Viper Arctic Ice 7′ Air Hockey Table Review

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  • Easy gameplay with automatic scoring
  • Comes with raised deflection wall
  • Features a high-speed blower


  • Several dead spots
  • Material used in construction could have been better
  • Pushers/mallets could be better
  • Complex assembly
  • Sharp edges on the feet area can lead to cuts

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  • Dimensions: 84L x 48W x 32H inches
  • Weight: 222.7 lbs.
  • Materials: Wood and Plastic
  • Features: LED scorer, high-speed blower, leveling legs
  • Price: $$$ (check here)
  • Manufactured by: GLD Products


Made of wood and plastic, the Viper Arctic Ice 7-Foot Air Hockey Game Table gives the impression of durability and longevity. But because some of its plastic parts are hollow, such as the paddle or mallet, it is unlikely to last long with rough and aggressive gameplay.

It’s a good thing that the majority of the table is made of wood, which contributes to its stability. The risk of the table toppling over is minimal unless enough force is applied. If such gameplay is expected, the table is best glued or attached to the floor.

The table itself is strong and reliable, but you might want to place it on an even surface so you won’t need to use the levelers that look like they’re made of metal but are actually plastic.
They will hold up, of course, but probably not for long.

With an automatic scorer and high-power blower, you would want this table to last. Proper care and maintenance will do the trick, but you might want to take it easy on the rough handling and play.


With a smooth playing surface and airflow of 110 cubic feet per minute, playing air hockey with the Viper Arctic Ice 7-Foot Air Hockey Game Table is undoubtedly fun. Add to this the LED scorer that automatically tallies the scores and doubles as a timer, and you won’t have to keep track of the number, only your strategy.

If not for the dead spots, this hockey table would have been perfect. After all, it is designed like an actual ice hockey rink, which definitely adds to the spirit and realistic feel of the game. Well, think of the dead spots as part of the game, too.

The LED scorer-cum-timer counts down for 10 to unlimited minutes, giving you plenty of game options. As long as the table or you and the other players can handle it, you can practically play for as long as you want. Just remember that the pushers and pucks aren’t exactly built for extended gameplay, so switch them up as often as possible.

One feature worth mentioning is the raised deflection wall that keeps the puck within the play area. The risk of it flying out is minimal. Unless, of course, there’s enough force applied to toss it way off the table.


All black with strips of white in strategic areas, the Viper Arctic Ice 7-Foot Air Hockey Game Table has that professional and practical aesthetics. It will look right at home next to professional tables, and the black color helps keeps smears and scuffs less visible.

The playing surface, on the other hand, has a simple color scheme – white, red, blue, and gray, which creates a clear distinction from one play area to another with little distraction to the eyes. The brand name is also printed on the center of the table and nowhere else, giving it a professional look.

The LED scorer also contributes to the tables overall aesthetics. Switched off, it looks nothing more than an add-on but adds more red to the color palate when switched on and the numbers are in place. Its strategic location also mean players on both ends will be able to see the score and time clearly.

Who’s it for?

The Viper Arctic Ice 7-Foot Air Hockey Game Table is designed for players of all ages, but children should be taller than 32 inches to see the top of the table and play. Beginners would definitely appreciate it, especially with its raised deflection wall that keeps the puck from flying off.

This will make the practice sessions less embarrassing and tiring since noobs don’t need to keep retrieving the puck from other parts of the room. Intermediate players, however, may prefer to play on a different air hockey table.

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