Atomic Avenger 8′ Air Hockey Table Review

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atomic avenger


  • Smooth and level playing surface
  • Automatic electronic scoring system
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Solid and sturdy construction


  • Scoring system may have some issues
  • Location of touch controls make it easy to accidentally restart a game
  • Might not be as durable as expected

Where to Buy

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  • Dimensions: 48” W x 96” D x 32” H
  • Shipping weight: 362 lbs.
  • Materials: High-gloss MDF (playfield)
  • Features: Smooth playing surface, 120V blower motor, touch screen controls, electronic scoring system, ergonomic strikers
  • Price: $$$
  • Manufactured by: Escalade Sports


First things first: the Atomic Avenger 8′ Air Hockey Table is heavy, so you’ll need to get another person (or two) to help you haul the package to your game room, put everything together, and turn the table over to its legs.

This can be considered as an advantage, though, since the weight makes the Avenger highly stable and durable, and ensures that it won’t shake and wobble even when you play forcefully. This is reinforced by the 5.5-inch leg levelers, which make sure that you’ll have an even playing surface even if your floor is not level.

The table comes with a one-inch MDF playing surface along with MDF legs that have a cross-brace support design. These work together to ensure that the Avenger has a heavy-duty construction and can withstand wear and tear.

The Atomic Avenger 8′ Air Hockey Table is built to last, but many customers have reported that this isn’t the case for them. Some complain that the playfield easily gets scratched even after just a few games, which means that the MDF surface isn’t as durable as it seems. Others have experienced issues with the electronic system, such as noisy motors, damaged LED lights, and broken on/off switches.


The 120V blower motor provides the Atomic Avenger 8′ Air Hockey Table with decent airflow. This, coupled with the smooth high-gloss playing surface, allows the puck to easily glide on the playfield and ensures that you and your friends can enjoy an intense fast-paced game and have tons of fun.

There’s no need to worry about hitting the puck too forcefully since the side and end rails will keep it inside the playing field, so you can concentrate on making a score.

Counting your scores is no longer a problem since the table comes with an electronic scoring system. It automatically assigns a score to the player who makes a goal and displays both players’ scores using LED lights inlaid on the acrylic rails.

The table comes with touchscreen controls, which allow you to easily turn the electric scorer on and off and start or restart a game. You can also use the controls to set a five-minute, ten-minute, or fifteen-minute limit for the game or simply choose the “No Time Limit” option.

Unfortunately, the placement of the touchscreen controls make it easy for you to accidentally brush against them while playing and cause the game to restart. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re in an intense competition against a friend and want to know who can get the highest score.

One customer has also pointed out that, while the Avenger measures 48 inches wide and 96 long when assembled, its playing surface actually measures 42.5 inches by 80.75 inches long. This doesn’t really affect the gameplay, but it can be disappointing if you’re expecting a bigger playfield.


The Atomic Avenger 8′ Air Hockey Table comes with side and end rails that have a black acrylic surface. These, paired with its high-gloss MDF playfield and silver-and-white legs, give the Avenger a sleek and modern look that makes it an excellent addition to any man cave or game room.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the table has a tendency to develop scratches even after a few games. This doesn’t affect the gameplay since the puck can still glide smoothly over the surface, but it does make the Avenger look like it’s several years old instead of being brand new.

This can be an issue if you want to buy an air hockey table that doesn’t only function well but can also stay attractive over time.

Who’s it for?

The Atomic Avenger 8′ Air Hockey Table is great for those looking for a high-tech addition to their game room. At eight feet, it measures up to competition regulations and is an ideal choice for those who want to play on a professional-sized air hockey table. It’s also an excellent option for those who want to create their own arcade right at home.

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