American Legend Enforcer 7’ Hockey Table Review

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american legend
Sleek and sophisticated, the American Legend Enforcer 7’ is a staple in many homes around the United States. There is a good reason for this, too. The table comes in at a decent price, but it also boasts a plethora of different features. On this page, we are going to take a little look at it!

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Who is this table for?

Firstly, it is worth noting that while this table may be larger than normal, it is not a professional table. This means that if you are planning to use it to boast your skills to enter some tournaments, then it probably won’t be right for you.

It is a table built for those who want to practice their table hockey skills. It plays well, but it doesn’t have the ‘glide’ that you may expect from a more professional table. For most people, it would be fine, however.

How well does it play?

legend enforcer

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Smooth. That is probably the best way to describe this table. The two blowers, which are powerful, will cause that puck to just glide across the table. Perhaps the biggest issue people have with this table is the fact that the puck doesn’t really ‘float effortlessly,’ but that is what you get. I would expect to pay 1.4 times this price for a table like that.

One of the key highlights of this table is the aluminum rails located on the sides. The rebound on them is incredibly fast, which can lead to some pretty intense games. Scoring is carried out by the abacus on the side of the table. Not quite a digital scoring system here, but we see no reason why you should not be able to attach one to the table.

The pucks and the strikers it comes equipped with (four of each) feel fabulous in the hands. Normally when we buy an air hockey table, we need to purchase more pucks and strikers because the ones that you get in the set are not really all that.

Sure, it is only going to be a few extra dollars on the cost of the table, but that cost is certainly going to add up! You do not have to worry about that at all with this particular table.

Quality of the Build

For the money, this table is well-built. We can see this giving us a good few years of use (and then some!). The table is suitable for all playing surfaces, as each leg has a level attached. This will allow you to raise and lower the table as desired. You should be able to get it level on just about every single surface, so no issue here.

While the table is going to require a bit of effort to put together, it isn’t difficult. You should be up and running within an hour. Once everything is strapped into place, the table is smooth and you won’t notice any wobble, even during the most intense of playing sessions, which is lovely!

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If you are after a quality table that actually comes in at a fairly low price, then you may want to check out the American Legend Enforcer. We have played on a few different tables here, and there are few out there which come close to the quality this one boasts.

If you want a competition-ready table, look elsewhere. If you want something that will provide you with a fun playing experience in the comfort of your own home, then this one is just the ticket!

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