Are Foosball Tables Flat?

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Foosball is a thrilling game played in different parts of the world. The shape and design of the table affect the gameplay significantly.

Usually, there are stand-alone and tabletop designs. The designs consist of figures embedded on rods that you use to hit the ball.

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Are Foosball Tables Always Flat?

Flat foosball tables are widespread in many parts of the world including the US. So common is the flat type that you might be tempted to think that foosball tables are always flat.

However, there is an exception. Instead of the usual flat foosball table, Spain’s soccer table is unique; it’s curved. Also, the game is known as futbolin.

So is Foosball the Same as Futbolin?

In most countries, table soccer, known as foosball is played on a flat table. However, in Spain, table soccer is known as futbolin. The two games are the same except for a few minor differences in the construction.

Features of the Spanish Style of Foosball Table

Curved Tabletop

The critical difference that defines the futbolin table is the curved playing surface. And owing to the curved tabletop, the ball will tend to drift towards the center (deepest part of the table).

So if you are used to the flat foosball table, it may take you a while to master futbolin. But it’s such difficulties that add to the thrill of the game.

Following the curved nature of the playing field, maintaining the ball in front of a player is challenging. So you’ll realize the game taps more on back pins.

Players with Feet Spread Apart

Most foosball game features their players embedded on a rod and their fit joined at the toe. However, the futbolin game employs sturdy metallic players on a rod with the feet spread apart. Thus it has more resemblance to real players in a soccer game.

Rod Movement

The Spanish futbolin normally features a 1-3-3-4 playing style. That is 1 goalie, 3 defense players, 3 middle fielders, and the remaining 4 players on the offense. So compared to the standard foosball, it requires a different rod movement pattern.

Here is one such Spanish futbolin to consider;

RS Barcelona Foosball Table RS#Wood MAX

The RS Barcelona foosball table features an extra-large size that accommodates a maximum of 8 players. It measures 276cm long, 128cm wide, and 93cm high. It blends solid wood and metal table surface and so weighs 120kg.

It’s simple yet looks elegant. The curved playing surface features sturdy weatherproof steel material. Hence, that makes it fit for both outdoor and indoor use. Also, it can withstand harsh outdoor weather without degrading in quality quickly.

As for the players, each is of cast aluminum material that is durable and rust-free.  Furthermore, every player is hand-painted to look appealing.

Each of the legs is of solid African Ankara wood that gives it unparalleled stability during play. Also, it has leg levers for a more stable setup on uneven ground.

What We Like About It:

  • Solid construction that’s promising in durability
  • Weatherproofed steel tabletop
  • Angled out legs with levelers add to its stability
  • Elegant look

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Heavy at 120kg
  • High price tag


Most foosball (but not all) tables have a flat design. The only exception we’re aware of is the Spain foosball table (otherwise called futbolin); it features a curved playing field. If you ever get the chance we encourage you to try futbolin, experience the challenge and the thrill that the Spain foosball offers.

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