American Heritage Billiards Monarch Air-Hockey Table Review

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air hockey table monarch
The American Heritage Billiards Monarch Air-Hockey table has been designed for those players who want something that looks gorgeous in their home, but still boasts fantastic playability.

The sleek-looking cherry-finished cabinet, complete with a silver trim, looks highly sophisticated. Quality blowers and electronic scoring ensure that this is one of the best ‘home use’ air hockey tables on the market at the moment.

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Who is this table for?

The Monarch Air-Hockey table from the “AeroMaxx Series” has been built for those who may want something that errs towards the pro side of tables, but do not want to be dropping thousands and thousands of dollars on it.

Basically, this table is one of the best that you are able to purchase for use at home. You will need a fair amount of space for it, though, as this table is 48 inches wide. However, if you are looking into a table like this, you probably already have an area in your home where you are planning on putting it.

How well does it play?

american heritage monarch

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It can be summed up as the following: incredibly well.

The table comes with a 110 volts blower made from a dense board which is strong enough to ensure a fast-paced game. The puck will just glide over it. You will not have to worry about the puck getting stuck like you would on some of the cheaper tables on the market. This means you are going to be able to enjoy a competitive play when you use this air hockey table.

The surface of the table really helps, too. It is a screen printed surface, which once again allows the puck to just glide across it with ease. Once you get into the heat of things, your play is going to be fast-paced.

This makes the air hockey table perfect for those who are looking to boost their skills. We wouldn’t be surprised if that there were a number of experienced air hockey players with one of these in their home, using it to practice on!

One of the aspects we particularly loved about this table was the way in which the electronic scoring system has been incorporated into it. With some of the cheaper tables on the market, the scoring system seems to be on the side of the table, which is tough to read.

With this table, they seem to have gone down the more professional route. There is an arch on the table that keeps track of the latest scores. This will be within your field of vision as you play. It is something small, but we feel that it really helps to complete the overall style of the table, so it is something we genuinely love!

Quality of the Build

The build quality of the American Heritage Billiards Monarch AeroMaxx Series Air-Hockey Table is absolutely superb, considering its price of course. It weighs 278 pounds (roughly), which means this isn’t going to budge even under the most intense games of air hockey. As mentioned right at the start, it looks gorgeous, too. The rails of the table are aluminum, while the body is covered in cherry. Honestly, this is one of the nicer air hockey tables on the market at the moment, at least in this price range.

In case you’re worried, you will be pleased to know that you will benefit from a decent manufacturer’s warranty on the product, so if you run into any issues, they will be there to help you correct them!


If you are after a quality table, then this particular air hockey table needs to be right on the top of your list of potential tables to purchase. It has a sleek and smooth design, it plays remarkably well (you will be in awe at just how well that puck glides across the table) and the electric scorer on the arches just completes the look.

This has all the hallmarks of a professional air-hockey table, but built for use in the comfort of your own home. If you want something that will potentially last you years, then this is the one you want.

We have absolutely no hesitation recommending the American Heritage Billiards Monarch Air Hockey Table. It functions well, it comes in at a decent price, and it is going to give you years and years of happy use. If you are a fan of air hockey, then look no further than this unit!

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