Pac-Man Air Hockey Table by Namco Review

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The Pac-Man air hockey table is a product of the ‘Bandai Namco Amusement America’ Company, which is known to be a leading manufacturer of arcade games and recreational products. It has provided an extensive collection of classic games since 1948. The American brand has manufactured some of the top-ranked amusement games inspired by classic video games, with coin-operated and ticket redemption versions and console systems.

Bandai Namco is also famous for providing arcade-level entertainment and gaming fun beyond ordinary standards. It has the most creatively designed attractions with impressive features, attracting buyers from around the globe. One such product is the Pac-Man Air Hockey Table that we’ll be reviewing for you.

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Features Summary

Namco Pac-Man Air Hockey Table Game360 pounds88" L x 48.5" W x 37" HInteractive, Commercial Build, Sleek Design, Large Size, Super Smooth Surface, Light System, Strong Blower, Sound Effects and Music, Attractive Graphics, Easy Assembly, Suitable for All Ages, Accessories and Leg Levelers Includedbuy From Amazon


This tournament-style air hockey table is exceptionally thrilling, especially for Pac-Man fans. If you need an action-packed gaming night with utmost fun and enjoyment, adding a Pac-Man table to your party could do the trick.

From its eye-catching design that livens up any game room to its arcade-like feel that makes for serious gaming, the Pac-Man table provides memorable times with friends and family.

Under the current uncertain circumstances where fun is lately limited to virtual gaming, it brings you the joy of on-site fun within the safety of your house, so you can play and enjoy without having to risk your health.

This product has all the features of a standard air hockey table, with the added oomph of the Pac-Man theme, attractive exterior, and light and sound system for maximum entertainment.

The outlook of this table features a classy red-yellow design, with the Pac-Man logo and attractive Pac-Man-inspired graphics on the sides. Not only that, the sound system will keep you going and keep your energy and enthusiasm levels up, making for fierce competitions where player morale is never let down.

It is commercially well built and features a revolutionary design, along with being a well-performing table.

The qualities within this trendy design are just as appealing as its outlook. It consists of a large playing field where the Pac-man theme is featured in all its glory, having unique colorful graphics inspired by the game displayed for everyone to see.

Moreover, it comes with a strong, high-powered electric blower that provides airflow efficiently across the playing surface, so you face no issues while enjoying the game to its fullest. The sleek, unwrapped surface and smooth airflow ensure flawless gliding of the pucks across the playing field for an uninterrupted game.

The Pac-Man theme is once more brought to light when the puck creates an impact on either side of the table, and a point is scored. This causes the red and blue LED lights under the playing surface to light up, making this table especially appealing. In addition, sound effects from the original Pac-man game and music also turn on, which boosts entertainment even more.

The built-in electronic scorers help you keep track of the game easily by automatically detecting scores and displaying them on both ends of the playing field.

The scoring system can also be set up for a certain time limit or a specified number of points, so you can control the game’s duration right from the beginning.

The playing frame is held upright by sturdy legs equipped with levelers to provide added stability and ample leg support. The legs also light up, adding to the arcade feel of this gaming experience. The set also includes pucks and pushers, so you can get right to playing after assembling it, which is also relatively easy.


  • Large size – the ultimate arcade experience
  • Attractive exterior with brightly colored Pac-Man theme graphics
  • Electronic scoring system
  • User-friendly design
  • Leg levelers are included for stability and balance
  • Suitable size for children and adults both
  • High power electric blower
  • Includes pucks and strikers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light and sound system for additional entertainment


  • May be out of budget for many buyers
  • Not 100% fail-safe
  • The table is not easily movable
  • A lack of customer reviews makes predicting long-term durability difficult


We love how the Pac-Man air hockey table from Bandai Namco Entertainment since goes beyond conventional entertainment standards, making it a high-end option for those without budget constraints.  It provides hours of entertainment for all age groups, with immersive features that make it the ultimate boredom remedy.

Products from Bandai Namco have an exclusive range of attractions, offering excellent quality and loads of fun, being in the business for more than half a century.

Pac-Man Air Hockey Table by Namco Review
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