Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table Review

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  • Made for professional players
  • comes with a powerful blower system
  • has an electronic scoring unit that makes tracking your scores easy


  • Can be expensive for the average consumer

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  • Materials: Wood
  • Overall Dimensions: 99.5” L x 51.5” W x 31” H
  • Playing Surface Dimensions: 93” L x 45” W
  • Weight: 435 lbs.
  • Features: Single Patented Dyna-Blast Blower System, Overhead Electronic Scoring Unit with Side Mounted LED Display, Aluminum rails, Polystyrene legs
  • Inclusions: Two mallets and two 3.25-inch pucks
  • Price: $$$$$ (check here)
  • Warranty: One year


The name says it all: the Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table is made for professionals by professionals. Unlike other models built for casual gamers, this unit is designed to handle the wear and tear brought about by a fast and wild game. This is one of the reasons why it has the approval of the U.S. Air Table Hockey Association.

The Pro Style’s commercial-grade cabinet is designed to withstand heavy use, while its high-quality polystyrene legs and heavy-duty leg levelers offer optimum stability. Its 3 1/8-inch aluminum rails are tournament-tested to provide excellent deflections and promote accuracy.

They’re also tough and durable, so no matter how much you lean on the rails, you have the assurance that they won’t easily break into pieces.

Aside from sturdiness, another thing you should expect from the Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table is stability. Its polystyrene legs are paired with leg levelers that automatically adjust to whatever it’s standing on.

So, even if the table is placed in a room with uneven floors, you know that its playing surface will be smooth, level, and perfectly even. This is an important factor, particularly if you’re hosting a tournament.

All of these mean that the hockey table can be quite heavy. So, when placing your order either online or offline, arrange to have it delivered right to the room where you want to assemble it.

This way, you’ll avoid the hassle of having to lift it yourself.

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The Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table isn’t called “pro style” for nothing. Its patented Dyna-Blast blower system provides a cushion of air that ensures the surface is as friction-free as possible and that you and your friends will enjoy a fast, non-stop playing experience.

It’s a great way to see what it’s like to be a professional air hockey player — without actually having to be one.

Another thing that enhances the gameplay of this air hockey table is its overhead scoring unit. With this feature, you no longer have to manually count your scores, and you’ll feel even more like a pro since your scores are shown on the side-mounted LED display.

Of course, if you’re hosting a tournament, this feature will be handy since scoring becomes automatic, so players can no longer complain the game is rigged.


One of the things I like about the Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table is its looks. Its plain dark cabinet is paired with a blue playing surface, along with white mallets and green pucks.

Whether you’ve outgrown the brightly colored air hockey tables in arcades or simply want to have an elegant unit that matches your chic interior decor, this unit will not disappoint.

Who’s it for?

The Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table is for people who have outgrown arcade-style models as well as those who are serious about becoming professional air hockey players. It’s also great for those who want to have an attractive and professional-looking air hockey table that will complement their home’s interior design and won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Of course, the Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table is a great investment for those who want to open an air hockey tournament hall and attract pro players. As mentioned above, the unit’s overhead scoring board makes it easy to maintain fairness during games and avoid disputes and complaints from players.

If you’re still learning how to play air hockey, there’s no need to fork out the cash for the Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table. There are many other makes and models that are cheaper but will still allow you to practice and hone your skills. You can look into the Carmelli Brentwood 7.5’ Premium Air Hockey Table or the Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Table.

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Valley-Dynamo 8ft Ratings
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The composite rating is 4.65 stars. The consensus among customers:

  • One of the best in the market
  • Well-built
  • Solid, commercial-quality construction
  • Holds up to tough use
  • Well worth the money
  • Needs three or more people to assemble and move
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3.17 (18 votes)

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