ESPN Sports 7 Foot Air Hockey Table with LED Ovearhead Scorer

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Air hockey is a great game to keep children occupied in healthy activity indoors while allowing adults to socialize and kill boredom in an effective manner.

Here’s a solid gaming table from a Chinese company that can provide you some entertaining games of the sport.

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ESPN Sports Gaming Tables

The ESPN Sports Gaming Table Company is one of the leading manufacturers of top-rated, high-quality, mid-range gaming tables to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Their products have a lot of variety, ranging from different types of air hockey and table tennis tables to good quality foosball and basketball sets.

These gaming products have taken the market by storm, thanks to their durability, affordability, and ease of use.

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ESPN Sports Air Hockey Indoors Gaming Table

The ESPN Sports Air Hockey Indoor Arcade Gaming Set can help you get away from on-screen video games for a while to enjoy some wholesome entertainment.

This classic arcade game is available here in five styles – a compact 5-foot air hockey table, a 7-foot table with an overhead LED scorer, a 7-foot table with steel legs, a 7.5-foot table with touchscreen controls, and a full-sized 8-foot table with touchscreen controls.

Whether in an apartment’s playroom or inside a villa’s basement, these tables can fit well in shared spaces of your house. The table is available with all the basic accessories required for an exciting game of air hockey.

The high-gloss playing surface, oversized leg levelers, and smoothly sliding puck all add up to give you top-notch gaming experience. Attractive graphics are a part of all styles, giving them a modern look.

Realistic arcade gaming is made possible by the built-in blower fan that works to ensure maximal airflow throughout the air hockey playing field.

Moreover, the LED electronic scorer can add to the amusement by providing sound effects alongside your game. The scorer has push-button controls and is quite easy to use.

It is smaller and present on the side in all styles except the 7-foot table in which it is located on an overhead arch that adds to the charm.

The table has a durable design and can last you long with good use. Features like leg panel support, steel-covered playfield aprons, and top rails facilitate the table’s maintenance through the course of time.

Protective caps are present on the corners of the tables to make them appear sleeker while minimizing damage to the table and walls when being relocated from one room to the next.

Built-in cup holders come as an added bonus to the table, keeping you refreshed and hydrated through a thrilling air hockey match.

As for assembly, sometimes even professional help may be required with the larger styles while assembling the compact 5-foot table is not that big of a chore. Most customers seem happy with their choice

ESPN AIR HOCKEY GAME TABLE60 x 32 x 32 inches64.2 pounds5 to 8-Foot Air Hockey Gaming Table (Depending on Style Chosen), Electronic LED Scorer (Either Small or Overhead Depending on the Style Chosen), Built-in Fan Blower with UL Certified Motor , Constant Airflow Across the Tabletop, Smooth-Sliding Puck, Fast Air Hockey Action for Kids and Adults

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  • A major pro of the ESPN Air Hockey Indoor Gaming Set is its availability in different sizes in the market. The table is available in four sizes measuring 5, 7, 7.5, and 8 feet, so that you can match the style as per your space allowance and gaming requirements.
  • All the necessary accessories for a proper air hockey game, including two pucks and two pushers, come with the set.
  • Two cup holders are included in the table
  • Storage spots for pucks and strikers are also included
  • A regular polarized plug comes connected with the table, so it can easily be used in homes without issues.


  • Considerable negative reviews have been noted with regard to the quality of the hockey pucks. The self-stick pads underneath the pucks do not fit well on them. This may cause friction in the long term due to rubbing and scratching on the table.
  • The battery-operated LED scorer makes it tricky to replace batteries. It does not seem durable either.
  • The edges of the table are quite sharp and may result in injuries on some occasions.


Considering all its positive points and its downfalls, one thing is for sure – the ESPN 7 foot Indoor Air Hockey Gaming Table is a decent mid range table.

Its features mostly favor durability and facilitate smooth air hockey games to be enjoyed by the entire family. An added plus of the ESPN brand is the variety of table styles to choose from according to your space requirements and budget range.

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