Viper Vancouver 7.5′ Air Hockey Table Review

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The Viper Vancouver is one of the most popular air hockey tables on the market, particularly at this price point. On this page, we will look at what the Viper Vancouver has to offer for the keen air hockey enthusiast.

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Who is this table for?

The Viper Vancouver is a mid-priced air hockey table. At 7.5 feet in length, it is designed for adults who want a ‘pro level’ air hockey experience. Obviously, the price means it can’t quite offer the features that a pro air hockey table would be able to offer, but that is fine. It is not designed for professionals.

Since this is a big, bulky table, it is probably ideal for those who just want to set up an air hockey table once and leave it in place. You won’t be moving this around too often. For that reason, it is probably going to be best suited to those who are looking to kit out a games room.

How well does it play?

viper vancouverThis table plays incredibly smoothly. It boasts an airflow of 111 cubic feet per minute. This means the puck is going to glide across the table with ease. One of the aspects of this table that particularly strikes us, as well as other reviewers, is the fact that the playing surface is just so smooth. The design of it is gorgeous, too, having been designed to look like a proper ice hockey playing field.

The game comes equipped with four pushers and four pucks. While these are not the greatest pieces of equipment in the world, they are comfortable to hold and it feels great to play with them.

One of the main highlights of the Viper Vancouver 7,5-foot air hockey game table is the quality of the rebound on the side of the playing surface. With cheaper tables, the rebound tends to be slow and unpredictable, which is never a fun experience.

To cap it off, there is an accurate electronic scorer and timer. We like to point out that is an accurate digital scoreboard. Some of the cheaper scoreboards are abysmal in their performance. They break after a few plays, or they just do not record the score at all.

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Quality of the Build

This is a well-built table. It is simple to put together, but still very stable and rugged. The table comes equipped with some levelers that ensure you are able to play this on a variety of different surfaces. Glancing at them, it is unlikely they are going to be wearing down any time soon.

The top of the table is smooth, and once again, it is unlikely that it is going to be wearing down in the future. However, it is worth noting that all table tops on air hockey tables will wear down eventually; that is the nature of the beast. However, we are fairly confident that the Viper Vancouver will give you years upon years of use before it gets to that point.


The Viper Vancouver is affordable and provides a good playing experience. You can’t really ask much more from it. As a result, we have no hesitation in recommending this to you. Sure, there are better tables on the market, there always will be, but very few of them come close to the quality that this table boasts at this price point.

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