Harvil 7ft Air Hockey Table Review

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harvil 7ft review

For those who are after a quality air hockey table unlikely to break the bank, the Harvil 7ft Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoring system is a solid option. This particular air hockey table has been designed for those who enjoy playing the game in the comfort of their own home.

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However, there is no reason as to why this table isn’t suitable for a bar or club environment. Sure, it does not offer a system for ‘paying’ to play the game, but it is going to keep punters happy. If it keeps punters happy, then they are going to continue to pay for drinks. Let’s take a little look at what this table from Harvil is able to offer, shall we?


This table is packed to the brim with features. We are going to take a little look at the pros and cons of some of these features later on, but for now we are going to give you a quick overview as to what you can expect should you purchase this air hockey table:

  • Table measures 84 L x 48 W x 32 H (inches)
  • Playing surface measures 76 L x 40 W x 1 H (inches)
  • Foldable electronic score board is seated on the side of the playing gable
  • Two 110V blowers allow the air hockey table to function
  • Pack of four strikes (3.75inches in size) as well as four 3inch blue pucks
  • MDF construction


The biggest pro of this Harvil Air Hockey Table is the fact that it is remarkably affordable for what you are getting. Yes, there are cheaper air hockey tables out there on the market, but none of them offer the quality this table boasts. You see, the air blowers on this unit are fantastic.

They allow the puck to glide freely around the placing surface. Some of the other cheap air hockey tables on the market have abysmal air blowers. This can result in the puck becoming stuck in the center of the table. This isn’t ideal if you are in the midst of a particularly hardcore game!

One of our favorite features of this air hockey table was actually its design. As you can see from the picture that it boasts I-Style legs. This keeps the air hockey table firmly rooted in position, even if you are in the middle of an intense game. This is brilliant because due to its MDF construction, it is a rather light table weighing in at a shade less than 155 pounds.

However, as long as you do not go too hard on the table, it is not going to budge from its place. There are four leg levelers included in the packaging, just in case you are playing on an uneven surface.

Whilst the digital score display on the table is nothing to write home about, it does function incredibly well. It is clear to read and easy to set up. If you do not wish to use the score unit, you can easily detach it from the table whenever you see fit.


When it comes to cons, there is very little here. Perhaps the biggest complaint amongst users is the fact that one area of the table has been constructed from foam. This is the wall just below where the scoreboard is located.

This area makes it difficult to play certain types of shots. It isn’t that much of an issue if you aren’t playing to a professional standard, but it is going to get a bit irritating from time to time!

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If you are looking for an air hockey table that is a cut above other air hockey tables on the market, i.e. the cheaper ones, then you will certainly want to give this one a spin. It offers serious value for money. Just try not to expect the same performance as one that is 2-5x the price Harvil are charging for this table.

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