Top 4 Dining Air Hockey Tables

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Are you looking for a multipurpose air hockey table? The convenience of having a single piece of furniture for gaming and dining can be quite appealing.

Read on to know the details about some of the best dining air hockey tables in the market right now!

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The Best Dining Air Hockey Tables

Check Price
Hathaway Games Sherwood 7' Air Hockey/Table Tennis Table400 pounds88 x 51 x 26 inchesHeavy Build, Includes Leg-levelers, Electronic Scorerbuy From Amazon
Carmelli Driftwood Hockey Table Benches256 pounds84 x 47 x 32 inchesDurable, Electronic Scorer, Automated Puck Returnbuy From Amazon
Hampton 7' 3 in 1 Air Hockey, Dining, and Table Tennis Table462 pounds84 x 47.25 x 31.5 inchesSolid Build, Modern Design, Strong Blower, Includes Accessories
Brunswick Premier Air Hockey Table187 pounds87 x 47 x 31.25 inchesMaximized Stability, Exclusive Graphics, Manual Scoring

Hathaway Games Sherwood 7′ Air Hockey/Table Tennis Table 

This versatile table is worth considering if you are looking for a space-saving, multipurpose design. It’s transferable from air hockey to a table-tennis top and even a dining table. The table has a hard-wearing, heavy build with 400 lbs weight. The wooden finish and earthy-brown exterior of give off a warm homely vibe, so its perfect to add a cozy touch, be it to your office or at-home game room.

The playing surface is large enough to allow uncrowded games as well as hearty dinners. The table is well-supported and the leg boards come with independent 1.5” leg levelers that help adjust its height, for consistent undisturbed play. The top rails are constructed with wood melamine and have black corner castings, which add a classy touch to the overall look.

It features an electronic scorer system near one of the corners, which is why it needs to be plugged in to function. Also included are 2 well-padded bench seats which have lined storage incorporated in them.


  • Versatile
  • Solid build
  • Electronic scorer
  • Includes leg levelers


  • No significant cons

Carmelli Driftwood Hockey Table Benches

This 3-in-1 combo set is another great design by Hathaway that helps save space and money simultaneously. Similar to the Sherwood Air Hockey Table, this also comes with a table-tennis top and dining surface that are changeable, so you can simply modify it according to your requirements. At 256 pounds, it has a solid build and seems to be quite long lasting and durable. Having a stylish exterior, this table has been manufactured using certified MDF material and driftwood melamine which perk up its outlook.

The smooth playing surface features an electronic scorer with goals on both ends, and an automated puck return system. Also present is an electronic air blower that helps provides effortless gameplay.

Many prefer the driftwood table for crafts but it can also be used for dining, and then be switched to a competitive gaming table with no trouble. The leg support and benches require assembly, but are easy to put together. Moreover, this product comes with a 180-day warranty and includes 2 padded bench seats. It can prove to be a useful multi-functional piece and can be a great addition to your game room.


  • Easily convertible
  • Durable
  • Automatic puck return
  • Easy assembly
  • Electronic scorer


  • No significant cons


Hampton 7′ 3 in 1 Air Hockey, Dining, and Table Tennis Table


The Hampton 7’ table is worth considering if you’re looking for a versatile table with a solid build. This 3-in-1 table is features air hockey, table tennis, and dining, all in one space-saving design. It weighs 462 pounds, and has dimensions 84” L x 47.25” W x 31.5” H, great for a pleasant and undisturbed game.

The modern design features a wood grain finish and high-quality construction. The polycarbonate playing surface is spacious enough for a comfortable game and can easily be transformed, using the dining top or table-tennis top. It also features a powerful blower to help pucks slide across the playing field, as well as built-in dual scorers to keep track of the game. 4 pucks, 4 pushers, and 2 comfortable bench seats with built-in storage are included as well. The table requires assembly by a few people.


  • Strong airflow
  • Modern design
  • Easily convertible
  • Built-in scorers
  • Includes accessories


  • No significant cons

Brunswick Premier Air Hockey Table

Great for a game with the whole family, this heavy-duty multipurpose table has a very large playing frame. It weighs 187 pounds and stands on a steel, X- framed base that provides ample leg support and stability, while adding a modish touch to the table. It has a classy overall exterior with a laminated weathered oak finish, and is deemed suitable for residential as well as light-commercial game rooms.

Moreover, the playing surface has attractive graphics and is scratch-resistant. It has manual abacus scoring units on both ends and features an electric blower that helps pucks glide across the playing surface. This top-grade table also includes leg levelers that help keep the playing surface balanced. Playing accessories including two mallets and four pucks come with the package, as does a one-year warranty.


  • Heavyduty, stable construction
  • Stylish exterior
  • Unique graphics
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Includes leg levelers and accessories


  • No electronic scoring

Buying Guide

Customer Reviews

Quality air hockey tables aren’t usually cheap and when buying one, we strongly recommend that you have a look at the product reviews and do your research so you know what to expect. Depending on the experiences of other people with the product and service, you can more easily decide whether you’d like to get it for yourself.


Air blower motors are a fundamental feature of air hockey tables. You should monitor the flow output for a couple of days so that if it has any issues, you can get it fixed or replaced.


We recommend that you check the product for features like leg-levelers, scratch-resistant surfaces and corner protectors. Make sure it doesn’t have any loose screws or faulty parts, and that it has a leveled surface and maximum stability.

Table Size

An important factor to take notice of is the space the table you are considering will require. A dining air hockey table is usually of substantial size and requires ample space.


Keep your required range for the product in mind when looking for a table, or filter products if you’re shopping online. You can consider both used and new tables depending on how much you’re willing to spend. Used tables can be incredibly cheap, however, and you do not have the benefit of a warranty.


Versatile tables are a great option if you’re looking to save space, money, and enjoy multiple ways of use. Just make sure you do your research to make sure you know everything about the product you are investing in, and you’re good to go!

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