Atomic AH800 8’ Hockey Table Review

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atomic ah800


  • Heavy-duty and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Adds visual appeal to a game room or man cave
  • Aluminum rails
  • Comes with several inclusions
  • Great customer service


  • Scoring and timing requires pre-programming
  • In rare cases numbers on the scoreboard do not change

Where to Buy

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  • Table dimensions: 99 x 53 x 14.2 inches; 316.8 pounds
  • Play surface: 42 x 92 inches
  • Apron and rails: 12 inches, 4.5 inches
  • Features: Digital scoring system, LED scoring display, LED goal lights and glowing puck return
  • Price: $$$$ (check price)
  • Manufactured by: Escalade Sports


Wood may be the most recommended material for a hockey table, but the combination of plastic, MDF and anodized aluminum rails do make the Atomic AH800 8’ hockey table quite the “bomb”. It is durable enough to withstand frequent gameplay, but at a less aggressive level. The aluminum rails also contribute to excellent rebound.

The apron design in black PVC laminate, with brushed aluminum as an accent stripe, is sturdy and reinforced to support longer play time.

The table’s melamine playfield surface not only ensures faster play, but also keeps scratches at bay for a long time. It will be a while before signs of wear and tear will appear on the surface, what with it being low-friction and scratch-resistant.

But what really makes the table durable and reliable is the adjustable and removable legs. Six-inch solid square post legs provide a stable support. Equipped with surefooted leg levelers, the legs can be adjusted to keep the table at an even surface. In case the floor isn’t –3 inches, you only need to turn the rubber feet to match, so the leg will sit on the floor, regardless of the angle.


Sturdy construction already says a lot about the kind of gameplay you will enjoy. But the commercial grade blower is the only guarantee that you want. It provides uninterrupted air cushion, what with air-chamber channels that ensure maximum airflow distributed all over the playing surface. This eliminates dead spots that will stop the puck halfway, interrupting the game.

Combined with a super slick playing surface, the puck and the striker will easily move from one area of the fully-colored graphics table to the next. Made of a scuff-resistant melamine, you can play rough without marring the play area. With an ergonomically designed striker, with red soft-grip pads, you can play the game for as long and as frequently as you want.

The anodized aluminum rails also contribute to excellent rebound for a more enjoyable gameplay.

To make the game realistic and competitive, the Atomic AH800 8’ hockey table comes with a digital scoring system, complete with easy push button controls and an LED scoring display that can be viewed clearly from across the room. But with the LED goal lights that flash and the glowing puck return, you’ll know that you made a goal. You just need the confirmation from the scoreboard.

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Using the soft-touch electronic control pad, you can change game times in increments of 5 minutes up to 15 minutes, and to unlimited. The same touch pad is used to operate the air, game reset, audio and power.

The Atomic table is shipped with 4 strikers, 2 red pucks measuring 3.25 inches, and 2 white pucks with the same dimension.


Featuring a black and grey finish, with the occasional white and red details, the Atomic AH800 8’ hockey table definitely looks beautiful and professional. It makes for an aesthetic feature in any interior and open space. You won’t have a problem decorating around it either.

Part of the table’s appeal is the motorized inlaid LED scoreboard built flush on the side rails, resulting in a sleek and smooth appearance. The black anodized aluminum top gives the impression that the table is cut from a single mold.

The lighting feature that makes the goal and puck return glow also uses high-powered blue LEDs that contribute to a visual appeal day and night, since it glows in the daylight.

Other design features that make the table look impressive and professional include the black apron in PVC laminate with brushed aluminum as a stripe accent. Together with the aluminum rails, and the melamine play surface with embedded full-color graphics, this hockey table definitely scores high in the aesthetics department.

Who’s it for?

Given the height, length and width of the table, the AH800 8’ hockey table is designed for intermediate players who can afford to pay over $1,000 for a table. Regardless of the skill levels, children and young adults will surely enjoy the level of gameplay this table provides.

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