PlayCraft Center Ice 7’ Air Hockey Table Review

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PlayCraft are well-known for their ability to produce a quality air hockey table for not a whole lot of money. Some of their tables have been a bit of a miss, particularly when it comes to the cheaper end of the market, but for the most part, they can produce hit after hit. So, what heading does the PlayCraft Center Ice 7’ Air Hockey table fall into? Let’s look!

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Who is the table for?

As with most PlayCraft Air Hockey tables, this one has not been built for pros and the like. Instead, the table has been designed for families and beginner and intermediate players looking to kit out a games room or something similar. That is not to say that the table does not play well. It is one of the best performing tables in this price bracket, but it is not going to give you the silky-smooth action that the tables built for competitive use can offer.

Since this is a 7’ table, you will need a reasonable amount of space at your disposal to be able to slot it into your room. You certainly will not be able to surround this with oodles of different pieces of furniture!

How well does it play?

This PlayCraft Air Hockey table comes equipped with a reasonably sized air blower motor. At this price, you can’t expect the best in the business, but you will love how well it performs. It keeps the puck gliding across the table and can lead to some fast plays. When we were playing on the table, we didn’t see it falter at all, which is really saying something, as things in this price bracket normally tend to have low powered motors, which cause the puck to get stuck if it isn’t hit hard enough. This isn’t great for playing.

The finish on the table also ensures the smooth passage of play. Again, considering its price, you can’t expect the greatest finish in the world, but it is certainly something that is going to hold up. Having played on a number of different PlayCraft tables, we must say that has one of the smoothest playing surfaces out there.

The size of the playing surface is larger than many people may be used to, which offers a slightly different, and in our opinion, more fun style of play.

The sides of the table offer a decent amount of rebound. It is also predictable where the puck is going to head. This offers brilliant gameplay. The only downside is that the sides of the table may be a little bit low. More than once the puck has been hit a little too hard, which causes it to jettison off of the table. This may be down to the lighter pucks the table is supplied with.

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Quality of the Build

This table is well-built. The table legs are angled to ensure the table does not rock about, even during the most intense plays. There are some leg levellers on the base of the legs that ensure you can set the table up on uneven surfaces.

The ¾ inch thick PVC laminate table is designed to provide you with years of use. The digital scoreboard does fall on the cheaper end of the spectrum in terms of equipment, but it still functions as you would expect.


Of course, you can always buy more expensive air hockey tables. That is a given. However, for the price, we feel as though the PlayCraft Center Ice 7’ Air Hockey Table performs extremely well. The look of the table may not be to everybody’s standards, and it is a shame that it didn’t come with a wood-style finish.

However, if you are looking for an air hockey table that offers a great playing experience at a decent price, you probably can’t find any better table than this one.

With an average customer review of 4.6 out of 5 points, we believe this is the best table in this price point.

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