Valley-Dynamo Arctic Wind 7 Foot Air Hockey Table Review

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The timeless game of air hockey is as popular as ever, with plenty of gaming tables available in the market currently. There’s fierce competition between old and new manufacturers of air hockey tables. Here we review the Valley-Dynamo Arctic Wind 7-foot Air Hockey Table, a classic choice from a renown brand.

Product Specifications:

Dynamo company is known for having a variety of world-class gaming tables. The following are specifications of its 7-Foot Arctic Wind Air Hockey Table.

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Playing Surface Dimensions
Table Dimensions
Arctic Wind 7' Air Hockey Tables -by Valley-Dynamo78 in L x 38 in W x 1 in Thickness82.5 in L x 42.5 in W x 30 sin H270 lbs / 122 kgsDurable Polypropylene Legs Support,
Manual Abacus Scorer, Aluminum Rail Technology, Sturdy Cabinet Construction, Ultra-quiet Electric Blower
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About Arctic Wind

The Arctic Wind table has a practical design, being from a company known for its expertise in the amusement industry. It is simple and basic, yet extremely high-quality and sturdy. It does not contain fancy features like lighting, sound effects, and digital scoring like many other upgraded models available in the market. However, it does everything you would expect from a classic air hockey game smoothly and efficiently.

This no-frills table has a durable build with a surface that is flat and unwarped, providing smooth and undisturbed gameplay. The table rails aren’t made of plastic, unlike those of cheaper varieties. Instead, its aluminum rails are hard-wearing and do a great job at deflecting pucks in an accurate and effortless manner.

The Arctic Wind’s cabinets are heavy-duty too, which prevent clogging of pucks in the goals and ensure rapid puck return. The goal covers are plastic-made, and might get dented over time due to the mallets hitting them for an extended period. However, they can be replaced with no trouble since they’re quite inexpensive.

In addition, this product features a manual abacus score counting unit. Both teams can simply slide the beads on the abacus to keep track of their score. It also comes with a soundless electric blower, which is a very important part of the table since it helps ensure smooth gameplay and prevents blockage. It allows the puck to move swiftly across the table surface by blowing air through the clean pinholes evenly across it.

The table is quite heavy yet stable enough,  being kept upright with the help of rigid polypropylene legs which minimize its movement during the game due to their square shape. These solid leg supports come with the table separately and require to be self-attached. The table also includes 2 pucks and 2 mallets, as an added plus. All these features work together to keep the game in good flow and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Overall, it is very well put-together and established. It does not come with any electrical features apart from the blower, which makes chances of failure very low. You can trust this model to offer enjoyable games for years. The price of this table is also seems well worth the quality and durability it provides. 


  • Very durable and level build
  • Unwarped smooth surface
  • Noiseless and ultra-quiet
  • High-volume electric blower
  • Aluminum rails allow pucks to ricochet quickly and reliably
  • Solid square polypropylene leg support ensures minimal table movement
  • Can be used in homes
  • Strong and sturdy cabinet construction, no-clog puck return
  • Comes with pucks and mallets


  • Only manual scoring without any electronic score counter
  • Simple and old-fashioned design
  • Only certain types of pucks can be used with this model

About the Company

Dynamo company, founded in 1973 in Dallas, Texas, by William Rickett, is a manufacturer of gaming and sporting goods. It initially started with foosball tables and after a short time, introduced coin-operated pool and air hockey tables, of which it has now been a reputed manufacturer for over six decades. Being a leading brand in the market, it has developed quite a lot. In 2012, Dynamo formed a merger with multiple reputed brands which came together under one roof.  This gave birth to the industry-leading brand currently known as Valley-Dynamo L.P.

Valley-Dynamo is a well-known corporation and the largest gaming table manufacturer in the world. Offering different arcade games like billiard, air hockey, foosball, and shuffleboard, it also manufactures gaming accessories, having extended its range to include products for both the home and coin-op markets.

Presently, it is considered to have some of the most well-built and sturdy tables in the global amusement game manufacturing industry. Valley-Dynamo gaming tables are popularly used in local, state, as well as national championships.


To conclude, this table has all the qualities needed for a peaceful and fun game. It is especially designed and envisioned for use in homes and serves that purpose efficiently. It is undecorated and simple, but still excellent quality that is bound to last. It comes from a widely trusted and renown brand, which also makes this product reliable.

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