American Legend Phazer 7.5’ Hockey Table

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american legend phazer


  • Interactive LED Lighting
  • Sturdy, heavy, stable and durable
  • High-powered blower (120V)
  • Electronic timing and scoring
  • Comes with 4 red pucks and 4 red strikers


  • A bit overpriced
  • Paint job could be better
  • Few customers were unhappy with delivery due to a missing or broken part
  • Plastic of some parts feels cheap

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  • Table dimensions: 91.5 x 50 x 8 inches; 229 pounds
  • Play surface: 81 x 39 inches
  • Apron and rails: 12 inches, 4.5 inches
  • Features: Interactive rail lighting, electronic scoring and timing, high-power blower
  • Price: $$$ (check price)
  • Manufactured by: Escalade Sports


When it comes to durability, the American Legend Phazer 7.5’ seems like a table that’s built to last. It’s already heavy in the box and becomes even heavier when put together. It is this weight that keeps the table steady and stable in place. Super heavy-duty angled legs guarantee there’s no need to worry about the table moving around with aggressive gameplay.

One thing this table boasts about is its heavy-duty construction, so you are assured of long-lasting game equipment that will support more gameplays than you can count. It features a deep apron and wider rails that contribute to an ultra-sturdy structure and improved aesthetics. The angled legs’ cross wall supports add rigidity to the table’s frame, allowing it to stand up to heavy use.

Although the table is very stable due to it’s heavy construction, plastic which is used for some parts (eg. the goal) could be of a better quality. Paint job could also be better as few customers complained how the paint got smeared after short time.

Despite these minor flaws, everything works together to provide you with a durable hockey table.


Designed for heavy use, the American Legend Phazer 7.5’ hockey table can withstand frequent gameplay, providing you with years of fun and excitement with friends and family.

Wide surface dimensions, deep pockets and wider side rails make it easy to play the game in any way legally allowed. Massive angled legs would support your weight should you need to lean across the table to move the puck.

Interactive LED lighting, and the electronic scoring and timing makes the game look and feel even more realistic. This is especially true with the red, blue and white lighting that glows based on the progress of the game – blue rail lights flash when the blue team scores, red light for the red team, and white for when the scores are tied. When the puck is in play, the light that will continue to flash belongs to the winning team.

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Each team will know exactly who is getting whipped and who is doing the whipping. Time for the losing team to strategize and put their heads in the game.

One of the best features of the American Legend Phazer 7.5’ hockey table is the high-power blower that provides lightning-fast play. Blower specifications of 120V, 60Hz, 1.2A, thermal protector and a smooth playing surface all contribute to an exhilarating game each and every time.

The hockey table is shipped with 4 red strikers and 4 pucks of the same color.


With a frame in black, white playing surface with red and blue details, and shiny side rails, the Phazer 7.5’ hockey table is definitely a thing of beauty. It will stand out in a game room, especially when the rail lights are turned on.

Because of its big size, you’re going to need a bigger room to house the hockey table. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even if it’s the only thing found in a play area, open space or basement, it will add visual appeal and will serve as a source of excitement.

The blower and LED lighting come with an on/off switch cleverly hidden, so you only see the beauty of the table and nothing else. Deep aprons not only contribute to the table’s aesthetics, but also support better gameplay.

Heavy-duty construction, advanced technology, and impressive aesthetics are three reasons that justify the expensive price tag. Some may say it’s a bit overpriced, but not based on aesthetics and construction.

Who’s it for?

Given the full size of the table, the American Legend Phazer 7.5’ hockey table is designed for players with intermediate skills, and those who won’t have trouble reaching across the table to drive the puck. But even beginners would appreciate its durable construction, as this means it can withstand long hours of frequent practice. The deep apron also makes it easy to make a goal.

A child, however, may have trouble reaching the top and across the hockey table, which is why it is not recommended for them. Experienced players might also consider some

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