MD Sports 80” Air Powered Hockey Table Review

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The MD Sports 80” Air Powered Hockey Table is an incredibly reasonably priced, good quality air hockey table which will provide you and your family with hours of fun, entertainment, and competition.

Air Hockey is growing in popularity and is now not only reserved for rec rooms and bars but is a recognized sport with an Annual World Championship and organizations such as the “United States Air Hockey Association” and the “Air Hockey Players Association”.

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This fun game is well suited to a variety of different age groups, from young children to adults alike, and can be as fast and competitive as you choose – making this a brilliant and versatile addition to any home.


  • Strong motorized blower fan provides even air flow across the playing surface
  • LED electronic scorer makes keeping score easy and fun
  • The oversized leg levelers help you achieve a perfectly even playing surface


  • Assembly can be tricky due to some pilot holes not lining up properly
  • Some players find the stadium sounds a little distracting
  • The electronic scorer is powered by batteries which are not included.
Dimensions80 x 42 x 32 inches; 125.4 pounds
FeaturesLED electronic scorer
Strong motorized blower fan
Oversized leg levelers
Price$$$ (check here)

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Important features to look for in an air hockey table are:

Sturdiness – it’s important that the table does not move around when played and is made of strong materials for a durable table which should last a long time.

A strong motor and equal air pressure – a powerful motorized blower which delivers consistent air pressure in all locations on the table will help the puck glide better and will make for a better game.

Scoring method – some tables have an abacus type manual scoring method while other more expensive models tend to have electronic scoring.

Smooth and scratch free surface – this will ensure that there is no friction, which will mean the puck glides along the surface better.

Leg levelers – good quality air hockey tables generally have leg levelers attached to the legs, which helps you achieve a perfectly flat playing surface even where the floor isn’t perfectly even.

The MD Sports 80-inch Air Powered Hockey Table is 80 inches in length (close to 7 foot), with a width of 42 inches and a height of 32 inches, meaning the table is large enough for a robust game between adults but not quite as dominating as a full-sized table making it ideal for use in a games room.

In terms of scoring, the MD Sports 80-inch Air Powered Hockey Table features a rail integrated LED electronic scorer. It automatically senses when a puck has gone through the goal and into the goal pocket, which is convenient and less distracting than a manual method.

The surface of the table is UV coated – it is scratch resistant, durable and high gloss, allowing for wonderfully smoother play.

The table also features oversized 5-inch leg levelers, which allow you to adjust the height of the table so you can achieve a perfectly flat and even playing surface.

One of the best features of the MD Sports 80-inch Air Powered Hockey Table is the impressively powerful 120V motorized blower fan, which means you get incredibly strong and even airflow through the holes on the playing surface for a consistent air flow and ultimately a super-fast and exciting game.

Assembly is quick and simple according to purchasers, apart from a few hiccups caused by pilot holes not quite lining up all the time – however for the price and quality of the table, this is a small inconvenience.

The table design features bright and stylish graphics of black and lemon green which make for an impressive looking table. This combined with the “authentic stadium sound effects” creates great, fun atmosphere.


This is a wonderfully fun game which can be enjoyed by almost anyone and which should keep kids and adults entertained endlessly.

It’s truly well priced for the quality and is generally loved by purchasers.

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