Playcraft Easton Air Hockey Table Review

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  • Durable and reliable construction, good choice of materials
  • Powerful blower can float a puck measuring 3.25 inches
  • Works like an arcade table
  • Comes with an electronic scorer with digital display, and a manual override
  • Retractable scorer
  • Comes with sound effects similar to an arena and easy-to-use controls
  • Comes with adjustable foot levelers, allowing you to place the table even on an uneven surface.


  • Poor assembly instructions, resulting in complex assembly
  • Blower lacks gasket or seal
  • Chute is not sealed, resulting in air leak
  • Several dead spots, including on the rail in front of the scoreboard
  • On the heavy side

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  • Dimensions: 90 x 48 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 325 lbs.
  • Materials: Cabinet-grade plywood with tongue and groove joinery, aluminum, ABS
  • Features: Arena-like sound effects, soft-press buttons for controls, retractable electronic scorer with digital display, industrial-grade blower
  • Price: $$$$ (check here)
  • Manufactured by: Playcraft


Made with plywood used to build cabinets, with tongue and groove joinery, you can bet the Playcraft Easton Air Hockey Table with Retractable Electronic Scorer will last a long time, providing with plenty of opportunities to play and compete.

The addition of aluminum to the side rails, ABS corner posts, and the pedestal legs that are built solid contribute to a table that is durable and reliable overall.

The playing surface, on the other hand, is made of mica with a high-gloss laminate. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but ensures smooth movement of the puck from one end to another.

Controls for the sound, timer, blower and other functions are flushed on the surface on the table, eliminating the need for buttons and dials. But while it results in easy operation, the controls could break easily as well, especially when they’re pushed too hard too often. Better handling should be strictly imposed.

The retractable scorer keeps the device protected from the possibility of being accidentally hit. Just hope the mechanism used to lift and retract the scorer has been tested a thousand times over so it lasts longer.

What’s the trade-off with all these features packed into one hockey table? Heavyweight. Get ready to work those muscles to move the box to where you want to set up the table. Moving the table from one place to another would mean heavy lifting as well.


With an industrial-grade blower and 3,500 air holes, gameplay with the Playcraft Easton Air Hockey Table with Retractable Electronic Scorer will be awesome. Add to this the retractable electronic scorer and easy-push controls, then setting up a game is easy.

But what really makes gameplay exciting is the features that ensure the puck stays in play for as long as possible. The side rails covered with aluminum, for example, ensures the puck actively ricochets. The radius playfield corners, on the other hand, throw the puck with a slingshot effect so it bounces right where you want it.

Amazing as it is, however, the table does have dead spots, particularly along the rails right in front of the scoreboard. The electronic scorer could fail as well, which explains why a manual operation is included.

Moreover, the blower doesn’t have a tight seal and you need to seal the chutes to prevent air leak. Otherwise, the blower won’t be as heavy duty as it is supposed to be.


The design of the Playcraft Easton Air Hockey Table with Retractable Electronic Scorer is nothing typical. The legs don’t extend outward but are safely built right under the table, eliminating the risk of hitting your feet against the legs or accidentally kicking the levelers out of place. This also allows players to get as close to the table as possible.

The playing surface, on the other hand, is as plain as it gets. You will see nothing else but a line that marks the center of the table and a rectangle on either goal post. Some players may appreciate such a clean look, but others may find it boring and unappealing.

Who’s it for?

The Playcraft Easton Air Hockey Table with Retractable Electronic Scorer is for anyone who wants to play a game of air hockey, particularly the aggressive type. Beginners will find it challenging, while advanced players will appreciate its features. Children should be taller than 32 inches to play air hockey without hurting their elbows or arms.

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