Barrington Billiards EA Sports Air Hockey Table Review

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  • Good quality for the given price; sturdy construction
  • Comes equipped with an electronic scorer
  • Less complex to assemble
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Comes with cup holders for when you drink and play
  • Comes with built-in storage for better organization with your pucks and pushers


  • Construction could be better. Lots of sharp edges that result in cuts and nicks during rough gameplay
  • Electronic scorer has glitches once in a while
  • Durability could be better. Showed signs of wear and tear in a short time.
  • Comes with smaller, lightweight pucks (2 1/2″ diameter)
  • Goal boxes plastic feels a bit cheap

Where to Buy

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  • Dimensions: 84 inches L x 48 inches W x 32 inches H
  • Weight: 141 lbs.
  • Materials: compressed particle board (table)
  • Features: LED overhead electronic scoring system with timer and arcade sound effects, uses CFMS airflow, cup holders, push button controls, built-in storage for puck and pushers
  • Price: $$ (check here)
  • Manufactured by: EA SPORTS


Where durability is concerned, EA Sports made sure the Barrington Billiards Air Hockey Table delivers. Stability comes in the form of functional reinforcements, such as the reinforced playfield apron and top rail, full panel leg supports, built-in storage, side cabinets, and the oversized 6-inch leg levelers. With all these combined, the table can handle even rough and tough gameplay. It is more versatile, too.

Designed to provide long-lasting fun memories and playtime, it is built to last for years. This accounts for a weight of a little over 140 lbs., which ensures the air hockey table stays in place, even when there’s pushing and shoving going on.

One particular downside of this table, however, is the sharp edges and corners. Although the ends of the table extend beyond the legs, the odds of someone stubbing or nicking their toes at the back of the table’s feet are still high. And it won’t be a pleasant experience. Best to place rubber or silicone over these edges.


With an electronic scoring system that comes complete with an LED display, timer and arcade sound effects, playing air hockey with Barrington Billiards EA Sports Air Hockey Table is as realistic as it can get. If you want an authentic arcade experience, the table’s sound effects will give you just that.

No need to manually tally the score either. Just make sure the scorer is doing its job, since glitches can happen once in a while. You can rely on the scoring system, but don’t put all your trust on it.

Push button controls and the air-powered, friction-reducing play area make for a fast-paced gameplay. They don’t always guarantee a win, but you can always expect enjoyment and fun memories. Expect some dead spots on the table.

Gameplay can run from friendly to aggressive and the table will hold itself upright and in good working condition. The more frequent games are played, however, the more likely wear and tear will show quickly. But hey, it’s all part of the game.


The Barrington Billiards EA Sports Air Hockey Table has a reliable and durable design. With lines and curves combined, it has the look that is less conventional and boring. Not many hockey tables have curve-like feet, after all.

The color palette makes a unique design. It’s not all black, but the red, gray, white and silver combination definitely contributes to a visually striking table. The overhead rail is a bit of an eyesore, causing a distraction for some.

Although it gives the table that space-age appeal, it breaks your line of sight, which could cause you to lose the puck as it passes through the middle.

The graphic design on the table’s surface also adds to its visual appeal, while showing you where your part of the table ends and your opponent’s starts.

What the fancy design means, however, is a challenging process of putting the table together. Remember that there are several parts involved, what with all the additional features thrown in. Weight already affects the speed with which the table can be assembled, requiring at least two people working hand in hand.

Overall, it’s not as simple and straightforward to put together, but that should be expected given the table’s design and features. The good news is it’s not rocket science either.

Who’s it for?

With a height of 32 inches, the Barrington Billiards EA Sports Air Hockey Table is high enough for children and young adult. It can be a bit of a bend or slouch for tall players, but it still provides a good playfield. Beginners, families and occasional players will love this table. They just need to keep an eye out for those sharp edges.

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