Harvard Action Arena Air Hockey Table Review

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harvard action arena


  • Comes with electronic scoring system
  • Has solid construction
  • Built with durable profiled rails to keep puck in the game
  • Has leg levelers


  • Side walls easily get chipped
  • Can’t provide arcade-level play due to its size
  • Pucks can get stuck in the plastic nets
  • PVC laminate can easily chip off
  • Can be difficult to assemble

Where to Buy

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  • Table dimensions: 84 inches D x 44 inches W x by 33 inches H; 135 pounds
  • Materials: PVC laminate (playfield)
  • Features: 3-inch profiled rails, 110V motor, removable nets, electronic scoring system inlaid to playfield
  • Price: $$
  • Manufactured by: Escalade Sports


Escalade Sports built the Harvard Action Arena Air Hockey Table to be tough and durable. It has a heavy-duty cabinet and a reinforced leg design that, along with its leg levelers, helps keep the table sturdy no matter how vigorously you play on it. Its weight further adds to its stability but doesn’t make it too hard to lift and move around when you need to rearrange your furnishings.

Unfortunately, the table’s construction seems to have a few flaws that make it less durable than customers expected. As some buyers have discovered, the side walls easily get chipped within the first few hours of use. After the table has been used for a couple of weeks, the side rails can sport missing chunks of plastic and the goals can end up looking significantly worn down.

These shouldn’t have happened; air hockey tables are expected to go through vigorous play, so the designers should have built the Action Arena using more durable materials that can withstand wear and tear.


The Harvard Action Arena Air Hockey Table is designed for excellent gameplay. The 110v motor provides a cushion of air that keeps the puck gently floating, while the PVC laminate playfield provides a smooth surface and ensures it’s easy to move around.

The 3-inch profiled rails, meanwhile, provide slap shots with a solid rebound while ensuring the puck stays on the playfield. All of these combine to help you enjoy a fun, fast-paced game with your family and friends.

Even if you don’t regularly play air hockey, you can find that it’s easy to score on the Action Arena. The playfield comes with patented Puck Centering Profiles, which are designed to help you set up your shot and gain a score.

And you don’t even have to manually count your score since the electronic system automatically does it for you. The scoring panels are inlaid into each side of the playfield, so you only have to glance down to see your score and know how well you’re performing.

All of these mean that the Harvard Action Arena is built to provide a great air hockey experience. However, there are a few hiccups that can affect gameplay and make it less enjoyable for you.

One of these is the fact that the puck can sometimes get stuck in the plastic nets, which means you won’t get a score and that you’ll have to spend a minute digging out the puck. This can interrupt you in the middle of the game instead of letting you focus on playing and having fun.

It’s also worth noting that, while the Harvard Action Arena claims to accommodate up to four players, many customers have noticed that fitting four people in the table is possible only if they’re kids or teens and/or have small frames. Larger adults will find it hard to play doubles against each other.


One of the best things about the Harvard Action Arena is its attractive appearance. Its cabinet has a rich, dark color, which contrasts nicely with the white playfield and is punctuated by its silver accents and red plastic nets. The table’s elegant design makes it a great addition to any space and helps it blend well with your den or gaming room, regardless of its interior design.

Perhaps the only issue with aesthetics stems from the fact that the railings can easily be chipped (as mentioned above). Since the railings have a dark color, any chips on them can be easily noticed, making the table look old and worn out even when you’ve just recently bought it.

Who’s it for?

The Harvard Action Arena Air Hockey Table is ideal for anyone who wants to play air hockey at home but doesn’t have enough space for a standard arcade-sized table. It’s also great for people who are still learning how to play as well as for parents who want to introduce their kids to air hockey.

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