Can You Buy An Air Hockey Table in Decathlon?

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Table games form one of the most thrilling indoor recreational activities. And when you talk about some of the top table games, air hockey counts in the list.

The game offers numerous benefits to the body. It sharpens your reflexes, hand and eye coordination as well as burns calories.

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However, it’s wise to buy sporting equipment from leading shops and online stores. One sporting goods store to think of is Decathlon.

All About Decathlon Retail Shops

Decathlon is a leading retailer of sporting goods. The famous sports retailing shop has its roots in France and several branches in more than 60 countries.

The worldwide retailer of sports goods conducts intensive research before designing and manufacturing sporting goods.

So Can You Buy An Air Hockey in Decathlon?

Decathlon stores are present in many parts of the world, including France, Spain, the UK, and the US, among many others. If you want to check if the store in your country and city stocks air hockey tables we’d recommend you first visit their country-specific website (eg. for France) and then search for an air hockey table by using the search function.

If you find the product you like but prefer to buy it directly in their physical store, rather than to order it online, next thing is to check in which locations they currently have it in stock.

On this page, you can find a list of countries where Decathlon operates and if you click on the name of the country it will take you to the country-specific website.

We looked for air hockey tables on websites for several of their countries and this is what we found.

Decathlon in the USA

Decathlon store has been in the USA since 1999. Unfortunately, the US store doesn’t have air hockey tables. However, it stocks ping pong tables. So if you are a ping pong game fan, check on the USA online store. But Decathlon seems destined to close its USA store.

Decathlon in the UK

When looking for indoor games equipment from Decathlon in the UK, you’ll find plenty of billiards and ping pong tables. But although it stocks more indoor table games goods than its US store, still it lacks air hockey tables.

Decathlon in Spain

Decathlon sports retailing store in Spain has a wide variety of indoor games equipment. That includes billiards, foosball, and ping pong tables.

Besides, it stocks a multi-games table that supports Air hockey. That includes the following;

4 in 1 Rotating Multi Game


As the name suggests, it’s one table that offers you 4 in one functions. From the rotating multigame table, you can play air hockey, billiards, and ping pong games. Furthermore, you can also transform it into a dining table.

By dimension the 4 in 1 air hockey table measures 213x112x81 cm. Its size easily fits even into small rooms. Any player of age 14 years and above will find the game captivating.

By design, it’s of MDF board awarded the PVC lamination. Hence it can withstand some light splashes of water.

Although it comes disassembled from the box, it’s easy to put together. And after assembly, its 119kg weight and the spread-out legs boost its stability.

Besides the multifunctional table, the package provides billiard balls, table tennis bats, billiard cues, net, and triangles. In other words, it provides for the complete set of equipment you need to play the mentioned games.

What We Like About It:

  • 4 in one multifunction table
  • Sturdy framework
  • Easy to assemble
  • High stability

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Moderately heavy at 119kg

Sportpark – Multigames 4 in 1


The Sportpark – Multi games as the name imply, offer a variety of games that suit the whole family. The games include air hockey, ping pong, foosball, and billiards. That means each family member is likely to find the game that suits his taste.

When put together, the air hockey table measures 98x54x73.5 cm and weighs 15kg. Such a size and weight make it highly portable. Besides, it suits any player from 8 years and above.

At the top, it features MDF material and screen printed finish. The printing combines red and blue finishing and thus appealing.

Although it offers multiple games, switching from one type to the next is trouble-free. As a foosball game, it employs telescopic bars made of sturdy metal. On the other hand, its handle and players are of plastic material.

The entire set equips you to play any of the four games. That includes balls of different sizes, two pitchers, two pucks, paddles, and ping pong balls.

What We Like About It:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy switching from one game to the next
  • It supports multiple games

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Mini-table size


Air hockey is a thrilling indoor game. If you are wondering how you can buy an air hockey table in Decathlon, then we recommend first checking their website to see if they sell air hockey tables in your country. According to our research, the store in Spain is your best choice for finding this game.

Besides air hockey, the multigame table from the store allows you to play several indoor games. Therefore everyone in the family can have a game that resonates with his or her interests.

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