Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table Review

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  • Perfect for children and anyone who can reach the 4-foot table and not have a hard time bending over it
  • Ideal for areas where space is limited
  • May be used as a tabletop air hockey
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with features that make air hockey fun and enjoyable


  • Not for everyone, especially those who prefer to play on a full-size air hockey table
  • Only operates on a single blower
  • Electronic scoring unit may or may not work
  • Choice of materials could be better
  • Lacks arcade features, such as music, lighting, etc.


  • Table Dimensions: 54 x 26 x 32 inches
  • Playing Surface Dimensions: 47 x 32 x 0.625 H inches
  • Shipping weight: 40 pounds
  • Materials: MDF fiberboard and solid wood
  • Features: Battery-operated electronic scoring board, single 110-volt electric blower, comes with 3-inch paddles and 2.5-inch pucks
  • Price: $
  • Manufactured by: Harvil

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Constructed of MDF fiberboard with a mix of solid wood, the Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table is reasonably stable, considering its weight and size. After all, MDF performs better than solid wood, especially in areas where heat and humidity are a major concern. It doesn’t buckle, crack or shrink to changes in heat and humidity.

However, you might want to avoid repeated assembly and reassembly of the table since the areas where the screws go can weaken and become damaged over time. Although the table can be used as a tabletop air hockey, you might want to take it easy on removing and re-attaching the legs due to the use of MDF.

The table is made with L-shaped legs with levelers for stability. If you need to place it on an uneven surface, simply adjust the leg levelers to keep the table level.

The electronic scoreboard is placed in an area where someone can easily bump against it. Not only can this cause the score to change accidentally, it also reduces the working life of the score counter. If it keeps being bumped, it will stop working eventually.


With laminated blue graphics on and around the table, playing air hockey with Harvil 4 Foot table has that realistic feel. Kids will surely get that competitive feeling the moment the game starts.

But with only a single 110-volt electric blower, there isn’t much power that goes around. The table may have very few dead spots and the puck usually glides smoothly on the surface, but gameplay power is lacking. Then again, young children may not need all that power to play air hockey.

Weighing less than 40 pounds outside the box, the table is not recommended for aggressive gameplay, especially where lots of pushing and shoving going on. There’s a possibility that the table could topple over, requiring legs to be nailed down permanently.

Also, the goal isn’t fully closed and the puck could fall through in the long run. This makes gameplay a bit of a hassle since you’ll need to pick the puck off the floor.

As for scoring, the electronic scoreboard definitely helps, provided no one bumps against it. It also runs on 2 AAA batteries, which could pose a problem when it becomes weak and affects the scorer’s response time. Good thing a manual scorer is available. You’ll just have to do manual scoring with electronic scoring.

For its price point and intended players, however, this table will suffice.


With a color scheme of black, white and blue, the Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table definitely looks sleek. Because the blue graphics are laminated on the surface, it will stay in place for a long time.

Its straightforward design not only contributes to the overall aesthetics but also ensures a clear visual on the game. No other features that will distract your eye. The additional design on the side of the table also holds appeal.

The choice of dark color for the rest of the table makes for a decent looking air hockey table as well. When the red-colored puck and mallet are placed on the table, the aesthetics significantly improves.

Who’s it for?

As one of shortest air hockey tables on the market, it is designed for younger children. Adult play is definitely out of the question, but kids are sure to love playing with the Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table.

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