Ice Zone Air Hockey Table Review

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Being an air hockey enthusiast, you might be battling the skyrocketing prices and space constraints to find the perfect board for game night, or maybe you’re new to the game, ready to learn some trick shots and defensive techniques.

Either way, look no further because the Ice Zone air hockey table by MD Sports is perfect for both of those. This 4′ table combines arcade-style graphics, space-saving design, and a lightweight, sturdy base, all into one.

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About the Company

MD Sports (short for Medal Sports) was established in 2015 with the idea of creating fun and innovative gaming products for all.

They have stayed true to their promise with available products ranging from those suitable for gaming rooms and arcades to backyard items and leisure activities for summer. What sets them apart is their inclusion of all ages and types of players, thus catering to a variety of interests. The affordable prices and guaranteed quality have made MD Sports a leading manufacturer of both indoor and outdoor gaming equipment.


Key Features
MD Sports 48” Ice Zone Air Powered Hockey Table28.8 lbs48 x 24 x 30 inchesAttractive Graphics, Compact, Lightweight, UL Approved Blower, Glossy 4’ Playfield, LED Electric Scoring and Manual Slide Scoring, Includes 2 Pucks and 2 Mallets


If you’re still not sure about this purchase and might need a second opinion, we’re here to lay out all the details you would want to know about the Ice Zone before checking out.

First Look

This 4’ Ice Zone table features an elegant black color with blue and white graphics that are bound to catch your eye. Upon first glance, we can deduce that the size and dimensions do not allow the table to be sturdy enough for fast action games involving adults.

However, the legs are reinforced with a board, meaning it would function well as a starter table for kids, making it a great fit for any playroom.


Keeping in mind how vital airflow is for smooth, fast-paced games, the UL-certified motor does not provide tournament-level speeds but won’t disappoint you at competitive family game nights either. The puck glides smoothly onto the other side of the glossy playfield, and the UL certification also ensures safety from electrical hazards. However, the consumer has little control over the airflow due to the lack of a power button.


The MD Ice Zone air hockey table offers scoring options for both traditional and competitive players. The manual scorers are located on either side of the goal for keeping track of the game yourself.

For players who want to avoid all distractions and enjoy the thrill of time-restricted games, the battery-powered LED side-scorer is the right choice. Requiring two AAA batteries, the scorer is equipped with sensors that detect points instantly.


Although this air hockey table does well during casual games and maintains a sturdy reputation, it might not remain so over time. Many consumers have felt that during assembly, some parts appear to be made of a lower quality base material than others.

While the table holds up well, these parts remain vulnerable to damages and cracks. The glossy playfield may also be subject to scratches due to the lack of a wear-resistant finish.

Overall Performance

The smooth finish on the playfield and the high-speed blower work together to provide a thrilling experience. After assembly following the provided manual, the build feels sturdy, enabling the table to allow exciting matches.

The board between the legs avoids shocking and external collisions. The puck drop system is simple, but the design may often result in jams. There are also no deflecting side rails to contribute further to the puck’s speed while preventing it from flying off the table often.



  • Perfect as a starter table for kids and also suitable for teenagers
  • Easy to assemble and carry from room to room due to lightweight body
  • Dual scoring options are available
  • High-speed airflow and smooth gaming due to the glossy top
  • Great value for the quoted price


  • No on/off switch for the blower
  • Playfield may also get scratched or scraped over time
  • Some parts of the base may be prone to damage due to cheap material


This 48″ air hockey table may not be the best choice in the long run, but you can count on it to make each game thrilling and memorable as long as it lasts.

All in all, the Ice Zone air hockey table provides enough speed and space for you to practice your trick shots and learn all the right moves while passing your love for air hockey to your kids.

However, it’s not intended for tournament-level competitiveness, so we suggest buying this one only for casual matches.

Ice Zone Air Hockey Table Review
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