Brunswick Wind Chill 7ft Air Hockey Table Review

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The Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey table comes in at an affordable price point. While it may not be the greatest table on the market you can buy, it certainly is worth the cash you part with for it. On this page, we are going to look at what the Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table offers.

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Who is this table for?

This is a 7ft long table. This means it is perfect for adults to play on. While it is worth noting that 7ft is the perfect length for those who enjoy competition play, it is not a table that is up to competition standard.

It is going to be able to take a fair beating, and we are going to talk about that in a short while, but it is not a table that will offer the smoothest playing experience, although it comes close.

We feel as though this table is going to be great for community clubs, as well as for use in a games room at home. Just do not expect something that is up to competition standard and you should be fine.

How well does it play?

For the money, it plays well. The laminated MDF table, something that even the most expensive tables on the market have, is deliciously smooth. The puck will just glide over it and ensure the fastest possible play.

Despite the moderate cost of this table, in comparison to others on the market, we were pleasantly surprised at the smoothness of the blowers. They kept the puck travelling and ensured that there were no ‘snags’ near the middle of the table, a common problem with most of the cheaper air hockey tables on the market.

The table is solid. This makes it perfect for adults. We know how intense adults can be when it comes to gameplay, so it is nice that you won’t be knocking it around all the time. Again, this is a common problem with some of the cheaper tables on the market, so we do love this fact.

The only real issue with the construction is that the walls of the table may be a little bit low. This means that if you hit the puck too hard, it will go flying off of the table. That being said, this is something that can happen with even the most expensive tables out there, so it isn’t too much of an issue.

Quality of the Build

This table weighs 149lbs, which right away tells you it is going to be a tough build. It is a solid construction that will be tough to budge once you have it in place. Being tough to budge means it is not going to wear down any time soon. It also means it will provide a wonderful playing experience time and time again.

The laminate on the top of the table is tough. However, it is worth noting that there may be small marks appearing on the table after regular use. This will be a few years down the line, but it is worth pointing out, as you should not be expecting a competition level table here.

That being said, these will be shallow marks and they are not going to have an impact on the overall gameplay, so it is not much of an issue.


If you are after an air hockey table that boasts a long-lasting performance and overall looks good, I really do not think you are going to go wrong with the Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey table. Yes, there are better ones on the market, but they are vastly more expensive.

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