Triumph Blue-Line 7′ Air Hockey Table Review

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triumph blue line


  • Comes with electronic scoring system
  • Solid construction
  • Can be converted to a table tennis unit with a conversion top (sold separately)
  • Reasonably priced


  • Scoring system can have issues
  • Some customers received a damaged piece which needed to be replaced

Where to Buy

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  • Dimensions: 84” L x 42” W x 32”
  • Shipping weight: 123 lbs.
  • Materials: PVC laminate (playing surface)
  • Features: 110V motor, electronic scoring system, LED scoring and time clock unit
  • Price: $$
  • Manufactured by: Triumph Sports USA


Blue-Line 7′ Air Hockey Table is a bit heavy, which means it can’t be handled by one person alone. But once the table has been assembled, its solid construction can be considered an advantage since it contributes to the Blue-Line’s solid stability and ensures it won’t wobble all over the place.

Another thing that makes the table highly durable is its full leg panels, which provide optimum support and make the Blue-Line difficult to topple. As a result, you can play air hockey using a lot of force without having to worry about the table falling apart. The panels, when paired with the 5-inch leg levelers, also add to the table’s overall stability.

Many customers report that their Blue-Line air hockey table is holding up well even when it’s frequently played on, but some buyers have complaints about the Blue-Line’s durability. One customer received a table with a broken support brace, which he was able to fix using clamps and wood glue.

This isn’t a deal-breaker if you’re handy with DIY tools, but it can be an issue if you’re not or if you don’t have the time to do repairs. Other customers have a problem with a broken score counter, which fortunately can be corrected by contacting Triumph Sports USA and asking for a replacement part.


One of the best things about the Triumph Blue-Line 7′ Air Hockey Table is that it provides excellent gameplay. Its glossy PVC laminate playfield provides you with a silky-smooth surface, while its 110V motor blower produces great airflow.

Both of these features work together to allow the puck to easily glide back and forth and make it possible for you to enjoy a fast-paced and fun-packed game. You don’t have to worry about the puck flying out of the playfield since the rails will prevent this from happening.

There’s no need to manually count your scores since the Blue-Line has an electronic scoring system. It will automatically assign a point to whoever wins a goal and displays players’ scores through the LED display.

It even comes with a time clock so you can easily keep track of how much you have left in the game. The LED scoring and time clock unit is inlaid into the rails, so you only have to glance down to know how well you’re performing.

Competition-level air hockey tables measure eight feet and, at just seven feet, the Triumph Blue-Line 7′ Air Hockey Table doesn’t meet this guideline. So, if you want to buy a professional air hockey table, you’ll want to look elsewhere. However, if you simply want to play casual games with your family and friends, the Blue-Line will surely meet your expectations.

As an added bonus, you can turn your Blue-Line into a table tennis unit if you buy the separate conversion top. Simply lay the conversion top on the Blue-Line’s surface and grab a ball and paddles to enjoy a game of table tennis with a friend!


With its blue, silver, and black color scheme, the Triumph Blue-Line 7′ Air Hockey Table has an attractive, sporty look and can complement your existing furniture as well as other arcade game equipment.

This makes it a great addition to your man cave or family room. Its white PVC laminate playfield doesn’t only provide you with a smooth surface to play on but also makes the table look clean and neat.

Who’s it for?

At seven feet, the Blue-Line can take up a substantial amount of space, so it’s ideal for those who have a large den or game room. It’s also a great option for those who regularly entertain family and friends and are looking for arcade games to keep guests occupied and ensure they have fun.

Parents who want to teach their kids how to play air hockey will find that the Triumph Blue-Line 7′ Air Hockey Table can satisfy their needs without breaking their budget.

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