Best Coin Operated Air Hockey Tables

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Air hockey tables are always fun, whether you’re at an arcade gaming zone or are lucky enough to have one in your own basement. They vary based on space taken up, assembly, and consumer-friendly/specialized features.

Coin-operated air hockey tables add to the ever-growing range of air hockey tables in the market. These are intended primarily for gaming zones due to the coin-op feature and large dimensions. With the options available, it can be challenging to choose one. Here is our variety of picks from some of the best to help find the perfect one for you.

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Our Top 6 Picks





Gold Standard Gold Flare Coin-Op Air Hockey Table100 x 55 x 78 inches646 lbsPremium USAA-Approved Quality, Colorful LED Chase Lighting, Customizable Video Monitor to Display Scores, Wear Resistant Laminated Surface, Secure Two-Piece Goal Ends, Black/White Light Options
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Gold Standard Games Professional Coin-Op Air Hockey Table100 x 51 x 31 inches646 lbsUSAA-Sanctioned for Tournament Play, Modern Design with High-Density Aluminum Rails, Durable Cabinet and Leg Construction, Side Mounted Score Display, Commercial Quality Blower, Faceoff Circle, and Centerline, Includes 3 USAA Sanctioned Pucks and 2 Mallets
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Dynamo Best Shot Coin Operated Air Hockey Table with Light100 x 52 x 71 inches
(with overhead)
430 lbsNon-Coated Deflecting Aluminum Rails, Dyna-Blast Blower System, Adjustable Leg Levelers, Formica Playing Surface, Jam Proof Scoring Unit, Dual Roll Down Coin Mechanism, Comes with Overhead Lighting Unit, 2 Mallets and 2 Pucks,
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Dynamo Short Shot Coin-Op Air Hockey Table with Ticket Dispenser65 x 33 x 36 inches340 lbsInteractive Sound and Lightning, Impact Resistant Laminate Surface, Commercial Grade Cabinet, Coin and Ticket Dispenser Doors, Jam Proof Scoring, Includes 2 Mallets and 2 Pucks, Suitable Size and Construction for Arcades
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Dynamo Fire Storm Air Hockey Table100 x 56 x 71 inches485 lbsMulti-Color LED Lighting, Dyna-Blaster Blower System, Digital Sound with Speakers Closer to Players, Improved Goal Ends to Reduce Jamming, Overhead Blacklight and Scoring Unit, Includes Protective Side Shields, 2 Pucks, and 2 Mallets
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Great American 8’ Laser Coin Operated with Overhead Scoring99 x 54 x 66 inches500 lbsAttractive Graphics, Blacklight Surface, Goalie Box, Internal Puck Drop System, Adjustable Leg Levelers, Industrial Rated Blower, Wide Goals, Cabinet Grade Plywood Construction
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Gold Standard Gold Flare Coin-Op Air Hockey Table

This USAA-approved Gold Standard coin-operated air hockey table is made for professional, tournament-level gaming and features the player’s choice of black or white light options. Moreover, the Arcade-style graphics, LED chase lighting, and the puck’s feature to glow in blacklight all bring their own share of color and attractiveness to the game.

The overhead scoring video monitor stands out with its customizable features that can display web addresses, tournament information, player information, and updates when set to Attract mode.

Durability and impact resistance is not a problem with its wear-resistant laminated surface and securely built two-piece end goals. Besides its player-friendly features, the center line and faceoff circle set the mood for competitive play, making this a great choice to liven up any big space, from basements to gaming zones.


  • USAA approved and recommended by world champions for tournament gaming
  • Attractive and colorful LED lighting
  • Black/white light options
  • Operator-controlled scoring video monitor with customizable features
  • Durable surface
  • Securely built goal ends


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for small spaces due to the large dimensions

Gold Standard Games Professional Coin-Op Air Hockey Table

Another USAA-approved air hockey table manufactured by Gold Standard Games is this coin-operated table with a sleek modern design aimed at the professional market. It is recommended and designed by Air Hockey Champion Mark Robbins.

This table relies less on looks and instead provides a fun-filled competitive experience with excessive features such as aluminum rails for maximum bounce and a commercial blower that can give airflow similar to one at a championship level.

It assures long standing with a laminate top, commercial quality cabinet, and solid leg construction, all designed for years of heavy use. The goal allows problem-free operation, and the included pucks and mallets are all USAA sanctioned for smooth, high-speed competitive playing.

Keeping up with the modern and latest look of the table, the scoring unit is a simple side-mounted electronic one, which takes away any customizable options but saves space.


  • Approved by USAA
  • Professional style but low profile aluminum rails
  • Durable cabinet and leg construction
  • Commercial blower for high-speed airflow
  • Saves space consumed by any overhead units


  • No options to customize the scoring unit
  • The product mostly appeals to high-end consumers
  • Relatively plain exterior

Dynamo Best Shot Coin Operated Air Hockey Table with Light

The Dynamo Best Shot air hockey table brings together faster gaming and player-friendly construction. The aluminum rails with countersunk ends and the reliable Dyno-Blast blower system allow for powerful play.

The Formica impact and wear-resistant surface can make this table last you a long time. It includes a dual roll-down coin mechanism along with a ready bill acceptor. A unique infrared optical jam-proof scoring assembly guarantees consumer convenience and time-saving, and hinged goal ends enable accessible cleanout. The adjustable one-wrench leg levelers are further incorporated for balanced gaming.

The Best Shot table also features a playfield centerline with an optional overhead LED scoring unit, two mallets, and two pucks. This air hockey table sticks to its promise of “no lights, no sounds, no gimmicks,” being appropriate for mostly serious fast-action play.


  • Dyna-Blast blower system for fast-action play
  • Adjustable leg levelers for balanced gaming
  • Optional overhead unit
  • Jam proof scoring and easy cleaning with hinged heavy-duty goal ends
  • Formica wear-resistant surface
  • Aluminum rails for fast deflection


  • No attractive graphics, lights, or sounds. Therefore, it may not appeal to children

Dynamo Short Shot Coin-Op Air Hockey Table with Ticket Dispenser

A counterpart to the Best Shot air hockey table is this Short Shot air hockey table with a ticket dispenser from the same manufacturer. The dimensions and construction of this coin-operated table are perfect for arcades, being the right size for smaller players but not too small for grownups.

The table stands out with its interactive sound, lighting, and flashy multi-colored graphics and provides a fun-filled experience with the polycarbonate rails present for fast deflection. It has a commercial-grade cabinet with coin as well as ticket dispenser doors.

Being smaller, it packs only the best features common in products from this manufacturer, i.e., the durable laminate surface and infrared jam-proof scoring unit. It also has a standard glass protective shield set and an electronic side-mounted score display, but no special air blower system.


  • Interactive sound, lighting, and attractive graphics
  • Ticket dispenser door available
  • Jam proof scoring assembly
  • Polycarbonate rails with LED lights and standard protective shield set
  • Perfect dimensions and robust construction for smaller gaming rooms/arcades as both younger children and grownups can play on a table this size


  • No special system for faster airflow
  • Not designed for competitive plays or tournaments due to its size

Dynamo Fire Storm Air Hockey Table (Coin Operated)

The Dynamo Fire Storm air hockey table is one of the latest models from the manufacturer and combines the most attractive lighting and sound features loved by many consumers. Interactive and flashing LED lighting surround the playfield, which itself is a glowing UV-coated surface with backlit graphics.

The new goal design puts the speaker much closer to the player. This enables higher-quality, clearer sound provided by the 200 watt Boss speakers.

The Fire Storm table depends on the reliable Dyna-Blast blower system for good airflow and adds an overhead bold black light for an even more action-filled experience. The logo-bearing protective shields allow for deflection and prevent the puck from falling off the table, while the hinged goal ends allow simple cleanout.

While it does provide a thrilling game packed with colorful lights and interactive sounds, this air hockey table is not very budget-friendly.


  • Attractive flashing lights and engaging sounds
  • UV coated long-lasting Formica surface
  • Overhead scoring unit and blacklight
  • A Dyna-Blast blower system and sturdy cabinet construction
  • It saves time with jam-proof scoring and improved hinged goal ends
  • Protective side shields for maximum bankability


  • Excessive lighting and sound features along with improved designs add to the price of the product making it one of the most expensive gaming tables by the manufacturer

Great American 8’ Laser Coin Operated with Overhead Scoring

Coming from a well-known manufacturer in the industry, this 8 foot Laser Hockey table upholds a scoring unit with bright large digital numbers that keep you updated with the score without distracting you from the game.

The table features colorful, eye-catching graphics and a Formica playfield with a wear guard coat for long-term use. It has a blacklight surface, which according to some customer reviews, allows the puck to glide easily over it. This, paired with the Industrial blower and tournament-sized goals, works great for a fast-action powerful gaming experience.

Setting up the table does require light assembly, and it comes with ABS injected legs and oversized aluminum rails that prevent the puck from flying off. It also has a reliable five-coin drop system for easy operation.

While most of its features are player-friendly and long-lasting, the construction itself is of cabinet-grade plywood, which might not be durable in the long run, especially after hours of action-filled plays in the arcade.


  • Light assembly required, including adjusting ABS leg levelers
  • Large digital scoreboard
  • Easy to clean and long-lasting Formica surface with maximum blacklight
  • Internal puck drop system, along with tool-free access for cleanout
  • Industrial rated blower for superior speed
  • Reliable vertical 5-coin coin drop


  • The base material is mainly cabinet-grade plywood which is not durable for heavy use

A Guide to Buying the Best Coin Operated Air Hockey Table

This classic game is enjoyed most when it fits your requirements perfectly. For that to happen, you should be extra careful when deciding which coin-operated air hockey table to go for. Thus, choosing the best air hockey table often becomes a time-consuming and dull process when browsing through all the various options you have.

In a nutshell, you must keep the following considerations in mind so that the air hockey table caters to all users well, allowing smooth and exciting matches every time.


The most important thing to consider when buying an air hockey table is the amount of force it has to withstand and the amount of time it will last.

Tables suitable for arcades are constructed of steel and can last for years even after hours of heavy day-to-day use. Other standard tables made out of plastics or sturdy wood fit the needs of someone who only wants to have fun on a low budget.

Coin-operated tables are mostly meant for use in gaming arcades, so you can expect multiple games and aggressive play daily. Get a heavy table that can bear that kind of stress!

Gaming Environment

The setting often dictates the kind of air hockey table you need. A typical Friday night in a game room may need a smaller, easily affordable modern air hockey table that provides fast deflection, jam-proof scoring, and allows room for competitive play. Tournaments require bigger-sized tables with wear-resistant surfaces, high-speed airflow, and scoring units that do not distract the players. Arcades spend more on LED lights, sound systems, ticket dispensers, and faster, action-filled games.

It’s also essential to check whether your air hockey table goes with the theme of your game room. Consider how the graphics and exterior of a particular table would fit in your designated space.

Consumer Reviews and Ratings

After finding the perfect air hockey table that is durable and according to your gaming preferences, you must look at the various customer reviews and ratings.

These can often help determine if the product is as great as it claims to be, protecting you from fraud or faulty products. Thus, turning to fellow consumers for one final assurance is the way to go.


The coin-operated air hockey table market has many consumers with various needs and specifications. Therefore, despite requiring a bit of research, the best table for you is definitely out there. Moreover, when it comes to having a good time, whether at your local arcade or a championship-level air hockey game, it is hard to pass up on them.