lifespan.

Stable Performance

From start to finish the playing table should be mechanically sound and steady. To a large extent that depends on the sturdiness of the frame and legs.

Remember most table tennis tables have significant weight. So settle for thick and sturdy legs that can happily tolerate such weight.

Furthermore, in many cases, it’s easy to come across uneven playgrounds. Therefore it is wise to choose a table that has individually adjustable leg levelers.

Easy to Move

Though it’s meant for an outdoor environment, there are times when you’ll need to move the table from a store or from one point to another.

Accordingly, look for sturdy rotating caster wheels that won’t crack as you tow the table. But in order not to compromise stability, the rotating wheels should have a locking mechanism.

Besides, a foldable table is easy to transport. However, once folded the structure should have a lock mechanism for safety reasons.

Robust Design

From the legs to the skirting and even tabletop the whole structure should present the picture of a durable table. Although not advisable, it’s common to find players leaning against the ping pong table during the game. Accordingly, it has to be strong.

A feeble structure will not stand the wind and scorching sun daily. If you can, invest in a table cover.


Most outdoor ping pong tables cost a significant amount of money. So it pays to look for reputable brands. Such companies usually provide a warranty against the costly ping pong tables.

Package Items

Everyone would wish to get the best bargain out of his cash. Thus you can shop around and note the additional items that form part of the set apart from the table and then make up your mind.


How Do I Protect My Outdoor Ping Pong Table to Last Long?

One of the best things to do is buy a cover for it. So that after every use, you can cover and prevent it from continuous rain, sunrays, and snow. Although most tables have resistance to the outdoor weather, covering the table adds more life to it.

What’s the Official Site of the Outdoor Ping Pong Table, according to ITTF?

A full size, tournament size outdoor ping pong table should have a length of 9 feet (2.74m), a width of 5 feet (1.525m), and stand 2 feet 6 inches tall. But for practice and non-tournament use, another variation in size exists.

What’s the Best Material for Making outdoor Ping Pong Tables?

Most affordable outdoor table tennis tables feature aluminum, plywood resin, or melamine playing surface. However, high-end tables further employ galvanized steel undercarriage, weather-resistant nets, and playing tops.


You can have fun and enjoy great moments by securing the best outdoor ping pong table. It doesn’t matter how limited your storage space is. A table cover or the foldable table design comes in handy.

From parks, colleges, and even home use, you can find the right table tennis table that suits you. Although there are many models on the market, the above list highlights some of the most affordable and reliable brands.

So, which one makes your best pick?

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