Classic Sports Air Hockey Table Review

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The Classic Sports Air Hockey Table is a spectacular gaming table, perfectly blending both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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The Chinese manufacturers of this product decided to merge these two important factors to bring about an impressive piece of gaming equipment that is guaranteed to take your breath away.

The table is perfectly suited for the gaming room, the living room, the office, or even the bar because it’s both sleek and hardy, providing your family and friends an excellent gaming experience.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Has two fan motors.
  • Primarily for professional/competitive settings.


  • Not recommended for casual players.


Dimensions100" x 50" x 14". 340 lbs.
Price$$$ (check here)
  • Has an overhead scoring system that gives you an arcade-style experience.

  • Powerful 110V motors facilitate excellent gameplay.

  • Comes with interactive sound effects to keep the game engaging.

  • The clear sidewalls and 1-1/2-inch aluminum rails keep the puck in play.

  • Billiards-inspired leg design for strength and stability.

Warranty90 days.

Where to Buy

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If you are in search of an air hockey game table for your game room, living room, or your office, you may want to consider the Classic Sports Air Hockey Table due to its long-lasting design that will provide your friends and family the ultimate gaming experience for years to come.

This 8-foot long, 4-foot wide air hockey table has aluminum railing all around which reinforces the table’s structural integrity while preventing the puck from flying off during gameplay.

The Classic Sports Air Hockey Table also comes with exceptionally sturdy, billiards-inspired legs with 8-inch aprons that reduce the risk of damage by keeping the table in place even during rough gameplay.

Additionally, the playing surface is made of hard-wearing PVC that also provides for a sleek playing surface that allows the puck to glide effortlessly across the field.


As you have probably noticed, this 8-foot price of gaming equipment is a full-sized, professional table, meaning that it is specifically designed for tournament-level gaming.

The Classic Sports Air Hockey Table comes with two pairs of pushers and 4 pucks that allows you to team up in groups of two for heightened gaming.

The table is further equipped with two 110V motors that consistently blow air across the table, enabling the pucks to move fluidly across the playing surface.

Additionally, the table is equipped with exciting sound effects that make each game even more exciting; every time you score you will hear the crowd cheer for you and you may even hear your national anthem play in the background when you win.

In case you do not have a level floor where you plan to set up your table, you don’t have to worry about that; the table comes with leg levelers that allow you to compensate for this, making the playing surface 100% straight.

The overhead electronic scoring system keeps score automatically, allowing you to focus on your game without the distraction of having to keep count.

The 1.5-inch aluminum side railing then prevents the puck from flying off the table mid-game, even during a fast-paced session.


The Classic Sports Air Hockey Table, as the name suggests, has a classic design that is sure to bring back some memories. The table has a sleek, elegant design and a beautiful wooden-brown color with silver details on the sides.

It’s impressive design and finish makes it a perfect addition to any space you may choose to install it, merging perfectly with just about any piece of furniture and décor around.

Who’s It For?

This is a tournament-size table, meaning that it was purposely designed for fast-paced gameplay.

That also means that it is more suitable to adults as opposed to kids, primarily because it is large, and speed and reach are a must-have when playing on this table, making it extremely hard for young kids to control the puck and fully enjoy the game.

In Sum

All in all, the Classic Sports Air Hockey Table is quite an impressive table that is sure to keep you and your friends/family occupied for hours.

Apart from its magnificent gameplay and durability, the table also has a sleek and durable design that makes it a perfect addition to any space.

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