Best Tetherball Set: Reviews & Buying Guide

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For an outdoor game that suits the whole family, the best tetherball set makes a viable choice. The sport can add a dash of joy to dull beach parties, campouts, or weekends.

Besides, you can get a set that’s portable, simple to set up, and fits any playground. We have researched and sampled out some of the top tetherball sets.

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Read on to find out our best collection.

The 9 Best Tetherball Sets

Park and Sun Sports Permanent Outdoor Tetherball Set

Set Includes

  • 10 feet, 6inches tall pole
  • Soft tetherball
  • Steel swivel hook
  • 12 inches ground sleeve
  • Heavy-duty nylon cord, 7 feet in length
  • Hand pump and two inflation needles

As outdoor equipment, Park and Sun give galvanized 10.6 feet tall pole. Made of 18 gauge steel and measuring 1 5/8 inches in diameter, the rod feels sturdy. The segmented rod features a push-button lock design and thus simple to assemble.

The standardized tetherball feels soft and thus friendly to the body. However, it still feels sturdy and supports hours of play. At the base of the rod, it has a 12 inch PVC sleeve. The wide base boosts stability but easy to remove.

At the same time, it gives a 7 feet long heavy-duty nylon cord of 6mm in diameter. When the ball deflates, the handy pump and inflation needle come to your aid.

 What We Like:

  • Pole exists in a 2-piece design
  • Galvanized 18 gauge steel pole
  • Forehead and hand-friendly tetherball
  • Premium quality nylon cord

What We Don’t Like:

  • Needs concrete for additional security

Franklin Portable Steel Tetherball Set

Set Includes

  • 96inches tall welded steel pole
  • Standard size vinyl tetherball
  • 10-inch pole sleeve
  • 84inches and 5mm thick cotton rope
  • Mini pump and a needle

Provided you are 12 years or more of age, you will find the Franklin Portable Steel Tetherball Set convenient. Its 96inches tall welded steel pole provides enough height for suspending the ball.

The three-piece pole features a threaded bottom that gives it a secure hold in compact soil. For added stability, it has a 10-inch sleeve. Besides the sturdy pole, its rope is 84inches long and 5mm thick. At the top, it has a hook to hold the rope.

If the ball reduces in pressure after an extensive play, the mini pump and the needle quickly solves the problem.

What We Like:

  • 1.25inches thick steel pole
  • The screw threads and wide sleeve at the base of the pole
  • 84 inches long rope 5mm thick cotton quality
  • The three-piece steel rod is portable
  • Pocket friendly

What We Don’t Like:

  • Requires compact dirt for the screw threads to hold firm

Champion Sports Portable Tetherball Set/h3>

Set Includes

  • A telescopic pole of 4 pieces
  • Rubber ball
  • Nylon rope
  • 10-inch ground sleeve
  • Canvas carrying case
  • Air pump

For the beach, park, and BBQ picnics, the Champion Sports Portable Tetherball Set makes a good pick. Although it features a long pole, you can collapse it into four pieces. Besides, the package gives you a carrying case that houses every item. That makes it very portable.

Each of the four pieces measures 24 inches in length and 1 ½ inch thick. Owing to its segmented design, you can adjust the pole height to suit children and adults. At the base, it employs a 12-inch sleeve hence boosting the pole’s stability.

Also, its 102 inches nylon rope is sturdy and weatherproof. It can therefore withstand the outdoor environment and rough play. As part of the package, it gives a 6-inch air pump that you can easily carry with you and adjusts the ball’s pressure at will.

What We Like:

  • Easy to set up on different grounds
  • Pole breaks into four portable pieces
  • It’s complete with a carrying case
  • Adjustable pole height fits both adults and children

What We Don’t Like:

  • Reckless adolescents may force the pole to bend

Western Star Tetherball Set

Set Includes

  • 10 feet long rope
  • Soft rubber tetherball

The western star tetherball set targets children. Give it to any of your kids or grandchildren, and they’ll sing you praises. The ball comes in a variety of 6 striking colors. That includes classic yellow, cool purple, soft pink, scarlet red, emerald green, and navy blue.

Each of the balls boasts a high-quality Butyl rubber. That gives more shape retention and high bounce ability. Accordingly, it feels soft and thus less likely to harm a kid. As part of the package, Western Star includes a 10 feet long rope.

You can tie the cord to any pole indoors or outdoors and enjoy your game. One end of the line has already been fastened to the ball.

What We Like:

  • An extra-long cord that’s easy to adjust to fit your size
  • Soft and bouncy rubber ball
  • You can use it indoors and outdoors
  • Exist in a variety of striking colors
  • Pocket friendly

What We Don’t Like:

  • The package doesn’t include a pole

Lifetime 90029 Portable Tetherball Set

Set Includes

  • 8-inch tetherball
  • Steel pole: 2inches thick and 96 inches long
  • 72 inches Heavy-duty Nylon cord
  • 30 inch round high-density polyethylene base

From grass, concrete, or sand, you can set up the Lifetime 90029 Portable Tetherball Set and enjoy the game. You don’t have to drill a hole in the ground. That’s because it has a 30 inch round base. The sleeve is of high-density polyethylene.

That means it’s crack, chip, or peel-proof. Once you have filled it with sand or water, it pumps instability to the setup. Its metal tall pole measures 2 inches thick and 96 inches tall. The steel rod has a powder coating finish. So it can withstand the harsh outdoor environment.

Also, its 72 inches rope is of heavy-duty nylon material. So it promises to give you long life in the outdoor environment. At the top of the pole, there is a hook for easy threading of the rope. And to crow it, the package provides 8-inch child-friendly tetherball.

What We Like: 

  • The sturdy steel rod that fits outdoor use
  • A heavy-duty base brings stability to the setup
  • You can set it up on any ground; no drilling of a hole
  • The base is detachable and portable
  • Pole and base backed up by 5-year warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • May leave marks on a concrete ground

BSN Outdoor Tetherball Set

Set Includes 

  • Two-piece design pole of 12 feet
  • Rope
  • Ball
  • Top hook

For a permanent and stable pole for a tetherball game, the BSN Outdoor Tetherball Set is the way to go. The galvanized steel pole measures 12 feet tall and 2 3/8 inches thick. That makes it sturdy and rust-proof. However, 2 feet sink into the ground, thus providing reliable stability.

Although it features two poles in one, Voit uses sturdy bolts to provide a secure joint. But after the game, you can easily remove the rope and keep it indoors.

What We Like:

  • Rust-proof pole
  • Pole made of heavy gauge steel material
  • The ring is removable for safe keeping indoors
  • Simple to set up

What We Don’t Like:

  • The package doesn’t include a pump

Hathaway Tetherball Set

Set Includes

  • High-density base
  • Durable soft-sided ball
  • Rip resistant rope with hook
  • Four-piece interlocking poles and eyelet
  • Four ground stakes
  • Pump
  • Needles

Most poles for tetherball games wobble. Hathaway solves that inconvenience by providing a high-density fillable base. By adding water or sand, it makes heavy, very stable, and withstands intense play. And to further boost its grip on the compact dirt, it features four ground stakes, each measuring 9.5inches.

That means setting it up is easy as it doesn’t require tools or drilling a hole. For easy customizing poles height, it features an interlocking steel pole of 4 pieces. Each rod is of sturdy powder-coated steel material. Though sturdy, the tetherball is soft and skin-friendly.

Besides, after play, the accessories snap into slots at the underside of the base. That makes it compact and easy to carry.

What We Like:

  • Assembly needs no tools
  • It has a space-saving and portable design
  • ground metal stakes boost stability
  • weather resistant pole and cord
  • Backed up by 90 days warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • The interlocking mechanism reduces its sturdiness slightly

Swingball Mookie Classic Tetherball Set

Set Includes

  • Adjustable pole
  • Tennis ball
  • Rope
  • A base that doubles as a carrying case
  • Plastic pole

The Swingball Mookie Classic Tetherball Set suits kids for at least four years. It’s easy to set up on any playground or field. You don’t need to look for compact soil to hold its pole. That’s because it has a broad rectangular base that attaches to the pole during set up. Moreover, you can add more weight to the base and enhance its stability.

And after play, the rectangular base houses all other accessories of the game. It even has a handle for easy transportation. When erected, the poll stands 4 feet, 7 inches. However, depending on the height of the players’ you can adjust the pole’s height accordingly. For easy handling of the tennis ball, the package provides you with swingball bats.

What We Like:

  • Adjustable pole
  • Highly portable
  • A base that doubles as a carrying case
  • Sturdy and weather-resistant accessories

What We Don’t Like

  • Plastic pole

Park & Sun Sports Portable Outdoor Red White and Blue Tetherball Set

Set Includes

  • 3-piece pole of 10.6 feet tall
  • Soft-touch tetherball
  • Heavy-duty nylon cord
  • Hand pump and 2 needles
  • 12 inches ground pole sleeve

Instead of letting kids stay glued to the screen, Park & Sun provides a complete game set that is sure to thrill your kids. Its 3-piece collapsible pole stands 10.6feet when erected. Since it’s powder coated and measures 1.5 inches wide, it can tolerate outdoor weather for a long time.

Once you have set up the pole, the 12-inch sleeve spreads out and therefore gives increased stability. The 7 feet long and 6mm thick nylon cord is heavy-duty, thus promising in durability. You won’t worry about it snapping off during the game.

At the center of the accessories is the standard soft tetherball. It combines a nylon-wound balder, steel swivel hook, and inset valve system. Hence it’s sturdy, feels soft, and friendly in case it hits your forehead.

What We Like:

  • Soft and low impact ball
  • Heavy-duty nylon cord
  • Rust resistive steel pole
  • Collapsible durable rod design

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s slightly shorter when you sink it to the ground

How to Choose the Best Tetherball Set


Check on the material used in each item of the set. Prioritize poles made of heavy gauge metals and rust resistive. Similarly, the rope should boast all-weather material.

Also, the poles with fewer joints are sturdier and reliable. As for the ball, go for a soft but durable tetherball friendly to the arms.

Permanent or Portable Set

Know what suits your need; portable or permanent set. Portables sets are often lightweight, affordable, and fit a moderate play style. However, they can’t match the durability of permanent models.

On the other, the permanent set requires you to set up using cement at the base. However, they are firm, stable, heavy, tolerate intense play, and slightly pricey.

Number of Items Contained in the Set

Not all sets contain the same number of accessories. Ideally, a set should give you the tetherball, rope, pole, pump, needle, pole sleeve, and a mechanism to attach the rope to the pole.

Settle on a set that gives you the highest number of accessories. At times you can get a carrying case also.

Sturdy and Stable Base

Whether the set requires drilling a hole or attaching the pole to a sleeve, go for the tetherball set that possesses a sturdy base. For instance, some poles have threaded ends and weighted sleeves.

Pole Height

Consider the players that intend to participate in the game and choose a pole height accordingly. If it’s a permanent set, ensure it has about two feet allowance that goes deep into the ground.


From children to adults, all can benefit from the best tetherball sets reviewed here. The game sets help children to stay active and improve their social skills. From the variety listed, you can get the set that suits indoor, outdoor, or any type of playground.

You can plan for the next picnic, campout, or holiday. Buy one or two sets of tetherballs and put a smile on the face of your household.

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