Boomerang Air Hockey Guide: How It’s Played, Which Table to Get & More

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What is Boomerang Air Hockey?

Boomerang air hockey shares many features with standard air hockey, except it has few but significant differences. It’s the minor dissimilarities that make it challenging and fun to play.

For instance, both games require two players. Each person has a paddle and aims at hitting a puck floating over a cushion of thin air to score against the opponent.

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In air hockey, the two participants strategize themselves on the opposite side of the table. But in boomerang air hockey, both players position themselves on the same side of the table, side by side.

How is it Played?

For you to play the game, you need two people each with a paddle. Also, you must have the boomerang air hockey table. For the participants to kick off the game, they may toss a coin to agree on who makes the initial serve.

As highlighted before, each contestant takes an appropriate stand and holds his paddle in position. At the first serve, the first player hits his pluck with a paddle at an angle such that it hits the opposite side of the table and rebounds back to score into the opponent’s goal.

On the other hand, the player on the receiving side timely waits for the pluck to hit it back and stop the opponent from scoring. For you to earn a point, you must shove the puck to rebound and move past the V-shaped wall into your opponent’s goal.

And after scoring a goal, you have to forfeit the puck to your rival to make the next serve. In every hit, you must make an effort to see that the puck travels past the V-shaped wall, reach the extended rink, and rebounds back to make a point against your opponent.

However, compared to standard air hockey, Boomerang air hockey displays broader goals. That makes it even more challenging and calls for the need to stay alert always.

At the same time, you must calculate your angle right. Otherwise, you may hit the puck, and it rebounds back to your goal and scores against yourself.

The player who scores 10 points wins the game, unlike in standard air hockey, where 7 points make a game. In case you don’t have an electronic scoring system integrated on the table, then the next set of players in line helps keeps the score count.

What Kind of Table Do You Need?

Like said before, the two opposing parties stand from the same side of the table. However, a V-shaped wall partially divides the table and also defines each player’s side.

On the opposite side, the table has rounded corners. So when a player smashes the puck, and it hits the rounded edges, it boomerangs back to the other player’s side.

In terms of size, boomerang air hockey requires a relatively small and compact size table that measures about 5 square feet (Length 5 feet, and width 5 feet).

In actual play, you don’t need to leave a perimeter space around the table in a room. Thus, the table possesses a design that fits a corner of a room, against a wall, or another table.

Your choice of the type of table depends on whether you want to play the game at home or for commercial purposes. If you are commercially geared, then the coin-operated table is ideal. On the contrary, a coinless table fits home recreation purposes.

Furthermore, depending on whether you want to count the scores manually or electronically, you can select your table accordingly.

What is the Best Boomerang Air Hockey Table, and Where Can You Find It?

The thrill of and ease of playing a game depends on having the right accessories; boomerang air hockey is no exception. If you are thinking of securing the best boomerang air hockey table, then have a look at the Great American Boom-A-Rang Coin-Op Air Hockey.

Below are its outstanding features:

Foot Print Space Requirement

It features a standard size of a boomerang air hockey table; measures 5 square feet. Such a footprint space requirement makes it fit even small spaces, corners, or blend with other tables easily.

Electronic Scoring System

During play, you have to keep track of the score of each person. Although it is possible to keep the marks manually, it isn’t so convenient. Moreover, you may not have a third party always to do the counting. That’s why the Great American’s electronic system is ideal. Furthermore, its accuracy is reliable.

All Round and Oversized Rails

When you look at it closely, it has rails that go round it. Furthermore, the rails protrude slightly high. For that reason, it stops the puck from flying beyond the table. Therefore, instead of spending time fetching the puck, you can concentrate on the game.

Eye-Catching Design

In addition to its suitability, the table has an appearance that easily charms players. The raised electronic scoreboard, the yellow and red color shouting colors of the main table adds to its alluring look.

Sturdy and Stable Legs

The prime feature of the table is its unrelenting sturdiness. From the legs to the tabletop, it should reflect a sturdy design. The ABS injected legs feel sturdy and happily bears the whole weight of the table.

At the same time, the angling of the legs gives the table even more grip of the ground, thus reducing the chances of the structure slipping off amidst heated games. Since the table should stay level, it features adjustable leg levelers.

Coin Operated System

If you need to include the boomerang air hockey system in your commercial enterprise, then its coin-operated design makes it convenient. For instance, it makes the perfect game to add to a bar or any social meeting point.

Easy to Clean Playfield

As a game that Is played in most social places, it eventually becomes dirty. That’s why the Great American Boom table presents the Formica playfield. A simple wipe removes all the dust from its surface.

As a commercially oriented playfield, the table offers a long term wear guard surface. Accordingly, it can withstand daily games without wearing out quickly.

Fully Programmable Interface

Once you have taken to the game, you’ll realize that it thrills. And to heighten that excitement, the table allows you to program the maximum score points that make up a game. Furthermore, you can also preset the playtime you need per game.

Hinged Panels

As electronic equipment, overtime, it might require servicing and minor repairs. The table’s design takes that into account and features hinged panels for either side of the goal. That makes it easy to access the interior parts during service without using any tool to gain access.

Industrial Grade Blower

The blower forms an integral part of the boomerang air hockey table. And it’s only the table that gives a consistent performance in each play that supports fair competition. Therefore, the boomerang table satisfies that by integrating the industrial standard blower into the setup. Hence, by extension, the equipment provides consistent performance and speed.

Thick Plywood Cabinet

To crown off its durable design, the great American Boomerang table features ¾ inch thick cabinet. Such a choice of material strikes the right balance between durability and weight. Besides, it also provides room for custom colors on the cabinet.

You don’t have to source your boomerang air hockey table from just any vendor. If you need reliable quality and consistent performance, then settle for nothing but a reliable vendor.

Therefore, you can order your Great American Boom-A-Rang Coin-Op Air Hockey through a reputed outlet such as here.


If you need a social game that engages the coordination of your mind and hands, then give Boomerang air hockey a chance. Besides, unlike standard air hockey, you don’t need much space. Its table measures 5 feet square only.

And considering that the players position themselves on the same side of the table, you don’t have to add another perimeter allowance to its space requirement.

So, why not put that idling corner in your restaurant or bar to use? Adding such an asset to your premise gives your customers more reason to visit your pub. Make your mind today!