Brunswick Air Hockey Tables

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Brunswick Air Hockey Tables
Brunswick Billiards is a long-functioning manufacturer of gaming products, having been in the business for more than a century and a half. The American brand deals in pool tables, air hockey tables, foosball tables, and ping pong tables, among others.

Brunswick air hockey tables are known for being conventional family-sized tables at reasonable prices. There are currently three Brunswick air hockey tables available in the market, reviewed below.

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Our Top Picks

Brunswick Windchill 7ft Air Hockey Table83.75 x 41.75 x 30 inches149 poundsSleek Design, Constant Flow UL Blower, Sturdy Pedestal Base, Dual Abacus Scorers, Complete Accessories, 90-Day Warranty
Brunswick V-Force Air Hockey Table83 x 30.5 x 41 inches220 poundsScuff-Proof Surface, 2 Mallets, 4 Pucks, Durable Aluminum Rails, Electronic Scoring
Brunswick Shutout Air Hockey Table83.5 x 45 x 33 inches130 poundsDense Fiber Wood Construction,
Black and Silver design,
Constant Flow UL Blower

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table – Windchill


The Windchill air hockey table seems to be the most popular of the Brunswick air hockey table range. With its monochrome theme and sleek design, it has aesthetic appeal along with being a well-functioning table.

The table is pretty easy to assemble, being ready to use in about 30 minutes to under an hour. The sturdy construction can withstand forceful play while the smooth, MDF surface with laminate ensures flawless gliding of the puck. This is a table you can count on for durability.

The Windchill’s strong blowing fan ensures smooth gliding of the air hockey puck on the table without any dead spots to interrupt the game. Keep track of the game with the Windchill’s dual abacus-style manual scorers on each side.

While there are no leg levelers, it shouldn’t be an issue since the table in itself is built for balanced gaming. Overall, this is a good home air hockey table for the whole family.


  • Fast and smooth gameplay
  • Easy to assemble within an hour
  • A good quality table that can withstand high gaming forces
  • Good size for children and adults both
  • Resistant to scratches and chipping
  • Good customer service


  • No significant cons yet

Brunswick V-Force Air Hockey Table

The Brunswick V-Force air hockey table is another family-sized model by the company. It is similar to the Windchill in dimensions, and has attractive black and white graphics along with good quality wood and aluminum construction.

Unlike the Windchill, the V-Force air hockey table features an electronic scoring system so you don’t have to worry about manually keeping track of the game.

The V-Force has a slick surface for smooth gliding of the puck. Its scuff-proof quality prevents chipping due to impact forces, a common occurrence with air hockey tables of subpar quality.

It is also built to last, with its durable design featuring aluminum rails with powder-coated metal corners. This helps keep it in good shape even during intense gaming. Two mallets and four pucks come as part of the package.

Overall, this is a good air hockey table having a size that is suitable for both children and adults.


  • Slick, scuff-proof surface for fast gliding of the puck
  • Attractive graphics and logo
  • The durable design having aluminum rails and powder-coated metal corners
  • Electronic scoring system
  • Two mallets and four pucks


  • The table may not be convenient for portability

Brunswick 7-Foot Air Hockey Table, Shutout. Includes Hockey Table Accessories.

Just like its other heavy-duty counterparts, the Brunswick Shutout is another full-sized 7-foot adult air hockey table. Its dense fiber wood construction and modern black and silver design make it an attractive choice for home gaming.

The table’s legs are fairly sturdy if you don’t expect fairly rowdy gaming by adults. Abacus scorers are present for you to keep track of the game manually.

The table has a constant flow UL blower that makes sure there are no dead spots to interrupt your puck during a game.

The Shutout table is easily assembled in twenty minutes or so. It does weigh quite a lot, which is why it’s not that great in terms of portability.

Two pushers and four pucks come as part of the package. As a bonus, the Shutout table is suitable to use under a Brunswick 7-foot table tennis conversion top.

Overall, this is a good buy if you need an air hockey table within a modest budget.


  • Easy assembly under half an hour
  • Good quality fiber wood construction
  • Black and silver graphics
  • Powerful motor to keep the puck gliding smoothly without any dead spots
  • 2 pushers and 4 pucks included
  • Can hold a 7-foot Brunswick conversion tabletop game as well


  • The table might not be sturdy enough to withstand intense gaming by adults.


Brunswick is a decent company if you need to purchase a good quality gaming table that can last you a while.

Its range of large gaming tables, while not very high-end, often serve well and can offer you a great time at a good price.