Zoom Air Hockey Tables Guide

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The Zoom air hockey table range is part of Billiard Factory’s Active Furniture Collection, available at their six locations across the U.S. as well as online. While this range is limited to only three tables, they manage to offer high-quality products fit for commercial, arcade, recreational, and home entertainment settings.

This quality makes the following tables a worthy investment for all kinds of air hockey enthusiasts;

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Commercial Quality Air Hockey Table242 lbs84 x 48 x 32 inches220 V Powerful Motor, Large Leg Boards, Overhead Electronic Scoring, Multiple Gaming Modes, Includes 4 Pushers and 4 Pucks
South Coast Zoom Air Hockey Table253 lbs84 x 43 x 32 inchesCurved Interior Surface Ends, Adjustable Leg Levelers, Manual Inset Scorekeeping System, Sturdy Build, Suited to Small and Large-Sized Pucks
7 ft. Zoom Air Hockey Table176 lbs84 x 43 x 41 inchesLightweight, Attractive and Smooth Playfield, Leg Levelers and Slanted Leg Boards, Side-Mounted Manual Scoring, Dual-Sided Puck Return

Commercial Quality Air Hockey Table

This 7-foot table, with a powerful motor and arcade-style graphics, is best suited for competitive gaming environments where players can make the most of the smooth playfield. The institutional quality build paired with the large leg boards allows it to remain stable during action plays for long periods of time.

The table also offers multiple playing modes, including 10, 20, and 30 minutes periods, as well as free play and overtime.

Moreover, the overhead electronic scoring unit keeps track of the score and displays it conveniently for any fast-paced players to view without losing focus or hand-eye coordination.


  • Sturdy build and leg boards provide maximum durability and stability
  • Powerful motor allows for competitive power plays
  • Built-in side rails and curved corners prevent the puck from flying off the table
  • Multiple timing modes available to add thrill and excitement to the traditional game
  • The overhead electronic scoring unit also offers accessory storage


  • Heavier than average 7-foot tables, which makes it challenging to move around

South Coast Zoom Air Hockey Table

Another variant of the Zoom Air hockey table is the elegant yet eye-catching South Coast air hockey table. This table is equipped with kid-friendly features like curved surface ends as well as a lighter body, which makes it a perfect home model.

The dimensions and dual-side puck return make the smooth, attractive playfield suitable for competitive games for all ages without distractions. While the scoring options are limited to only manual inset scorekeepers, the table upholds versatility in terms of adapting to both small and large-sized pucks.

This further proves the compatibility of this smooth playfield and the stability of the table.


  • Minimum assembly required
  • The base is much lighter for a 7-foot table which makes it easier to move around as well as kid-friendly
  • Adjustable leg levelers balance the playfield, which can be catered according to player’s preferences
  • Curved interiors provide bounce and deflection during action plays
  • Playfield can perform well with both small and large-sized pucks without difficulty


  • Only a manual scorekeeping option is available, which is inconvenient during action-filled gaming

7 ft. Zoom Air Hockey Table

This Zoom air hockey table promises to bring thrill and excitement to the game as well as a pop of color to your home furniture with its attractive playfield design. It requires minor assembly and setup, including adjustment of the leg levelers according to the consumers’ preferences.

This feature, coupled with the sturdy build and slanted leg boards, ensures stability during competitive game nights. Manual scoring and puck returns are more efficient with the side-mounted scoring system along with the dual puck return system.

The curved inner corners and raised side rails not only prevent the puck from flying off the table but also add bounce and speed to the playfield.


  • The attractive playfield design blends well with modern furniture and game room settings
  • The height and rounded corners make the table kid-friendly
  • Adjustable leg levelers ensure a balanced and sturdy table in all kinds of indoor environments
  • The smooth playfield can accommodate multiple puck and striker sizes
  • Quick and efficient dual-sided puck return ensures a game without distractions


  • The table corners made of ABS may be prone to damage


Although Zoom air hockey tables are on the higher end when compared to standard air hockey table models, they provide good quality tables that value the consumer experience above all else.

The dimensions allow competitive players to have action-filled matches, younger players and beginners to practice hand-eye coordination, and enthusiasts to take their minds off of everyday tasks with some light-hearted competition. This versatility, along with the promising durability of the tables, makes this Zoom air hockey table range an exceptional choice for anyone who can afford it.

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