Atomic Air Hockey Tables

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Atomic Air Hockey TableAbout Atomic Game Table Company

Atomic is a renowned gaming table company, being a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality indoor gaming tables.

This brand builds tables having innovative features and offers foosball, basketball, billiards, and air hockey tables among other arcade games and accessories.

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Air hockey tables by Atomic are quite popular among arcade gamers and are available in a range of different designs and styles.

Our Top Picks

Atomic Avenger 8’ Hockey Table290 Pounds48 x 96 x 32 InchesMDF High-Gloss Play Field, 120V Blower, Electronic Scoring, Leg Levelers, 2 Strikers and 2 Pucks Included
Atomic 7.5’ Contour Air Powered Hockey Table200 pounds90 x 50 x 31 inchesScorelinx App Enabled via Bluetooth, Leg Levelers, Attractive Design, Quiet and Powerful Motor
Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table220 pounds90 x 49 x 31.2 inches120V Blower, Slick Surface, LED Strikers and Pucks, Sounds Effects
Atomic 2-in-1 Flip Table, 7-Feet304 pounds84 x 48 x 9 inchesNylon Pool Surface, High Gloss PVC Air Hockey Surface, 110V Motor
Atomic Full-Strength 4 Player Air Hockey Table96.8 pounds47.5 x 47.5 x 31 inchesDual Air-Powered Motor, Multi-Player Gaming, Six Game Modes, Both Electronic and Manual Scoring, 4 LED Strikers and 2 LED Pucks
Atomic Blazer 7’ Air Hockey Table125 pounds84 x 48 x 31 inches120V Blower, Electronic Scoring Device with Rail-Integrated Display,4 Strikers and 4 Pucks
Atomic 7.5' Indiglo LED Light Up Arcade Air-Powered Hockey Table227 pounds90 x 50 x 31 inchesLarge Blower Motor, In-Game Music, Blue LED Exterior Legs,2 LED Strikers and 2 LED Pucks

Atomic Avenger 8’ Hockey Table

The Atomic Avenger could be a good choice if you need a full-sized air hockey table. It features a sturdy construction and an MDF high-gloss playing field.

For a smooth and fast-paced game, a 120V blower is built into the Avenger. Electronic scoring with LED display is present to keep track of the game, and 5.5” leg levelers keep the balance of the surface.

However, some customers have complained of faulty sensors, leading to inaccurate scorekeeping. Touchscreen controls make the table seem more high-tech. 2 strikers and 2 pucks are included in the package.

Overall, this table has the potential to offer enjoyable games of air hockey, but the blower and electronics might cause some issues.


  • Full-sized, high-tech table
  • Electronic scoring with LED display
  • Leg levelers for balanced play
  • Sturdy and durable construction


  • Few complaints regarding the unit’s blower and electronics
  • The table surface is prone to marks and scratches

Atomic 7.5’ Contour Air Powered Hockey Table

The Atomic 7.5’ Contour Air Powered Hockey Table is a well-built strong table that allows you to link a mobile device application called ScoreLinx with itself for a fun, customized gaming experience.

This app can transform your mobile device into a scoring board which also features sound effects and music to keep you engaged throughout the game.

The app also allows you to enter player names with the colorful scoring display. However, some mobile devices might create hurdles during pairing with the tablet via Bluetooth.

The leg levelers are strong enough to maintain the balance of the table, and the motor is quiet yet powerful enough for an enjoyable air hockey experience. The table also features a great shiny polished surface having an eye-catching, attractive design.

Overall, the table is sturdy and by linking it with the ScoreLinx app, Atomic has managed to provide an upgraded version of the air hockey table.


  • The table can be paired with ScoreLinx via Bluetooth
  • Leg Levelers for balanced play
  • Quiet, powerful motor
  • Attractive design


  • The app might create issues pairing via Bluetooth

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table

The Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table is sturdy, also having leg levelers for balancing the game. The table has a 120V motor with moderate airflow. The slick surface is made out of laminated MDF for fast-paced gaming.

It features LED effects and LED lighting on the strikers and pucks which can even allow you to play in the dark. The lightning on the table changes color when a goal is scored, adding more thrill to the game.

The sound effects on the table add more intensity to the game. Although the table is durable and a perfect indoor gaming table at this price range, the quality of wood is low and might not be long-lasting. This table includes 2 LED pushers, 2 pucks, and 1 hexagonal spinner LED puck.

Overall, the Top Shelf provides stability with its attractive features, and it’s a good buying option.


  • Moderate airflow
  • Slick surface
  • LED lights on strikers and pucks
  • Sound effects


  • Wood quality is low

Atomic 2-in-1 Flip Table, 7-Feet

The Atomic 7’ Flip Table is one of the larger tables offered by the company. It gives you dual gaming options, one in the form of an air hockey table and the other in the form of billiards.

It is very convenient to flip the table and switch from one game to another. The table might be heavy. On the other hand, it is very easy to assemble.

The Flip table on its air hockey side has a glossy PVC surface and a 110V motor for fast-paced gaming. The Billiards table has a high-density MDF surface play bed with nylon blend cloth so that the balls can smoothly roll on the table. However, the pool table has a bow in the middle which may spoil your gaming experience.

Overall, it is a fairly good table. While the air hockey game is good enough, the pool table might not be ideal for some.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Dual gaming options
  • Glossy surface and 110V motor


  • Heavy
  • The pool table has a bow in the middle

Atomic Full Strength Air Hockey Table

The Atomic Full Strength Air Hockey Table has a unique 4-player design, allowing you to play exciting games with up to 3 people at once.

The table is made up of particleboard which is of low-quality wood. Although it has dual air-powered motors, the air pressure isn’t strong enough which spoils the gaming experience.

This table has an LED scoring display and manual scoring too so that the goals scored by each player can be tracked. It includes 4 LED strikers and 2 LED pucks which allow you to play in the dark also.

Overall, the concept of this 4-player table was quite good, but the table might have some faults in its manufacturing. The air motor might act faulty, and the table is not sturdy enough.


  • Multi-Player experience
  • 4 LED strikers and 2 pucks


  • Low-quality wood
  • Faulty air motor

Atomic Blazer 7’ Air Hockey Table

The Atomic Blazer 7’ Air Hockey Table is a fairly average buying option since some might face technical problems with it. The table seems low quality since the wood on some parts of the surface might start chipping due to the puck.

It features a 120V blower and it has very strong airflow, enabling smooth gaming. Although it has electronic scoring with a rail-integrated display, the score tracking device is not up to the mark and 4 AA batteries are required for it to work.

The goal sensors might record a goal even if a puck just passes by it, so scorekeeping might not be that accurate. Leg levelers on the table are present to maintain the balance of the game. It is easy to set up and also includes 4 pucks and 4 strikers.

Overall, it is an average table which may not be that durable.


  • 120V blower for a smooth gaming experience
  • 4 pucks and 4 strikers


  • Low-quality wood
  • Electronic scoring may malfunction

Atomic 7.5′ Indiglo LED Light Up Arcade Air-Powered Hockey Table

7.5 IndigloIf you need a fancy, fully illuminated table with a modern design, the Atomic 7.5’ Indiglo Air Powered Hockey Table is just that, along with being very solid and sturdy. This table features a very strong air blower and beautifully crafted blue LED exterior legs.

The Indiglo table has an electronic scorer with its goal sensors working efficiently. The sound effects create more interest in the game.

The table has indigo lights at its sides which give an attractive glow. It also includes 2 LED strikers and 2 LED pucks so that you can play even when the lights are out.

Overall, it is a solid buy and doesn’t have any significant cons.


  • Electronic scoreboard
  • Solid and sturdy table
  • Strong air blower
  • Fully illuminated modern design
  • Sound effects


  • Heavy


To conclude, Atomic has a lot of variety in the air hockey tables it offers. All of them have some unique features, but it is important to do your fair share of research before purchasing your preferred table.

Some tables might have many technical faults in them, although many offer good value for money.