Hathaway Phantom 7.5′ Air Hockey Table Review

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hathaway phantom


  • Comes with two high-powered blower motors
  • has an electronic scoring unit
  • has an automatic puck return system


  • Scoring mechanism may have some issues
  • doesn’t come with a power cord, so you’ll need to use batteries for the electronic scoring unit

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  • Materials: Wood
  • Overall Dimensions: 89” L x 48” L x 32” H
  • Playing Surface Dimensions: 81” L x 42” W x 1” Deep
  • Weight: 249 lbs.
  • Features: Two UL-approved 110V/60mz motors, high-gloss poly-sealed playing surface, electronic LED scoring unit
  • Inclusions: Two 3.75″ strikers and four 3″ pucks
  • Price: $$$ (check here)
  • Warranty: 90-day limited warranty


This 7.5-foot Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Table is considered to be commercial-grade, so it can supposedly withstand vigorous use and last for a long time. Its arched pedestal-style legs are designed to keep the entire table sturdy, and they’re paired with individual levelers that help the unit stay stable even when it’s set on an uneven floor.

It’s expected that the UL-approved 110V/60mz blower motors are built to last and will stay functional even when the table is frequently used. However, there have been some complaints from customers that the motors either refused to function out of the box or stopped working after a few days or weeks.

Others also complain about the electronic scoring unit, which either didn’t work on one side or completely did not function as desired. To ensure that you’ll buy a fully functional unit, you’ll want to do your research and buy your air hockey table from a reliable seller.


Playing on the Hathaway Phantom 7.5-Feet Air Hockey Table is an enjoyable experience — at least on paper. Its high-gloss poly sealed playing surface gives you a smooth and almost friction-free area where pucks can easily slide back and forth. The surface is built to be resistant to scratches, so even if you’re playing heavily, you don’t have to worry about damaging your table’s stylish finish.

Add this to the fact that the unit has dual high-performance blower motors, and you’ll have a playing field that’s conducive to a fast-paced game and can help you have a fun and exciting experience.

It’s important to note, though, that gameplay can suffer if one of these elements is missing or not in good shape. Some customers have complained that their Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Table had a hump or ripple on its playing field, which meant that it was not completely smooth and that the puck would stall in this specific spot.

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Others, meanwhile, say that their blower motors have conked out, which means they’re technically no longer playing air hockey.

Another thing that can affect gameplay is the scoring unit. As mentioned above, several customers have complained that their scoring unit functions only on one side of the table or doesn’t function at all. This isn’t a problem if you’re only playing for fun, but it can be an issue if you’re having a competition with your friends or family and want to accurately keep track of your score.

If none of these problems occur, the Hathaway Phantom 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Table can be one of the best models out there in terms of gameplay. Its automatic puck return system allows you to focus on scoring instead of retrieving pucks, while its selection of gameplay settings makes air hockey even more exciting.


The Hathaway Phantom 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Table in Dark Blue and Silver is an aesthetically pleasing model. Its arched pedestal-style legs don’t only help it maintain its strength and stability but also gives it a classic and elegant appeal. Its deep-blue body, which is paired with chrome accents on the corners and a white playing surface, makes it a great addition to any room.

Who’s it for?

The Hathaway Phantom 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Table in Dark Blue and Silver is great for those who have just discovered the sport since the unit can help them master the rules and hone their skills. It’s also a great option for parents whose kids are asking for an air hockey table. This unit is less expensive compared to other makes and models and is ideal for moms and dads who are on a budget.

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Hathaway Phantom 7.5' Ratings
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  • Customer rating Home Depot
  • Customer rating Overstock


The composite rating is 3.9 stars. The consensus among customers:

  • Assembly went together easily, with a few exceptions
  • Very nice, professional table
  • Table looks great
  • Scoring is accurate although there may be some issues with its mechanism
  • Should have come with a power cord instead of using batteries
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